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Learn the language of registration.

We live and breathe registration — but we know not everyone shares our vocabulary. We’ve compiled a glossary of commonly used terms in registration and advising at Monroe Community College.

Registration terms & definitions

  • Academic Calendar: The College-wide calendar listing official dates such as semester start/end dates, withdrawal dates, breaks, and more.
  • Add/drop courses: The process of signing up for (adding) or removing yourself from (dropping) classes at MCC. Can be done online through myMCC or in person.
  • Audit: To pay for and take a course, but not earn credit or a grade.
  • Closed course: A class that has reached maximum enrollment capacity. Students cannot register for closed courses, but can be added to a waitlist.
  • College-Level Examination Program (CLEP): A process by which college credit may be earned by taking an exam without attending class.
  • Course Reference Number (CRN): The five-digit number used to identify a specific section of a course when registering for the class.
  • Co-requisite: A course that is required to be taken while taking another course.
  • Credit by Exam: The process by which students may earn credit towards a degree by taking different types of department examinations.
  • Cross-registration: Lets full-time MCC students take college classes tuition-free at State University of New York (SUNY) and Rochester Area Colleges (RAC) partner institutions. Students from the partner institutions can take classes at MCC.
  • Dean’s List: Compiled at the end of each semester, this honor roll recognizes MCC students with a GPA of 3.5 or higher, no grades of “I” or “F”, and who have completed 6 or more credits for the semester.
  • Drop-add period: The dates each semester when you can make changes to your schedule for full-term classes.
  • Dual Enrollment: A program at MCC that joins the College, BOCES, and area schools together to provide high school students the opportunity to earn college credit.
  • FERPA: Stands for the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974. This federal law protects the privacy of student education records.
  • Grade Point Average (GPA): Listed on your transcript, the GPA is a cumulative average based on points and credits earned at MCC. The score is calculated by dividing the total of each semester's quality points by the total of each semester's credits.
  • Green Slip: The process by which a professor grants permission for a student to be admitted into a course.
  • Independent study: At MCC, students can extend their learning experience beyond the classroom by studying independently under the guidance of a faculty sponsor.
  • Late start: Select courses that start after the semester is underway and are typically shorter in duration.
  • Linked courses: Are two or more sections that require registration together.
  • Matriculated: To be accepted and enrolled in a degree program at MCC.
  • M Number: Your student records account number, which begins with M (e.g., M00xxxxxx).
  • myMCC: The Monroe Community College online portal, a centralized source of MCC internet-based information accessible with a single sign-on. myMCC houses your student email and student account information. You can also register for courses online through myMCC.
  • Non-matriculated: Not enrolled in a degree program at MCC.
  • Open registration: The period of time at the beginning of each semester when all students are able to register for classes.
  • Pre-requisite: A course that is required to be completed before beginning another course.
  • Priority (early) registration: The period of time at the beginning of each semester when currently enrolled students who have completed 12 or more credits can register before other students for classes. The “12 or more credits” does not include courses currently in progress.
  • Returning student: Anyone who took classes at MCC before, left for at least a semester, and is now ready to continue their education.
  • Schedule Planner: A free online registration tool for current students that helps you explore and build your ideal class schedule. It can take into account your personal preferences and any existing commitments.
  • Student Account: The username and password used to access your MCC records and systems, such as email and myMCC.
  • Student Accounts Office: The Student Accounts Office maintains student account information, issues tuition bills, processes certificate of residency, and receives payments for tuition and fees.
  • Transcript: A copy of your permanent academic record. Official and unofficial MCC transcripts document any and all courses taken, grades and honors received, and degrees earned.
  • Varied length courses: Select courses that are shorter in duration than standard semester-long courses.  Some varied length courses start later or end earlier than standard semester-long courses.
  • Waitlist: An electronic list of students who want to enroll in a class after it has “closed,” or reached maximum capacity.
  • Withdrawal: After the drop period has ended, a student may withdraw from a course with a “W” grade appearing on their transcript.  Withdraws do not impact your GPA.