Multi-Factor Enrollment

The College has mandatory MFA (multi-factor authentication) to protect our systems and data. This will require the use of an authenticator app or an additional code to be entered at log-on in addition to your MCC Network Account User ID and password.

Strong passwords are essential, but they are not enough. Phishing attacks and data breaches put your account at risk. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) provides extra security for your MCC Network Account You may also see the terms two-step authentication (2FA),two-step verification, or login verification.

With MFA, anyone trying to access your account must provide two forms of identification:
• Something you know: such as your password.
• Something you have: such as a phone or a mobile app.

Microsoft Authenticator is a free multi-factor authentication app that MCC encourages you to use for MFA since it will give you ‘push’ notifications that you simply accept to confirm and proceed. Employees who need assistance should contact the Employee Technology Support Center at (585) 292-TECH (8324), option 3, Monday-Friday 8:45am - 4:45pm.