Technology Enhanced Classrooms

Technology Enhanced Classrooms (previously referred to as "smart" classrooms) designate those classrooms that have been augmented with a variety of technological tools that can enhance the learning environment. Most commonly, these classrooms will offer as enhancements: an Extron Touch-Panel Control System (attached to the instructor's desk); a PC; a Data Projector; a Samsung Document Camera; a DVD/VHS combo unit; and an incorporated audio system. Many rooms that include the aforementioned tools also come equipped with an interactive whiteboard or tablet powered by SMART technologies. Additionally, these rooms are outfitted with the necessary equipment that will allow for a laptop to be connected to the in-room system (to use Apple products, you will need to provide your own VGA interface adapter).

With the opening of the newly remodeled Building 9 on the Brighton Campus, we now have 181 Technology Enhanced Classrooms across all four of MCC's campuses (BC, DCC, ATC, PSTF). This number includes the five Advanced Learning Environment (A.L.E) rooms. These particular rooms offer instructors multiple SMARTboards that can be controlled collectively from the instructor's station or be split to use independently as a collaborative learning tool. These rooms also include all of the technology associated with the rest of the Technology Enhanced Classrooms.

Additionally, MCC has over fifty rooms that offer a Mobile Technology option. These rooms were originally designed without resident technology built in. Instead, they have been outfitted with a mobile cart complete with a PC, a Data Projector, a DVD/VHS combo unit, and an incorporated audio system. This cart is powered via a power cable that plugs into an electrical outlet. It will also have a network cable that will run to a wall port to provide the PC with internet access.

Equipment available

The equipment that can be found in the Technology Enhanced Classrooms includes a PC with Windows, software that supports the technology in the room, and a suite of applications common to both classrooms and offices at MCC including Microsoft Office.

The exact equipment set-up for a particular room can be found on the Technology Enhanced Classroom Room List below. Please note that 1 full business day's notice (24 hours) is necessary to ensure an accurate AV delivery.

Deliverable audiovisual equipment available at MCC 


Training sessions are offered on the equipment in technology enhanced classrooms and any other instructional technology by calling x8324, option #2.

Emergencies and troubleshooting

Call the Audiovisual Hotline at x8324, choose your campus from the menus, then option #2. We provide immediate support for technical problems with classroom technology.

Requesting a technology enhanced classroom

Please call x2197 to start the process of requesting a technology enhanced classroom.