NYS Dental Assisting Licensure

Upon successful completion of the program, MCC will issue you a transcript for submission with your licensure application. These are the functions that licensed New York State Certified Dental Assistants can perform under New York State Education Law, section 6608:

  • providing patient education
  • taking preliminary medical histories and vital signs to be reviewed by the dentist
  • place and remove rubber dams
  • select and prefit provisional crowns
  • select and prefit orthodontic bands
  • remove orthodontic arch wires and ligature ties
  • place and remove matrix bands
  • take impressions for study casts or diagnostic casts
  • remove periodontal dressings
  • remove sutures placed by a licensed dentist
  • take impressions for space maintainers, orthodontic appliances, and occlusal guards
  • remove temporary cement
  • apply topical anticariogenic agents to the teeth
  • apply desensitizing agents to the teeth
  • place and remove temporary separating devices
  • place orthodontic ligatures
  • take dental x-rays in accordance with Public Health Law
  • perform such other dental supportive services authorized by the dentist and consistent with New York State laws, rules and regulations.