Patient Safety

Screening Efforts

Upon arrival at MCC Please wait in your vehicle and contact your assigned Dental Hygiene Student upon arrival for further directions/instructions

All campus employees, students, contractors and visitors will be directed to the entrance and screening station on campus. The designated access point is level 1, Building 1. You will be directed to the Parking Services window.

 All patients, visitors, faculty, staff and students must complete a short COVID-19 screening survey in order to enter the building. These screening checks help determine your risk of exposing others to COVID-19 and help protect you as well.

  1. Individuals must wear a face covering at all times when in common or shared indoor spaces and when within six feet of others outdoors.  Face coverings are required to be worn when approaching the screening point.
  2. When an individual does not pass the screening check, they will be provided with verbal instructions for their next steps.

These screening questions are also asked each time you schedule an appointment, the day prior to your appointment, at the time of your visit, and two days after your appointment. Your temperature will also be taken at the time of your visit by one of our students. We thank you for your patience and cooperation in completing these multiple screenings. While we understand these questions may be repetitive, please know that our extra efforts are for your safety as well as the health and safety of everyone in our facilities. 

Personal Protective Equipment

Proper PPE including ASTM level 3 masks, gowns, gloves and safety glasses have always been a requirement for our students, faculty, and clinical staff working at MCCVDHC. We have increased PPE standards to include face shields, head and shoe coverings.

All patients and visitors to our campus should be wearing a mask or face covering at all times unless treatment is being provided.

Social Distancing

Patient entry to the building will be staggered to promote separation and minimize wait times in public areas. Signage is being added to remind people of social distancing. We have created designated pathways in certain hallways to keep traffic flowing in one direction and limit close contact.

You will be required to hand sanitize your hands upon entering the clinical area. You will be taken directly to your unit upon entry to MCCVDHC.

Cleaning Practices

While infection prevention has always been a top priority, we are now taking extra precautions when it comes to cleaning our clinical facilities, waiting rooms, elevators, restrooms, and other public spaces to ensure everyone’s safety. We are focusing on all high-touch areas and clean these multiple times a day to make sure every area is continuously disinfected.

In addition, our dental operatories are meticulously cleaned after each patient appointment following infection control guidelines. All dental instruments are sterilized and individually wrapped in our state-of-the-art instrument processing facility using professional grade sterilization techniques.