Frequently Asked Questions


    • I don’t own a mobile device (cell phone or tablet). How can I enroll in MFA?
      An authenticator app runs on your smartphone or tablet, but if you don’t own one, there are other options for setup including texts or phone calls, although they are less secure. You could use a dedicated MCC-provided office phone number or a landline home phone. You need to be at the same location as the phone when you are logging in to MCC resources to use it for MFA. The first method you add is automatically the default authentication method. Employees can contact the Employee Technology Support Center at (585) 292-TECH (8324), option 3, Monday-Friday, 8:45am - 4:45pm, for assistance. Students should call the Student Technology Helpdesk at (585) 292-8324, option 1 or email
    • What if I don't have a smartphone or tablet (such as an iPad) on which to download the MFA app or a cell phone that can receive a text or call, and there is no telephone that can accept an incoming call in the location in which I need to sign into MCC systems?
      Employees who do not have a tablet, cellphone, or smartphone nor even a telephone that can accept incoming calls in the location where they are signing into affected systems should contact Eileen Wirley via email. Please do this as soon as possible to prevent delay. Because of the additional costs, administrative effort and technical support involved in the available options, exception approval through your Vice President will be required.
    • What if I accidentally leave my cellphone or mobile device which has the authenticator app on it at home?
      Setting up your MCC dedicated office phone as a backup is highly recommended for cases like this. If you are unable to authenticate, employees should call the Employee Technology Support Center at 292-TECH (8324), option 3, Monday-Friday, 8:45am-4:45pm, for assistance. Students should call the Student Technology Helpdesk at (585) 292-8324, option 1 or email
    • Why does the Microsoft Authenticator need to access my camera?
      The Microsoft Authenticator needs access to your camera to take a picture of the QR code (the weird looking square) on your screen. It does not use camera access for anything else. You can disable its access once you have completed MFA enrollment.

    • Why should I allow notifications from the Microsoft Authenticator app?
      Push notifications are how the Microsoft Authenticator app alerts you to confirm (or deny) access to a resource.

    • I already use the Microsoft Authenticator app to authenticate to another resource. What can I do?
      The Microsoft Authenticator app can be used to authenticate to many resources including personal accounts (such as your bank), work or school accounts, and other accounts (such as LinkedIn).

    • Does the Microsoft Authenticator track me?
      The Microsoft authenticator does not track you and it does not log location data. It will list your logins to MCC-protected resources as a method for you to recognize unauthorized access attempts. The only push notifications it will ever send you are approval requests for logins to MCC systems. The Microsoft Authenticator does not give MCC Technology Services or Microsoft access to any data or information on your device. You can read the privacy policy in the app store or through the Settings & Privacy link in the left-hand navigation in

    • I already have another authentication app on my mobile device. Why should I add the Microsoft Authenticator app?
      The Microsoft Authenticator app uses push notifications which are quicker and easier to use than needing to enter a numeric code that some other authenticator apps use for authentication. Our support staff are also familiar and best able to assist you if you use the Microsoft Authenticator app.

    • I don't have access to anything important. Why do I have to use MFA?
      All MCC faculty/staff and students have access to some secure information of one kind or another. If your MCC network account is compromised, it also could be used to trick other staff into responding to a phishing email. Your account can also allow a cybercriminal to more easily access systems or compromise users that do have access to the data the cybercriminals are looking for.

    • I don’t have an account at so I can’t enroll.
      All active employees and students have a Microsoft 365 account and access to Just log in to using your full MCC network account (including the for employees or for students). It will switch to a MCC branded page for you to enter your MCC password.

    • Will I have to approve every login?
      Sign-in frequency varies between services based on security and vendor requirements. Once MFA is mandatory, you most likely will be prompted to authenticate at your first login through a browser each day.

    • I get prompted to purchase Office when I try to login at What should I do?
      Employees should contact the Employee Technology Support Center at (585) 292-TECH (8324), option 3, Monday-Friday, 8:45am - 4:45pm, for assistance.

    • Do I have to download the Microsoft Authenticator App to my device to enroll in MFA?
      No. Although downloading the Microsoft Authenticator App to your smartphone or tablet is strongly recommended as both the most secure and the most convenient method for the user, it is not required. When setting up Microsoft Multi-factor Authentication (MFA), users can choose another option as the default MFA, including text, phone call or rotating code.

    • Will I need to use MFA to login to my office computer?
      No, MFA will not be required for computer login.

    • How can I use my office phone for MFA?
      You will receive a phone call that you must answer to confirm your login.

    • I added the Microsoft Authenticator app, but now it is asking me for a code. Where do I find the code?
      The Microsoft Authenticator app automatically is in "lock" mode. This means you will have to have to set up a lock screen on your phone if you do not already have one, and that will be used to verify your identity when using the Authenticator app. The phone will ask you for a pin number, or in some cases phones, use biometrics like a fingerprint or face to unlock, like how you unlock your screen. You must know how to access your phone from a locked state or you will not be able to complete the setup process to use the Microsoft Authenticator app.