College Directory

Faculty & Staff

NameDepartmentPhone #
Hachee, Matthew R.English/Philosophy585-292-3274
Haddad, Wadiha M.Mathematics585-292-2958
Haggerty, Nancy L.Biology
Hagreen, SarahAdmissions585-292-2352
Haines, John M.Facilities585-685-6180
Haitz, James M.Human Services585-685-6008
Hall, Kevin A.Public Safety585-292-2904
Hall, Linda M.President's Office585-292-2103
Hamilton, MaryPsychology
Hammond, Daren S.Economic and Workforce Development and Career Technical Education VP Office585-685-6147
Hardaway, Donald E.Health and Physical Education
Hardy, JonESOL/TRS
Hargrave, Robin W.Visual and Performing Arts
Harrison, Derek D.English/Philosophy
Harris, Grace M.ESOL/TRS
Harris, Mark S.Mathematics585-292-2949
Harris, Michael B.Facilities585-292-2594
Harvey-Lee, Peggy A.Student Services Office585-685-6244
Hastings, Roscoe G.Health and Physical Education
Heacox, Carol M.Facilities585-292-2806
Heidt, Thomas J.Mathematics585-292-2956
Heinlein, James RFacilities585-292-2806
Helfrich, Joel T.Anthrop/History/Poli. Science/Sociology
Helfrich, Joel T.ESOL/TRS
Helm, Miriam R.Mathematics
Henderson, DarrylPublic Safety585-292-2912
Henderson, DavidVisual and Performing Arts
Henderson, EboniWorkforce Development585-685-6283
Henneberg, Douglas R.Health and Physical Education585-292-2848
Henneman, Joshua J.Public Safety Training Center585-753-3710
Henry, KyvaughnHealth and Physical Education
Henton, Renee M.Student Support Services585-292-2346
Henton, Renee M.Student Services Office585-292-2346
Herbst, David W.Mathematics585-292-2036
Herdendorf, ColeFacilities585-292-2806
Herring, Caroline L.Controller's Office - Payroll585-292-2163
Hess, Jennifer B.MCC Foundation585-292-3694
Hewitt, Carly A.Economic and Workforce Development and Career Technical Education VP Office585-685-6160
Hewitt, David G.Nursing585-292-2467
Hickling, Donna M.Business Administration
Hierl, Michael T.Public Safety585-292-2912
Higgins, CatherineMCC Association585-292-2548
Hildreth, Danyelle C.Hospitality
Hillabush Walker, Tamara L.Visual and Performing Arts585-292-3143
Hillmon, Samuel J.Public Safety585-292-2929
Hill, Jennifer A.Biology585-292-2393
Hill, Jennifer K.Child Care Center585-292-2640
Hill, Judith A.Chemistry and Geosciences585-292-2418
Hill, PeggyESOL/TRS
Hilsdorf, Sandra L.ESOL/TRS
Hobbs, Cynthia J.Law/Criminal Justice585-685-6009
Hochreiter, Stefanie L.Public Safety585-292-2912
Hodgson, Suzanne M.Nursing585-292-2461
Hoeschele, Ileana S.Mathematics
Hoffmann, ElizabethHealth Services585-292-2512
Hoffman, Brian A.Public Safety585-292-2912
Hoffman, Mary Beth E.Admissions585-292-2172
Holevinski, Holly A.Engineering Technologies585-292-2693
Holmes, Linda M.Nursing585-292-2454
Holmes, Lloyd A.Student Services Office585-292-2120
Holm, Eric S.Facilities585-292-3638
Holowka, Cheryl A.Book Store585-292-2529
Holtby, William F.Public Safety Training Center585-753-3727
Hoover, Jamie S.Instructional Technologies585-292-2571
Horan, Sean T.Mathematics585-292-2036
Horton, Kathleen A.Mathematics
Horton, William R.Applied Technologies585-292-3722
Horwath, EdieStudent Services - DC585-685-6130
Horwitz, Rebecca C.Psychology585-292-3278
Hourihan, DeniseInformation and Computer Technologies
Howell, Ambika P.Student Services - DC585-685-6302
Hranjec, Stephanie A.Library585-685-6152
Hughes, Anne C.Career and Veteran Services585-292-3157
Hughes, David M.Anthrop/History/Poli. Science/Sociology
Hughes, JohnFacilities585-292-2594
Hull, Michael F.Public Safety585-292-2914
Humphrey, Gloria C.ESOL/TRS
Hunter, Karen V.Psychology
Hunter, Robert H.Engineering Technologies585-292-2686
Hunt, Patricia J.Public Safety585-292-2912
Hurd, Dawn D.Financial Aid585-292-2289
Hurd, PhoebeNursing585-292-2459
Hutton, Pam M.MCC Association585-292-2478