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Glossary of Online Terms

Asynchronous - Anytime/Anywhere

ALN - Asynchronous Learning Network (Anytime/Anywhere Learning Network) is a method of instructional delivery by which the students have the flexibility of learning at anytime from anywhere over the Internet.

Banner - A computer software application that integrates student, financial, human resources, financial aid, and alumni data.

Blackboard Learn - A course management system used to support web-based teaching and learning at MCC.

Blended - See Hybrid

Distance Education - Instructor and student are in different locations

FTF - Face-to-Face usually used in reference to the method of traditional classroom instruction

Homepage - Starting point for a website

http - Hypertext transfer protocol - part of the web address that indicates the format of a resource

Hybrid - Blend of face-to-face instruction with online learning activities. In a hybrid course, a significant part of the learning is online and seat time is reduced.

Internet - Network of interconnected computers around the world

Internet Service Provider (ISP) - Corporation/Institution that provides access to the Internet (ex: AOL, Frontier, Time Warner, Juno, etc.)

Module - A unit of study

Netiquette - protocol for Internet behavior

Online - On the Internet

Search Engine - A tool that searches the web for specific resources

Open SUNY - Open SUNY is a SUNY-wide collaboration that opens the door to world-class online-enabled learning opportunities.

URL - Universal Resource Locator - the location (address) of a web page

Web Browser - Software to navigate the Internet (Ex: Chrome and Firefox are best to use when using the Blackboard Learn Course Management System.

Web Enhanced - Traditional face-to-face courses that are augmented with online activities

Web Page - A single screen of information

Website - A collection of related web pages