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Teaching & Creativity Center

Brighton and Downtown Campus

Building 12, Room 201 (Brighton Campus)

Room 404 (Downtown Campus)


Monday – Friday 8:45 a.m. – 4:45 p.m.



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Group conversation at TCC event

The Teaching & Creativity Center's mission is to enable faculty to increase teaching effectiveness and inspire innovation within a diverse community. We promote the scholarship of teaching and learning, helping faculty members engage in reflective dialogue, and apply current research to actual practice. The TCC works to foster an environment for faculty to exchange ideas and resources, to assist with course and lesson development, and to help faculty members enhance and develop their skills.

We are currently housed on the Brighton Campus in Building 12, Room 201.  The TCC is also located in room 404 at the Downtown Campus.

Contact: Gena Merliss

2019-2020 TCC Theme: 

A Year with Bandwidth recovery: helping students reclaim cognitive resources lost to poverty, racism, and social marginalization

Every year we will have conversations, the Downtown Fall Forum and the June Teaching and Learning Conference centered around focused on our theme.

TCC Calendar

All TCC related events are placed on the MCC Professional Development calendar and the TCC's Google Calendar.

View the TCC Google Calendar to see when our events are offered!