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Electronic Learning Center

New Electronic Learning Center

(Rochester, NY) The MCC Engineering Technologies Department operates an Electronic Learning Center located in Building #9, The Gleason Hall of Science and Technology. The Department learning center is used by students in the Construction, Electrical, Mechanical, and Optical Technology programs, as well as students enrolled in Natural Sciences.  The new ELC benefits those enrolled in technical education, and its proximity to the area where students have most of their classes makes it very convenient for students to use as a daily resource.

The ELC, room 09-143A, contains (18) high-end computer workstations, two electronics workbenches and a study area. Its a place where students can meet to work out problems, sharpen computer skills, or work on laboratory assignments. The room is monitored by student aides working for the department during open hours, and is open about 40 hours-per-week. According to former ET Dept. Chair William Yanklowski, "It just gives our students one more place to go, and develop skills, using software and equipment which is used in their normal laboratory assignments, something the other college learning centers don't currently offer" said Yanklowski.

The ET Department is one of the more diverse on campus, with programs that offer students classes in Construction, Electronics, Mechanical and Optical Technology. "Ours is a unique situation and so we have tried to include a little something to benefit almost everyone enrolled in our classes." added Yanklowski.