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Personal Computers

Ordering a Computer

The College has implemented a Computer Deployment Plan (CDP). This plan covers the majority of operational departments at MCC. If your department is under this program please contact one of the following Liaisons to assist you:

  • Academic Services, Phil Oettinger @ ext. 2169
  • Administrative Services, Mike Quinn @ ext. 2151
  • Technology Services, Scott Broberg @ ext. 3289
  • Student Services, Christine Accorso @ ext. 2123

If you do not fall under the Computer Deployment Plan or have been approved to purchase a desktop or portable computer please go to the M: drive following the path below:


Then, by using the information in the spreadsheets available and speaking with your area’s technology liaison you can contact the Purchasing Department to place your Computer order.

Information on Ordering a Printer

CNS recommends that printers that are being purchased have built-in network connectivity to serve multiple users.  When your department is ready to purchase a printer please check with your area’s technology liaison to help determine your department needs. You can then review the recommended printers suggested by CNS by going to the M: drive following the path below:


Once you have chosen the printer that will suit your needs, contact Purchasing to order your printer. Once the above items have been ordered, purchased, and received someone from the CNS Department will be in contact with you for set up and/or installation.

New Computer/Peripheral Equipment Installation

Shipping and Receiving delivers all new personal computers and peripheral equipment (printers, monitors, etc.) to the CNS Department. Upon receipt, in the CNS Department, someone from CNS will contact you to set up an appointment for installation with one of our technicians in a timely manner depending on the current workload.

Troubleshooting and Repair

If you are experiencing problems with your computer or any of its peripheral equipment, you should call our Technology Support Line extension 8324 (TECH) and follow the prompts that apply to you. A technician will work with you to resolve the problem over the telephone and through remote access to your computer. If the problem cannot be resolved, a trouble ticket will be written and assigned to a technician.

Cascade Computers for Academic Services

Personal computers that were previously in a classroom, lab, or learning center are cascaded to faculty members or other members of the Academic Services Division through the college's cascade program.  A faculty member should request a computer upgrade through their department head who will, in turn, submit a request to Phil Oettinger.  Additionally, we monitor computer equipment through numerous reports and will provide cascaded computers when available.    

Once we have prepared the computer for redeployment, we will set up an appointment with you to install.  Prior to delivery and set-up, we ask you to move any files stored on your C: drive to the M: drive and notify the technician of any special software required on your computer.

Upgrade Software

If your computer needs additional software loaded or the operating system needs upgrading, please call the Technology Support Line extension 8324 (TECH) and follow the prompts that apply to you. Some software can be loaded remotely by the technician. If it cannot be loaded remotely, a job ticket will be written and assigned to a technician who will schedule an appointment with you to do the upgrade.

In addition, we monitor computer software and operating systems through numerous reports and will, depending on workload, attempt to be proactive in upgrading your computer's operating system if we see it is below minimum standards.

Service for an Employee Relocating

If you are planning to move an employee to another office within the same department, please submit a request at through the link below to ensure desktop services will be available in the new location. These requests need the acknowledgement of your department head, and 10 days prior notice for scheduling purposes.

Please do not unplug and move the PC and peripherals. We will do this for you. If your telephone is also being moved, please note this in the Description field and submit a separate Technology Support Requests under the Telephone and Directory Services category. Your PC and telephone will be moved at the same time.

Technology Support Request