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What Can I Do with a Liberal Arts Degree?


(English, History, Anthropology, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology)

  • News Reporter - write spot news to subject articles; requires understanding of local and national events, computer skills
  • Production Editor - Printing - template creation through press approvals; requires computer and graphics skills
  • Interpreter/Translator - translate spoken and/or written foreign languages to and from English with accuracy and tact; requires cultural knowledge, grammar skills
  • Travel Agent - plan travel, promote services, manage billing; requires knowledge of geography & communication skills
  • Assistant Editor - research support, editing, schedule coordination, task management; requires eye for detail, multi-tasking, computer skills
  • Copy Editor - edit and proof articles for correctness of historical, cultural, & literary references; requires working knowledge of arts, literature and history, detail-oriented
  • Proof Reader - edit & proof financial statements, brochures, other documents; requires detail-oriented command of grammar and math
  • Media Production Assistant - write & develop storyboards and scripts, coordinate locations & crew, edit footage and create graphics, music & special effects, hire and direct talent and crew, manage budgets; requires video equipment experience and multi-task skills
  • Media Programming Assistant - research, write & edit scripts for radio news & feature programs; requires communications skills
  • Web Designer - design web sites; requires graphics, communications and organizational skills