Interview Preparation

Preparation is the key component to successful interviewing. Follow the interview preparation steps below.

Research the Employer
Learn as much as you can about the company prior to going to the interview. Visit the company's website and access any available company literature. Know the services, products and mission of the employer.

Research the Position
Find out as much as you can about the position. Analyze the position description, matching your experiences, interests, and abilities to the position. Talk with people who have worked in similar positions and research the salary range that is typical for the position.

Know Yourself
Know your resume inside and out, be able to discuss comfortably your qualifications, skills and abilities, and your personal goals and values. Write down your accomplishments and prepare concrete and specific examples of these. Anticipate questions that may be asked of you.

Know the Interview Format Ahead of Time
It is a good idea when scheduling an interview with an employer to ask with whom you will be interviewing, how long should you plan for the interview and what kind of format will it follow. Discovering this will help you prepare for and visualize your interviewing experience.

Make a List of Questions to Ask
The questions you ask may reveal your level of interest in the position, the employer, and your preparedness for the interview. Ask questions that demonstrate a genuine interest in and knowledge of the company and position.

  • Questions to Ask During an Interview

Illegal Interview Questions
In the U.S. illegal interview questions are those that discriminate against you on the basis of age, color, disability, gender, national origin, race, religion or creed.