College Directory

Faculty & Staff

NameDepartmentPhone #
Kalgren, ErikaLiberty Partnerships585-685-6203
Kaminsky, Margaret I.Chemistry and Geosciences585-292-2415
Kaplan, JoelFacilities585-292-2810
Karlnoski, Maureen M.Academic Services585-292-2221
Karnes, Michael S.Public Safety Training Center585-753-3700
Karolinski, NaomiBusiness Administration585-292-3363
Karras, MariaTechnology Services - AVP Office585-292-3043
Kased, RazyChemistry and Geosciences
Katolik, JessicaBiology
Katta, Krystyna E.Facilities585-292-2594
Kaufman, JudyBiology585-292-2730
Keating-Biltucci, Mary T.ESOL/TRS
Kehrer, Patricia A.Admissions585-292-2200
Keith, Jay C.English/Philosophy585-292-3281
Kelly-Sutliff, Jordu A.English/Philosophy
Kelly, Elizabeth F.Health and Physical Education585-292-2854
Kelly, Lesley A.Advisement and Transfer Services
Kelly, Mark E.Applied Technologies585-292-3737
Kendall, MarthaESOL/TRS
Kenneally, Joseph A.Engineering Technologies
Kennedy, Robert H.Law/Criminal Justice585-685-6125
Kern, Gary A.Information and Computer Technologies
Kerr, Jeffrey A.Chemistry and Geosciences
Keyes, Thomas C.Engineering Technologies585-292-2684
Keys, Terrance A.Instructional Services - AVP Office585-292-3432
Killion, KristenHealth and Physical Education
Kilner, Steven J.Mathematics585-292-2961
Kindle, Cindy G.Psychology585-292-3261
Kinel, Sandra F.Business Administration585-292-3359
Kingston, Andrea L.Library585-292-2313
King, Robert N.Agriculture and Life Sciences Institute585-292-2065
Kinslow, Jennifer A.Advisement and Transfer Services585-292-2409
Kinslow, Nancy L.Health and Physical Education
Kirkpatrick, Anne K.Dept. of Education & Human Services585-685-6135
Kiselgof, DmitriyWorld Languages and Cultures
Kita, ElizabethChild Care Center585-292-2640
Klapetzky, Wibke R.World Languages and Cultures
Klapka, Kevin E.Library585-292-2306
Klein, Brenda B.Liberty Partnerships585-685-6223
Klein, Denise M.Advisement and Transfer Services585-292-2402
Kliman, Joyce H.Health and Physical Education
Knebel, Albert M.Engineering Science and Physics585-292-2481
Koehler, MatthewEnglish/Philosophy
Konate, YayaFacilities585-292-2594
Korol, Todd A.Business Administration585-292-3221
Kozlyuk, Diana A.Biology585-292-2718
Kralles, JohnHospitality
Kravetz, ThereseESOL/TRS
Kress, Anne M.President's Office585-292-2100
Kress, Patricia A.Psychology585-292-3295
Krowl, ElizabethGlobal Education & International Services585-292-3172
Krucher, StephanieESOL/TRS
Kuhn, Ann M.Economic and Workforce Development and Career Technical Education VP Office585-685-6225
Kuhn, Francis A.ESOL/TRS
Kuhn, Kristian J.English/Philosophy
Kulak, JohnAcademic Foundations585-292-3186
Kumar, AnitaESOL/TRS
Kumar, Christopher K.Engineering Science and Physics585-292-2671
Kunzer-Healy, Kathryn G.Engineering Technologies
Kurman, Lisa M.Facilities585-292-2594
Kurtz, Sherri A.Health Professions585-292-2772
Kuzmich, AlexandraWorld Languages and Cultures
Kwiatkowski, DarrenBook Store585-292-2501