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Engineering Technologies Lab Tour


The on-campus Engineering Technologies Learning Center will remain closed throughout the Fall 2020 semester.

Starting in September 2020, our tutors will be available to provide academic support via TutorTrac. Students can click on the link below to schedule an appointment with one of our tutors. Every session is designed to provide a personalized one-on-one experience that meets your needs, questions, and concerns. Our goal is to help students not just understand a subject, but understand how to learn and develop their potential in the future and become more independent learners.

For any questions please contact Martha MacDonald at If there are any issues, students may also contact Jason Parker by phone or email or 585-292-2348.

Please find the TutorTrac link in the "Tutoring" tab on the Academic Foundations web page.
For official instructions on TutorTrac, please see the documents below.

Attached Files:
Getting Started Signing In on TutorTrac.pdf
Searching for Tutor Availability.pdf
Scheduling an Appointment.pdf
How to Start Your Appointment.pdf
Cancelling an Appointment.pdf