New Faculty

Please see our Teaching Resources page for info related to online teaching during COVID-19.

Welcome to MCC!

Congratulations and welcome to the MCC community. Whether you are a new teacher stepping into the classroom for the first time or an experienced professor joining MCC, we encourage you to use the following resources as you begin your time at the college.  In addition to the items here, please check with your department chairperson, adjunct coordinator, and mentor for additional suggestions and resources.

We are happy that you have joined us and hope to see you soon at a TCC program!

Course Information Sheet

The Provost's memo includes information on what must be included in your required course information sheet.

Course Information Sheet (PDF)

Faculty Resource Handbook

A handbook of college policies and procedures for all MCC faculty:

Faculty Resource Handbook

Adjunct Faculty Tip Sheet

This checklist serves as a general guide to help adjunct faculty prepare for your first semester.

Adjunct Faculty Tip Sheet (PDF)

Catalog & Student Handbook

The MCC Catalog include key program and course information for students.  It also includes College policies, rules, and regulations that you, as a faculty member, may find helpful.

View the Catalog & Student Handbook