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Ad Astra for Faculty & Staff

What is Ad Astra?

Ad Astra is the tool that Monroe Community College uses for its non-academic and academic scheduling needs. This software allows Records and Registration to schedule classes and Campus Events to schedule events on the same platform and decreases the amount of time for requests to be processed.

The benefits of Ad Astra

This centralized calendar allows users to see classes and events on all three campuses:  The Applied Technologies Center, Brighton and Damon.

You can see when events are happening and their location

You have access to descriptions of classroom space such as the seating capacity, room type and type of furniture.


For a quick overview of Ad Astra and to learn how to log in, view calendars and rooms, as well as request classroom and meeting room space please contact Yolanda Johnson at

If you are interested in how to search for Academic classes and rooms then contact Lyndsey Presutti at

If your requests are for the Downtown Campus please contact Antonia Custodio for training at

Training Manual

To download the latest manual please click here.


Frequently Asked Questions – for additional questions please contact 292-TECH

Who do I contact regarding rooms on Ad Astra?

To utilize a classroom, lecture hall, smart room or computer lab for an academic purpose such as your class please contact Records and Registration at 232-2300.

In order to utilize space for an event at the Brighton Campus or ATC site please contact Campus Events at 292-2010.

In order to utilize space for an event at the Downtown Campus please contact Antonia Custodio at 656-6106.

How do I request access to Ad Astra?

Users do not need to request access to Ad Astra. There is a user role called MCC guest that allows all active directory employees into Ad Astra.  If a user requires additional access please contact the Campus Events Office.

What if I cannot sign on? 

Many users don’t realize that they are using their old Ad Astra password.  Ad Astra is now active directory enabled so users only need one sign in and that is their MCC username and password.

Where is the link for Ad Astra?

The link is in myMCC under the employee tab. In the Quick Links Channel there is a link called Room and Event Scheduling. For MCC Association employees please click on the link Ad Astra or access Ad Astra from the Campus Events web page.

What can be scheduled on Ad Astra through the Campus Events Office?

Classrooms, lecture halls, and smart classrooms when used in a non-academic fashion (please note that some rooms are departmentally owned and require special permission before we can approve such as departmentally owned labs).

The Campus Events Meeting Rooms – Building 3, room 113, 115, 116, 117, 118, 119 as well as 10-182

Computer labs – 11-101, 102, 104, 109, and 111

What cannot be scheduled on Ad Astra?

Monroe A and B, the Empire Room, the Forum, Campus Center Atrium, Terrace, the Brighton Room, Gym, PAC Field House, and the Theater. These facilities require planning including set ups, food, cleaning, etc. For these locations we ask that you call a Campus Events representative directly for assistance.

Library Rooms can be requested through Margaret (Peggy) Stallworth via email at You are not required to contact Campus Events for these rooms.

Departmentally owned meeting rooms including: 6-100G, Bldg. 1 third floor conference room, Board Lounge, Board Room and the ETS Strategy room can be scheduled via Outlook. You are not required to contact Campus Events for these rooms.

I am having problems inside the application with scroll bars not showing correctly, the screen being too small, etc. etc.

We have found that Astra Web runs on Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) not Internet Explorer 9 (IE9). We have had to reserve users back to IE8 to resolve issues.

I submitted an event request and I did not get a confirmation. Did it go through the system?

There is a task manager in Astra and periodically it goes down. Please contact the 292-TECH for assistance.

When should I expect a response from my request?

The Campus Events Office requires 48 hours to process your request. If you need a room within a day or two we ask that you please either email or call the office.

Do I still need to complete the Campus Events Application?

The Campus Events application needs to be submitted for any event held in a conference location (Monroe A/B, Forum, Brighton, Empire, Terrace, Campus Center Atrium and North Dining) and for when additional resources are needed for classrooms, lecture halls, meeting rooms, smart rooms or unique locations (hallways or departmentally owned rooms).

Ad Astra seems to be slow or down. Is it working?

If you encounter a lapse in the time for an event request please contact 292-TECH to ensure that the system is working properly.

How do I find a specific event on the calendar?

Click on the Calendars tab, click on Scheduling Calendars. Amend the date and edit the search filter to find the building your event was held in.

When I open the calendar no classes or events show up?

Double check that your filters are set properly by clicking Edit Search Filter under the “Location” option, ensure that you are on the correct campus. You can adjust any other filter option under this section.  Do not adjust any other field in the “Events”, “Sections”, “Options”, or “Resources” options.

I can’t find my event on the Event list?

Click on the event tab and then Events. In the filter section (left side) populate the fields that will help you find your event. For the keyword be sure that you are not too specific as Astra is sensitive and will try to match exactly what you typed to your event name. If you know part of your event name you can use the % symbol as a wild card. For example your event is Faculty Professional Development try searching for %Professional%.