About the Organization

Mission & Goals

The Teaching & Creativity Center's mission is to continually work towards equitable outcomes for a diverse student body by increasing teaching effectiveness, inspiring innovation, and improving student learning. The TCC fosters a supportive environment where we improve our teaching practice throughout our careers.  The TCC promotes the scholarship of teaching and learning, helps all who teach to engage in reflective dialogue, applies current research to practice, and connects teaching and learning to institutional initiatives. Our Center strives to meet the following goals: 

  • Goal 1: Create a culture of critical reflection, continual growth, and collaboration for faculty at all stages of professional growth
  • Goal 2: Promote evidence-based, high-impact, innovative course design and teaching strategies that improve student outcomes
  • Goal 3: Facilitate faculty inquiry into the study of teaching & learning with an equity lens
  • Goal 4: Empower faculty and staff to connect teaching and learning to institutional initiatives 

Structure & Organization

  • Melis Kural, TCC Coordinator
  • Amy Burtner, Faculty Lead (Brighton Campus)
  • Erin Strobl, Faculty Lead (Downtown Campus)

Steering Committee

  • Sean Baker (Marketing, Web & Social Media)
  • Michael Britton (Health and Physical Education)
  • Amy Burtner (English/Philosophy)
  • Diane Clements (ESOL/Transitional Studies)
  • Renee Coleman (Psychology)
  • Amanda Colosimo (Chemistry and Geosciences)
  • William Comella (Public Safety Training Center)
  • Richard Costanza (Education)
  • Renee Dimino (ESOL/Transitional Studies)
  • Jim Downer (VaPA)
  • Jason Flack (VaPA)
  • Lisa Flick (Biology)
  • Todd Korol (Business Administration)
  • Suzanne Long (Biology)
  • Toya Manon (Education)
  • Robert Muhlnickel (English and Philosophy)
  • Dax Parasnis-Samar (Library)
  • Kate Robinson (Virtual Campus)
  • Caridad Rosario-Mathieu (Nursing)
  • Mark Sample (Anthro-Hist-Poli Sci-Soc)
  • Ben Schermerhorn (Engineering Science & Physics)
  • Terry Shamblin (Transitional Studies)
  • Erin Strobl (Biology)
  • Eric Strong (Applied Technologies)
  • Jason Szymanski (Chemistry and Geosciences)
  • Mary Timmons (Library Services)