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Course Descriptions

The following is a complete listing of courses offered at MCC. You can also visit our Programs of Study page for a list of course requirements necessary to complete your degree.

Please note: Special Studies is a general heading for experimental courses or those for which the demand is untested, unknown, immediate, or temporary. You can visit our Special Studies page for a list of Special Studies courses.

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Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">AAD - Applied Art and Design</div>]
AAD - Applied Art and Design
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ACC - Accounting</div>]
ACC - Accounting
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ACD - Alcohol/Chemical Dependency</div>]
ACD - Alcohol/Chemical Dependency
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">AGS - Agricultural Studies</div>]
AGS - Agricultural Studies
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ANT - Anthropology</div>]
ANT - Anthropology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ARA - Arabic/Foreign Language</div>]
ARA - Arabic/Foreign Language
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ART - Art</div>]
ART - Art
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ASL - American Sign Language/Foreign Language</div>]
ASL - American Sign Language/Foreign Language
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ATP - Automotive Technology</div>]
ATP - Automotive Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">BIO - Biology</div>]
BIO - Biology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">BUS - Business</div>]
BUS - Business
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CDL - Interdisciplinary</div>]
CDL - Interdisciplinary
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CE  - Disney College Program Internship</div>]
CE - Disney College Program Internship
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CEL - Leadership</div>]
CEL - Leadership
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CHE - Chemistry</div>]
CHE - Chemistry
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CHI - Chinese/Foreign Language</div>]
CHI - Chinese/Foreign Language
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CIN - Cinema Studies</div>]
CIN - Cinema Studies
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">Cinema Studies</div>]
Cinema Studies
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CIS - Computer Information Systems</div>]
CIS - Computer Information Systems
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CIT - Civil and Construction Technology</div>]
CIT - Civil and Construction Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CLT - Clinical Laboratory Technician</div>]
CLT - Clinical Laboratory Technician
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">COM - Communication</div>]
COM - Communication
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">COS - College Success</div>]
COS - College Success
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CPT - Computer Technology</div>]
CPT - Computer Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CRC - Computer Related Curricula</div>]
CRC - Computer Related Curricula
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CRJ - Criminal Justice</div>]
CRJ - Criminal Justice
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CSC - Computer Science</div>]
CSC - Computer Science
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">DAS - Dental Assisting</div>]
DAS - Dental Assisting
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">DEN - Dental Hygiene</div>]
DEN - Dental Hygiene
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">EBL - Experience Based Learning</div>]
EBL - Experience Based Learning
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ECE - Education and Early Care</div>]
ECE - Education and Early Care
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ECO - Economics</div>]
ECO - Economics
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">EDU - Education</div>]
EDU - Education
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ELT - Electrical Engineering Technology/Electronics</div>]
ELT - Electrical Engineering Technology/Electronics
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">EMS - Emergency Medical Services</div>]
EMS - Emergency Medical Services
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ENG - English Literature</div>]
ENG - English Literature
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ENG - English Writing</div>]
ENG - English Writing
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ENR - Engineering Science</div>]
ENR - Engineering Science
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ESL - English For Speakers Of Other Languages (ESOL)</div>]
ESL - English For Speakers Of Other Languages (ESOL)
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">FPT - Fire Protection Technology</div>]
FPT - Fire Protection Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">FRE - French/Foreign Language</div>]
FRE - French/Foreign Language
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">FSA - Food Service Administration</div>]
FSA - Food Service Administration
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">GEG - Geography</div>]
GEG - Geography
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">GEO - Geology</div>]
GEO - Geology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">GER - German/Foreign Language</div>]
GER - German/Foreign Language
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">GLF - Golf Management</div>]
GLF - Golf Management
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">HBR - Hebrew/Foreign Language</div>]
HBR - Hebrew/Foreign Language
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">HED - Health Education</div>]
HED - Health Education
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">HEG - Health Education Global</div>]
HEG - Health Education Global
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">HIM - Health Information Technology</div>]
HIM - Health Information Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">HIS - History</div>]
HIS - History
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">HMN - Humanities</div>]
HMN - Humanities
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">HON - Honors Studies</div>]
HON - Honors Studies
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">Honors Studies</div>]
Honors Studies
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">HSM - Homeland Security Administration</div>]
HSM - Homeland Security Administration
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">HSP - Hospitality</div>]
HSP - Hospitality
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">HUM - Human Services</div>]
