The Career Services Office at Monroe Community College serves as a source for jobs and other opportunities and generally cannot make specific recommendations regarding off-campus employers. The Career Services Office makes no guarantees about the positions listed in Handshake. The Career Services Office is not responsible for safety, wages, working conditions or other aspects of off-campus employment. Due to the large volume of jobs received by The Career Services Office, we are not able to research the integrity of each and every organization or individual that lists a with us. Students and alumni are urged to use their common sense when applying for any job or internships, particularly if it is a domestic role and employment in a private home, or other opportunities not affiliated with a public or private sector organization.

While The Career Services Office makes every reasonable effort to ensure that employers engaged in campus hiring practices (either online or in person) adhere to certain ethical standards (NACE Principles for Professional Practice), be aware that some organizations may participate in illegal recruiting and business practices.

We encourage you to research companies using the resources suggested by The Career Services Office. Please contact Career Services with questions or if you determine any company listing jobs or internships has misrepresented opportunities.

Further Information on Fraudulent Employers

Better Business Bureau Advice: Look for Seven Red Flags when Searching for Jobs Online

  1. Employer asks for extensive personal information such as social security or bank account numbers
  2. An employer asks for money upfront
  3. The job requires the employee to wire money through Western Union/MoneyGram or asks the employee to cash/deposit checks sent to them.
  4. Employer e-mails are rife with grammatical and spelling errors
  5. An employer offers the opportunity to become rich without leaving home
  6. The salary and benefits offered seem too-good-to-be-true
  7. E-mails purporting to be from job posting Web sites claiming there’s a problem with a job hunter’s account