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Career & Transfer Services

Detailed Job Descriptions

There are specific resources designed to educate about what a job is really like. One is called The Occupational Outlook Handbook. By using this, you can find answers to the following questions:

  • Where do people in these jobs work?
  • What are some of the things they do?
  • Will there be jobs for me in this field when I finish school?
  • How much will I earn when I start and how much will my salary increase over the years?
  • How much education do I need and what kind of
  • degrees and courses should I take?
  • What are some of the other jobs in this field?

Career Interest and Personality Assessments

  • Interest test will tell you what your interest are and how that might tie in to a career that you will enjoy.
  • Personality Assessments examine personality traits and identify jobs whose requirements fit the ways you typically behave in social and professional situations.

You can take, and sometimes score these on your own, or meet with a counselor to administer them. The results can be interpreted and applied to your individual situation in a one-on-one counseling appointment.

Job Readiness and Search Information

Opportunities are available to learn about all the things necessary to conduct a job search. Taking advantages of resources, attending workshops and working with a mentor or counselor are just some of the ways to discover information. Topics addressed include:

  • Networking to find unadvertised jobs
  • Using the Internet as a job search tool
  • Writing resumes, cover letters and other business correspondence
  • How to figure out expectations for professional dress in various situations
  • Designing a job search strategy

MCC offers an on-line information program Career Coach. To identify Top career fields in the Greater Rochester area and current job openings. Go to:

The MCC Job Connection and NYS Department of Labor Job Bank, allow you to view full-time and part-time job openings, and are updated weekly. You will also find information regarding NYS Civil Service position openings and upcoming area employer job fairs.

Transfer Information - Colleges, Universities and Programs

Many of the popular colleges and universities are represented in our resource room and during the semester we have many colleges visit us through our Advisor in Residence Program. Set up an appointment with an advisor for the schools you are interested in to learn about their application process and the process to transfer credits. Finding out requirements for your program of interest in advance saves you time and money.

Counseling staff can sit down with you privately to discuss college, career, transfer or personal concerns. Each counselor, though capable of assisting you with any issue, has a specialty in one of the following areas: career development, transfer advisement, disability support and therapeutic issues. Appointments can be scheduled through the front desk and walk-ins are accepted throughout the day.