HUM - Human Services
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">HVA - Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning</div>]
HVA - Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">IDE - Interior Design</div>]
IDE - Interior Design
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ITA - Italian/Foreign Language</div>]
ITA - Italian/Foreign Language
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">JPN - Japanese/Foreign Language</div>]
JPN - Japanese/Foreign Language
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">LAS - Liberal Arts</div>]
LAS - Liberal Arts
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">LAW - Law</div>]
LAW - Law
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">LDS - Leadership</div>]
LDS - Leadership
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">MAR - Marketing</div>]
MAR - Marketing
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">MET - Mechanical Technology</div>]
MET - Mechanical Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">MIS - Management Information Systems</div>]
MIS - Management Information Systems
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">MMP - Automotive Technology</div>]
MMP - Automotive Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">MTH - Mathematics</div>]
MTH - Mathematics
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">MUS - Music</div>]
MUS - Music
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">NUR - Nursing</div>]
NUR - Nursing
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">OFT - Office Technology</div>]
OFT - Office Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">OPT - Optical Systems Technology</div>]
OPT - Optical Systems Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PE  - Physical Education--Coed</div>]
PE - Physical Education--Coed
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PEC - Physical Education--Coed</div>]
PEC - Physical Education--Coed
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PEJ - Physical Education-Criminal Justice</div>]
PEJ - Physical Education-Criminal Justice
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PEM - Physical Education--Men</div>]
PEM - Physical Education--Men
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PEW - Physical Education-Women</div>]
PEW - Physical Education-Women
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PHL - Philosophy</div>]
PHL - Philosophy
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PHO - Photography</div>]
PHO - Photography
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PHY - Physics</div>]
PHY - Physics
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PLE - Police: Law Enforcement</div>]
PLE - Police: Law Enforcement
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PLS - Paralegal Studies</div>]
PLS - Paralegal Studies
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">POS - Political Science</div>]
POS - Political Science
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PPE - Physical Studies/Physical Education</div>]
PPE - Physical Studies/Physical Education
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PSC - Public Safety Communications</div>]
PSC - Public Safety Communications
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PST - Public Safety Training</div>]
PST - Public Safety Training
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PSY - Psychology</div>]
PSY - Psychology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">Public Speaking</div>]
Public Speaking
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">REA - Reading</div>]
REA - Reading
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">SCI - Science</div>]
SCI - Science
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">SCR - Computer Security</div>]
SCR - Computer Security
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">SGT - Surgical Technology</div>]
SGT - Surgical Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">SKT - Tooling and Machining</div>]
SKT - Tooling and Machining
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">SMT - Sports Management</div>]
SMT - Sports Management
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">SOC - Sociology</div>]
SOC - Sociology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">SPA - Spanish/Foreign Language</div>]
SPA - Spanish/Foreign Language
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">SPC - Speech Communication</div>]
SPC - Speech Communication
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">STT - Solar Thermal Technology</div>]
STT - Solar Thermal Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">SUS - Sustainability Studies</div>]
SUS - Sustainability Studies
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">SVL - Service Learning</div>]
SVL - Service Learning
Hide details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">TAM - Tooling and Machining</div>]
TAM - Tooling and Machining
TAM 101 - Machine Theory I
A survey course of basic machine theory. Examines the types, operation, and usage of common machines and machine tools. Covered are the lathe, milling machine, surface grinders, bench tools, and measurement and layout tools. Focus is upon machine operations of cutting, turning, drilling, sawing, and grinding. 3 Credits.
TAM 105 - Machine Project Laboratory
This course will provide students with the opportunity to apply knowledge and develop machine operation skills through the creation of a variety of projects. The student will be required to demonstrate skill proficiency by completing the following machine shop projects: three step shaft, test shaft, test block, bolster plate, fly-cutter, extended tool holder, die stock, parallel clamp, sine bar, and vee-block. 3 Credits.
TAM 115 - Principles of Metallurgy
Covers the basic principles of metallurgy and how they relate to the strength and hardening processes of steels, tool steels, and other alloys. Topics covered include steel production, steel testing and pyrometry, alloy theory, heat treatment, surface treatments, and steel types. 3 Credits.
TAM 121 - Mathematics for Machinists I
A basic mathematics course for beginning machinists. It is designed to acquaint the entry-level tooling and machining student with the mathematical concepts, terms, and formulas required to function as a machinist. The emphasis of the course is upon application of mathematical principles to the machine trades and developing mathematical/mechanical problem solving skills. 3 Credits.
TAM 123 - Mathematics for Machinists II
An advanced mathematics course for machinists. This course builds upon mathematical concepts and skills gained in mathematics for machinists. The students will learn how mathematics is applied in mechanisms and fixtures. The focus is upon those mathematical and shape related applications necessary for design, layout and machining accurate parts. 3 Credits.

