Mission Statement

Vision Statement

The Engineering Technologies Department at MCC is a valued community partner providing Technical Education in state of the art facilities. The reputation of the department as a quality educational provider that is responsive to students' and industries' needs establishes the department as a regional model for delivering technical education.

Mission Statement

The Engineering Technologies department provides high-quality, hands-on technical education to a diverse student population. Through the dedication of faculty to student learning, students successfully meet their educational goals and objectives while preparing for technical careers, transfer to four-year technical programs, citizenship, and life in a more complex technical economy.

Values Statement

While serving our students and conducting our daily interactions, we hold the following values to be important and the driving force of our operations.

  • Student learning and academic success is our highest priority. It affects every aspect of our curriculum development, delivery of materials, and investment in equipment and facilities.
  • We conduct our daily activities and ourselves with honesty, integrity, and the highest professional ethics.
  • We provide state of the art curriculum and instruction based on the needs of our students and area employers that is congruent with validated instructional delivery methods.
  • We value the reputation of the department and the College as a high quality educational institution that is respected by the local community and higher education across the country.
  • The appearance of the facilities and campus reflect the image of quality in our classrooms.
  • We value strong relationships with the community including local industry and area secondary and post-secondary educational institutions.
  • We value a strong general education coupled with technical education for our students.
  • We value active benchmarking of other colleges in order to incorporate the best content and practices for students into our technical courses and programs.