Consultations, Observations, Mentoring, and Training

One-on-one Consultations

All consultations are:

  • Voluntary and confidential
  • About teaching
  • Available to faculty and professional staff who teach

Your consultation will begin with a meeting to discuss your needs and goals, and then we will work together to formulate a plan which could look like:

  • support in designing a course or planning a lesson
  • feedback on developing an assessment
  • non-evaluative classroom observation
  • videotape analysis

We can work with individuals on long-term course plans and on discreet challenges in class.

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Small Group Instructional Feedback

End of semester evaluations can provide important feedback, but we never get to change our practice for the students who gave the feedback. Small Group Instructional Feedback provides a mechanism for you to receive feedback from your students while they are still taking your class.

Between weeks 5-9 of each semester, our trained consultants:

  • Meet with you to learn what you’d like to know from your students
  • Observe a class
  • Survey the students while you are out of the room
  • Synthesize the student feedback and discuss it with you

What happens while you are out of the room?

  • Students reflect what is helping their learning and what is not helping their learning
  • They work in small groups to come to consensus about the those questions

Why should faculty do it?

  • This process demonstrates to students that you care deeply about their learning
  • It gives you a chance to hear what is really impacting students, and what is not.

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College-wide Faculty Mentoring Program

New faculty are invited to join the College-wide Faculty Mentoring Program where they will be paired with a more experienced faculty member in a different department. This confidential relationship helps new faculty effectively transition to MCC.

Faculty Mentoring Program Information

Facilitators' Training

Leading Reflective Practice Groups
An Institute for K-12 and Higher Education Faculty and Staff

This 5-day professional development seminar is designed for educators to build capacity to facilitate collegial conversations that promote learning for all students. Participants will learn the foundations to support adult learning, collaboration, and reflection through the lens of equity.

View Leading Reflective Practice Groups flyer for details (PDF)