Prerequisite: TAM 121.
TAM 131 - Machine Shop Print Reading I
The objective of this course is to develop an understanding of both simple and complex parts and the mechanisms, graphically described on blueprints. To differentiate between the various line types, multi-view representation and determination if key dimensions involving the given tolerances. The student will be able to develop the ability to visualize a completed part from a drawing. 3 Credits.
TAM 132 - Machine Shop Print Reading II
Students will be able to solve complex blueprint problems related to tool and shop applications. Section views, surface textures, screw threads, geometric tolerancing, steel identification, fasteners, castings, and coatings will be examined. 3 Credits.

Prerequisite: TAM 131.
TAM 138 - Dimensional Metrology
In this course the student will become familiar with skills needed to perform parts inspection. The course will provide hands on experience with semi-precise and precision measurement using a variety of instruments such as specialty micrometers, bore gages, universal bevel protractors and plug gages, optical comparators and coordinate measurement machines. 3 Credits.
TAM 139 - CNC Vertical Machine Tool Programming I
Basic understanding of the fundamental concepts and principles of computer numerical controlled machining and programming is the objective of this course. Students will study the CNC applications of common machines, the applications of appropriate mathematics to these machines, and basic programming processes and techniques. Students will be able to write a simple program. 3 Credits.

Prerequisites: TAM 101, TAM 121, TAM 131, AND TAM 105 OR TAM 141.
TAM 141 - Machine Shop Laboratory
Application of the fundamental concepts and processes covered in basic machine theory. Through creation of a series of machine parts, students will acquire basic tooling and machining skills. They will be required to layout and machine parts through use of the lathe, milling machine, drill press, and other machine and bench tools. 3 Credits.

Corequisite: TAM 101
TAM 142 - CNC Mill Set-up
Students will apply Computer Numerical Control (CNC) operating, set-up, and minor programming skills to produce components to specifications on various types of CNC milling equipment. There will be demonstrations and short student projects. 3 Credits.

Prerequisite(s): TAM 101, TAM 121, AND TAM 131 or permission of department Corequisite(s): TAM 139 or permission of department.
TAM 143 - CNC Lathe Set-up
The student will learn the basics about Computer Numerical Control (CNC) lathes, understanding part programs, operator skills, basic set-up skills, and advanced set-up skills. Students will use a variety of instructional media to learn the concepts of CNC. 3 Credits.

Prerequisite(s): TAM 101, TAM 121, AND TAM 131 or permission of department. Corequisite(s): TAM 139 or permission of department.
TAM 151 - Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing for Machinists
Features interpretation of engineering drawings relative to the application of G.D. & T., the effect on manufacturing methods, verification procedures, and a comparison to and conversion to the coordinate system. Topics include G.D. & T. terms and symbols, true positioning concepts and assembly applications, angularity, parallelism, perpendicularity, datum axes, counterplanes, and actual geometric conditions and locations. 3 Credits.

Prerequisite: TAM 131.
TAM 153 - Mechanical Design and Prototyping
An introduction to solid modeling, computer aided manufacturing, the engineering design process, and machine shop operations. Students will use SolidWorks software to design parts and assemblies. CamWorks software will be used to create tool paths for common 2.5 axis milling operations. Prototyping will be done using manual and CNC mills, lathes, and a 3D printer. Parametric modeling techniques that preserve design intent with dimensioning, geometric relations, external references, equations, and design tables will be emphasized. A design-build project will require students to build a working prototype to the instructor's specifications and then implement a redesign of it. Students will document their design process in both written and oral reports. 4 Credits.
TAM 155 - Tool and Fixture Design
The students will learn the basics of jig and fixture design. The types, functions and classifications of fixtures will be reviewed. Design economics will be explored and applied. There will be a complete review of different tool types including fixture plates, plate jigs, angle plate fixtures, channel, box, and vise jaw fixtures. Students will design and sketch various tools to demonstrate understanding. 3 Credits.

Prerequisites: TAM 101
TAM 171 - Machine Trades Apprentice Training I
This is the first year course of the students Machine Trades Apprenticeship on-the-job training experience. The course covers a minimum of 2,000 hours of on-site training delivered in accordance with the Department of Labor and other structured apprenticeship training program requirements for Machine Trades Apprentices. 6 Credits.
TAM 172 - Machine Trades Apprentice Training II
This is the second year of the students Machine Trades Apprenticeship on-the-job training experience. The course covers a minimum of 2,000 hours of on-site training delivered in accordance with the Department of Labor and other structured apprenticeship training program requirements for Machine Trades Apprentices. 6 Credits.

