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Community Initiatives

Our department programs are evidence of MCC's deep involvement in our local community:

  • The Creative Arts Committee provides artist residency programs, theater experience, and helps sponsor Poetry Month, Mercer Gallery exhibits, and cross-discipline programs and speakers. A variety of Creative Arts offerings are provided each semester. Contact Kathleen Farrell at (585) 292-3121 for more information.
  • The Holocaust Genocide Studies Project leads students, teachers and community members in remembrance events regarding the tragic history of the Nazi-led purge of Jews and others, as well as other instances of genocide. Resource materials are made available to schools and teachers. Speakers and events are presented throughout the year.
  • Poetry Month is a collaborative celebration designed to show off the fun and beauty behind poetry. Students and the community are invited for readings, performances, and the popular Poetry Slam Ice Cream Social, during April of each year.
  • The Otis Young Motivational Speak-Off takes place the first Saturday of May and provides students with the opportunity to develop their public speaking skills in a way that far exceeds what can be accomplished in a classroom setting. To prepare for this event, students participate in an Honors course where they are engaged in developing, revising and rehearsing an original 5-7 minute motivational speech. The contest allows for students to test their preparation and developed skills in front of an audience in a theatre setting.