Hybrid and Fully Online Courses

Hybrid Courses

Hybrid courses offer the “best of both worlds” by combining face-to-face classroom instruction with online learning activities. In a typical hybrid course, you will attend class on campus for one fifty- or eighty-minute session per week and then complete additional coursework online using Brightspace. In other hybrid courses, you may only come to campus a few times throughout the semester. 

Through Brightspace, you will access course documents, receive instruction, compose and submit assignments, take quizzes and tests, participate in group activities, discuss issues, and ask questions of the instructor and other students. You will be able to actively participate in your class from home, maybe even at work, and certainly at the nearest campus computer lab, while meeting deadlines established by your instructor.

Since hybrid courses vary in meeting time and online activities, your instructor will clarify expectations on or before the first day of class.

Typicallly, Hybrid courses are denoted with “Hybrid" on MCC’s Master Schedule. Pay very close attention to the dates and times of class meetings. 

Fully Online Courses

Course instruction and all learning activities are online, no face to face or synchronous component can be required. In a totally online course, all of the learning is online, there is no seat time. You will need to access your course materials via Brightspace or additional online tools (such as Pearson, Wiley, Cengage, McGraw Hill, Lumen, etc.). Your fully online course may require you to take proctored exams, which may require you to secure a testing location or use a remote proctoring software, such as Respondus. See your course information for more details. 


HyFlex courses allow you the choice of how you want to attend to class. You can come in-person or join class synchronously at designated times or you can participate fully online.  A handful of courses are designated as HyFlex on the master schedule. Hyflex courses will have an instructional method designated as "Hyflex simultaneously f2f/onl", but will not have a special section code like Hybrid or Fully Online.