Prerequisite: TAM 171
TAM 173 - Machine Trades Apprentice Training III
This is the third year of the students Machine Trades Apprenticeship on-the-job training experience. The course covers a minimum of 2,000 hours of on-site training delivered in accordance with the Department of Labor and other structured apprenticeship training program requirements for Machine Trades Apprentices. 6 Credits.

Prerequisite: TAM 172
TAM 174 - Machine Trades Apprentice Training IV
This is the fourth year of the students Machine Trades Apprenticeship on-the-job training experience. The course covers a minimum of 2,000 hours of on-site training delivered in accordance with the Department of Labor and other structured apprenticeship training program requirements for Machine Trades Apprentices. 6 Credits.

Prerequisite: TAM 173
TAM 205 - CNC Machining Project Laboratory
The students will apply CNC operating, set-up, and programming skills on various types of CNC equipment. It will involve writing part programs, setting up the machines and producing parts to specifications. Debugging, troubleshooting and program improvements will be required. 2 Credits.

Prerequisites: TAM 101, TAM 121 AND EITHER TAM 105 OR TAM 141; Corequisite: TAM 139.
TAM 241 - Advanced Machine Shop Laboratory
Designed as an opportunity for further enhancement of skills developed in TAM 141. Emphasis is placed on developing high level skills to accomplish complex and precision machining operations. Advanced topics include precision layout and tools, quality control, and precision machine processes. 3 Credits.

Prerequisites: TAM 101, TAM 141.
TAM 242 - Machine Shop Practice IV
Intended for experienced machinists, this course will enable students to develop skills to build high precision tooling from advanced engineering drawings. Traditional and CNC machines will be utilized to create tools, dies, and fixtures that are extremely precise and have close fits and tolerances. 3 Credits.

Prerequisites: TAM 101, TAM 141, TAM 241.
TAM 245 - Computer Aided Manufacturing
This course teaches the basics of computer aided manufacturing. Students will be able to create part drawings, select tooling needed to manufacture the part, and generate the tool paths. They will be able to verify tool paths, post process paths for various controllers, and edit the tool path output. This will be done through a series of projects and lab exercises. 3 Credits.
TAM 246 - Computer Aided Manufacturing 2
Building on the basic skills learned in TAM 245, this course expands the student's skills in the areas of tool path modifications, program verification, advanced contouring, and advanced pocketing. 3 Credits.

Prerequisite: TAM 245.
TAM 251 - Statistical Process Control for Machinists
An applied statistical process control course for the worker involved in precision parts manufacture. Included in this course is the rationale/need for SPC, Demming philosophy, XBar and range charts, histograms, capability calculations, and attribute charts. Automatic data collection will be done on a Genesis statistical process control data collector and analyzer machine. 3 Credits.

Prerequisites: TAM 101, TAM 121, TAM 131, TAM 141.
TAM 255 - Computer Aided Manufacturing Laboratory
Students will apply the work developed in TAM 245. This will involve the setup and operation of various CNC equipment to manufacture parts. Vertical machining centers, CNC lathe, and EDM equipment could be used in this laboratory. Tooling problems, material differences, and program editing and revisions will be included in this course. The goal is to have complete support documents with the accurate manufactured parts. 3 Credits.

Prerequisite(s): TAM 139
TAM 271 - Advanced Manufacturing Co Op
Students in the Precision Machining certificate and degree programs may participate in a cooperative educational experience as a program elective. Students enrolled in this co-op must be able to work and document a minimum of 150 hours per semester. Both paid and unpaid work experiences are acceptable. The work-based learning experience will take place at an approved area manufacturer. The required seminar will be completed separately online by the student with the assigned instructor. Student must secure employer sponsor before course starts. The course instructor must approve the sponsor/employer. Present jobs may qualify. 3 Credits.

TAM 101 (C+ or Better), TAM 105 (C+ or better), TAM 131 (C+or better) or permission of department.
TAM 275 - Modern Welding Techniques
This course is an introduction to MIG and TIG welding and plasma cutting. These skills are practical and often essential for various craftspersons. Students will work with aluminum, stainless steel, and other common metals in this course. This course is offered off-site at Mahaney Welding. In addition to tuition, part-time students must purchase student insurance. Students should also expect to purchase a pre-packaged kit of course materials including their safety equipment and book. 3 Credits.
TAM 290 - Independent Study
See the Department Chairperson. Variable Credit.
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TEK - Technology
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THE - Theatre
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TOY - Toyota
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TRS - Transitional Studies
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TVL - Travel And Tourism
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XRT - Radiologic Technology