Space Availability

Please note that submitting the application does not guarantee the space is available. We encourage you to contact us to put space on hold before you submit an application.

How to reserve space at Brighton and ATC for MCC Faculty and Staff

Reservation Application

Due to upgrades for a new electronic form coming soon, the Campus Events Application / Safety and Security Checklist is a "Print Only" document at this time. If there are any questions regarding the completion of the application, please contact the Campus Events Office.

Campus Events Application / Safety & Security Checklist (PDF) 
To reserve space other than High Falls A & B at the Downtown Campus, please contact email Toni Custodio ( or call (585) 685-6106.

If you have attendees under the age of 17, these forms may apply:

To request more information concerning a Brighton, Applied Technologies Center or Downtown Campus ( High Falls A and/or B only) reservation, please call the Campus Events Office at (585) 292-2010.