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The Division for Student Services is committed to complementing the mission of Monroe Community College to provide a center for learning.

Learning occurs outside as well as within the classroom. It is the Division's objective to work in partnership with other areas of the College by offering services, programs and educationally purposeful activities to build an inclusive, supportive, intellectual and engaging environment that augments classroom study.

Student Services works closely with a variety of constituents in the community to enhance and create new partnerships. These external and internal relationships provide the groundwork for a focused learning community for students.

Statement of Convictions

The staff of the Student Services Center at the Downtown Campus of MCC believes in the importance of the development and growth of the whole person and strives to facilitate that growth for each individual. In striving to be a positive force for all students, potential students, and community members we hold the following convictions:

  • We believe in and support the inherent human dignity of all people.
  • We believe in the potential for growth of all people and strive to assist individuals to uncover and unleash that potential.
  • We strive to empower all those we serve and to assist them in taking action in their lives to achieve physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual balance.
  • We value a pluralistic community and honor the strength that comes from each individual's unique life experiences.
  • We seek to create and maintain a connectedness with each other that encourages trust, support and growth for all.
  • We believe in the importance of an inclusive community and seek to enhance the positive interdependence of all community members.