Interview Preparation and Mock Interviews

What is an interview?

The interview is the last step of the hiring process and the most important. It offers both you and the employer the opportunity to meet one another, exchange information and come to tentative conclusions about "hiring" one another. The interview is a two-way process.  You evaluate the employer while he/she evaluates you.

What Steps Do I Need to Take?

Preparation is the key component to successful interviewing. Follow the interview preparation steps below:

Be sure to watch Career Service's video, Successful Interviewing Strategies, for additional tips.

Assistance with Interviewing

MCC's Career Services provides mock interview and interview preparation resources for students and alumni. The purpose of a mock interview is to provide you with an opportunity to practice the interview and get direct experience responding to specific questions about what you want to do, and why, and how your background has prepared you for the position.

Schedule a Mock Interview

Make an appointment to practice your interviewing techniques and receive feedback from a career counselor. Each appointment includes a 30-minute interview and about 20 minutes of feedback. The goal of a mock interview is to refine both the content and presentation of answers in preparing for a real interview situation. The counselor will not provide you with "right answers" or rigid ideas about presentation. Instead, the counselor will help guide you to develop answers and a style that you are comfortable using. To schedule an appointment for a mock interview please fill out the Mock Interview Request Form. Email the form and a current copy of your resume ( to the Career Center.