Advisor Responsibilities

Effective advisement requires a partnership between the advisor and the student.


Assist Students Through a Self Assessment Process.

  • Understand the career decision-making process
  • Explore barriers to decision making
  • Possess skills in helping students explore their personality, interests, goals, values, and skills

Assist Students with Exploring their Career Goals.

  • Promote activities that examine career goals
  • Understand the changing nature of work in today’s society
  • Be familiar with new emerging vocational fields

Assist Students with Choosing a Major.

  • Know the career and transfer programs available at the college
  • Know the requirements of majors (special entrance requirements)
  • Know the success of the program degree/major graduates
  • Refer students to other campus resources

Assist Students with Selecting Courses.

  • Know available courses
  • Know special information about the courses (prerequisites)
  • Know rules and regulations of the college
  • Know honors and developmental courses
  • Know instructors and their teaching styles
  • Know course content