• Why is it important to take courses that match my program requirements if I receive financial aid?
    The Federal and State governments have mandated that all students receiving financial aid must take courses that apply to their programs. Schools will be held accountable to make sure students are taking the proper courses and could lose their ability to offer financial aid to students if they do not comply with this regulation.
  • I made a Program change and certain courses were excluded from my GPA. Will these courses still affect my financial aid eligibility?
    They may. Only courses that are required in your Program are eligible for financial aid. If you received a grade of 'D-"or higher in any of your excluded courses they will be viewed as completed requirements and will be used again (when determining financial aid) if there is room in your new Program. The only exception is explained in FAQ #5.
  • What is the difference between a major and a program?
    Students graduate from Monroe Community College in a Program, not in a Major. A Program is what has been approved by the State Education Department, such as LA04 Liberal Arts and Sciences - General Studies. Under the Liberal Arts Program there are many Majors, (which are essentially advisement sequences), or specific 2+2 advising recommendations that a student follows for transfer to a four-year school. Majors will often require additional courses than the Program they are under requires.
  • Will financial aid cover additional courses that I need to complete my major?
    Not necessarily. Once you complete the requirements for your Program, financial aid will not cover additional courses that you might need for your Major (advisement sequence or 2+2 requirements). You may still want to complete the additional courses, but you will be responsible to pay for them. Careful planning with an advisor upon matriculation or after a program change may help you navigate around this problem. If you are almost finished with your program and get a registration error message, please see an advisor.
  • If I repeat a course will I still receive financial aid for that course?
    You will receive financial aid for all courses with 'F' grades if you have not previously taken the course. You will receive financial aid for courses with a 'C-' and lower if your program says you must have a grade of 'C' or higher for that course or as a prerequisite for a course that is required in your program (STATE AID only - TAP/APTS). Federal aid (PELL/loans) will not pay for a course to be repeated more than one time (withdrawing does not count as your one time repeat) regardless of the program or prerequisite requirements.
  • What are prerequisite courses?
    These are courses that prepare you to complete a required course successfully. They may or may not be required as part of your program.
  • I am presently taking TRS and non-credit courses that are not part of my Major/Program. Will I receive financial aid for these courses?
    Yes, the federal and state governments consider these preparatory classes for successful completion of college level courses. However, you must follow federal and state financial aid guidelines.
  • What happens if I am in my last term and need fewer than 12 credits to complete my program requirements?
    If you are in your in your last semester and need fewer than 12 credits to complete your program, you must register for the required courses and may, if you wish, register for any additional courses totaling 12 credits or more and receive State aid (TAP/APTS). This is called a Last Term Exemption. You must also file an Intent to Graduate application upon registering for your last semester and check the box for the Last Term exemption.
    Note: You may also use the Last Term Exemption for part-time State aid (APTS).
  • What if I fail one or more of the courses in my last semester? Can I request the Last Term Exemption again?
    No. You may only use one Last Term Exemption for the same degree. If you still have courses to take to complete your requirements because you failed a course or courses in your last semester, only those specific courses that are required in your program will be eligible for financial aid.
  • How will I know if I have been granted the Last Term Exemption?
    You will see that your financial aid package includes the additional courses.
  • What will happen to my financial aid if I am not in my last semester and I choose to take courses that are not within my program?
    You will only receive financial aid for courses in your program and your financial aid award package will be reduced to reflect the number of courses you are taking that do apply to your program.
  • How will I know if I'm not taking the right courses to satisfy the financial aid requirements? How will I be notified?
    You will receive an electronic message when you register for courses online indicating if a course does not meet the financial requirements and an explanation as to why it doesn't. You will also receive an email that some or all of your courses do not meet financial aid requirements.
  • Will this only affect full time students?
    No. Part time students must adhere to the same guidelines.
  • What do I do if I find out my courses are not going to be paid for by financial aid?
    You will need to readjust the courses within your program and take courses that do count for financial aid. Otherwise you will be responsible for payment for all courses that do not meet program requirements.
  • Can I drop classes once school has begun if I find out that I'm not going to receive financial aid for them?
    No. You may not drop classes for financial aid eligibility reasons once school has begun; you will be charged the regular fee if you drop classes according to the college catalog guidelines.
  • Can I repeat a passed course in my last term when requesting Last Term Exemption? New York State Education Department allows students who qualify for LTE (Last Term Exemption) to count a repeated course as aid eligible. This means a student can repeat a course that they previously passed in their last term when using LTE. The repeat can be for any reason (does not need to be an approved state repeat) for the course/credits after the one in-program course in the last semester.