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Experience Honors Learning

The Honors Institute offers three different kinds of courses, each one a distinct way to experience learning in Honors. 

Honors Courses are sections of standard courses where all students are Honors Students. You study a subject like English Composition, Introduction to Sociology, University Physics, or Marketing in a class composed exclusively of students who meet honors requirements. You and your classmates will engage in spirited discussion, critical inquiry, and fast-paced learning. Honors courses are smaller than regular sections to facilitate discussion and relations between students and faculty members. 

Honors Option Courses are courses with up to three seats reserved for Honors students who work on a special project under the guidance of the instructor. In Honors Option Courses, you will meet outside of class time with your professor, who will guide you in an individually designed project of research, service, creative writing, or professional skill development. 

Honors Seminars are of two kinds. Three-credit seminars enable you to study specialized topics in greater depth than other courses. Seminars are marked by intense discussion, writing assignments and activities that prepare you for upper level courses after transferring, and practicing specialized skills in deliberation, argument, and research. One-credit seminars focus on a specific academic skill, such as developing a research idea, writing an abstract, or preparing your oral presentation. Honors seminars have no more than 17 students to assure faculty can give students individual attention on their projects.