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What Can I Do with a Liberal Arts Degree?


(English, Mathematics, Anthropology, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology)


  • Junior Research Analyst - survey consumers, create reports from data, analyze results; requires college degree and computer skills
  • Market Research Analyst - research local to international market conditions, assist in establishing methodology for surveys, analyze data to forecast trends, gather data on competitors, prepare reports; requires college degree and computer skills
  • Marketing Writer - write marketing brochures and product info sheets, develop CD-ROM presentation; requires degree & computer skills
  • Creative Assistant - help design, write, and produce promotional pieces, proof and edit copy, coordinate special events; requires degree in English, journalism, design or art, computer and graphics skills
  • Market Analyst - gather data and communicate results to support strategic planning, perform competitive analysis, study demographic trends, assist senior management; requires MBA or MA and/or field experience
  • Marketing Assistant - organize seminar and trade show mailings, prepare press releases, assist sales reps; requires degree and computer skills


(graphic design positions require advanced design & PC courses; foreign language skills can expand options)

  • Ad Copywriter - create, edit and produce newsletters, ads, brochures, marketing kits, video and web scripts; requires degree, creativity and computer skills
  • Assistant Account Executive - help coordinate ad campaign, analyze client goals and develop ads to meet those goals; requires degree
  • Ad Sales - sell ad space to potential wholesale and retail clients; requires degree, some sales experience; must be articulate and ambitious


  • Sales Representative - develop client base, call on prospects, provide price quotes, record and process sales, build sales team
  • Sales Planning - analyze market data, develop sales forecasts, assess market opportunities; requires computer skills
  • Sales Instructor - teach sales program, develop sales curriculum; requires sales experience and presentation skills
  • Sales Assistant/Support Associate - administrative duties and client contact, conduct tours, telemarketing,; requires positive attitude, computer skills
  • Retail Sales - sales and customer relations; requires eagerness and tact.