Course Withdraw

Students withdraw from a course(s) for various reasons. They're not performing well in the class, personal time constraints, unsatisfied with their instructor, change in academic program, etc. Although a student can withdraw from a course(s), it is imperative that they complete at least 67% of the semester's attempted course hours (credit hours).

Failure to do so will result in an academic warning. However, if a student continues to fall short of the 67% requirement, they will lose their financial aid eligibility. Once this occurs, a student can submit a Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) appeal and or New York State TAP Waiver to see if their eligibility can be reinstated.

Please use the following link to complete a SAP appeal.

Please use the following link to complete the New York State TAP Waiver.

Course Completion Calculation

Students can manually calculate their course completion by using the following method:

  • Take note of the initial number of attempted credit hours and the remaining credit hours once the desired course(s) are withdrawn.
  • divide the remaining credit hours by the initial credit hours
  • multiply that number by 100

For example, if student A was initially enrolled in 15 credit hours, but withdrew down to 9 credit hours we would calculate their course completion as follows:

  • 9 remaining credit hours/15 initial credit hours = .6
  • .6 * 100 = 60%

Since student A is completing less than 67% of their initial credit hours, they risk being placed on academic warning. If this behavior continues, this student risks not meeting SAP standards and loosing their financial aid eligibility.

Let's try another example, if student B was initially enrolled in 12 credit hours, but withdrew down to 7 credit hours we would calculate their course completion as following:

  • 7 remaining credit hours / 12 initial credit hours = .5833
  • .5833 * 100 = 58.33%

Just like the previous example, student B also risks being placed on academic warning. And could risk loosing their financial aid eligibility if this behavior continues.

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