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About the Organization

Mission & Goals

The Teaching & Creativity Center's mission is to increase teaching effectiveness, inspire innovation, and improve student learning within a diverse community. The TCC works to foster a supportive environment where we continue to work to improve our teaching practice throughout our careers.  We promote the scholarship of teaching and learning, helping all who teach to engage in reflective dialogue, and apply current research to actual practice. Our Center strives to meet the following goals:

  1. Create a supportive academic environment that meets individuals where they are, helps them improve and recognizes teaching excellence
  2. Create a culture of critical reflection, continual growth, and faculty collaboration
  3. Support the scholarship of teaching & learning for all
  4. Promote evidence-based, high-impact, innovative teaching strategies and support course design and implementation to improve student retention and learning 
  5. Value our diversity and promote inclusivity
  6. Contribute to institutional initiatives involving teaching & learning

Structure & Organization

  • Gena Merliss, Coordinator
  • Amy Burtner, Faculty Chair of the Brighton Campus
  • Erin Strobl, Faculty Co-Chair of the Downtown Campus
  • Jason Szymanski, Faculty Co-Chair of the Downtown Campus


Brighton Campus

  • Don Beech, Student Services
  • Eric Berg, ESOL/Transitional Studies 
  • Amy Burtner, English/Philosophy
  • Renee Coleman, Psychology
  • Judy Dean, Mathematics
  • Renee Dimino, Academic Foundations
  • Brian Edelbach, Chemistry
  • Lisa Flick, Biology
  • Katie Ghidiu, Library Services
  • Andrea Gilbert, Virtual Campus
  • Meghan Glaser, ESOL/Transitional Studies
  • Suzanne Long, Biology
  • Robert Muhlnickel, English/Philosophy
  • Mark Sample, History

Downtown Campus

  • Michael Britton, Health & Physical Education
  • Rick Costanza, Education
  • Diane Clements, ESOL/Transitional Studies
  • Elizabeth Mandly, Human Services
  • Eileen Radigan, Human Services
  • Sean Scanlon, Learning Resources
  • Adrian Smalls, Law and Criminal Justice
  • Erin Strobl, Biology
  • Jason Szymanski, Chem/GEO
  • Mary Timmons, Library Services