Guidelines Concerning Use of College Facilities

guidelines intro

Those wishing to rent or reserve space at Monroe Community College must read and accept the guidelines as described below.

  • There is a twenty-five percent (25%) non-refundable deposit required to reserve your facility due upon receipt of deposit bill. The balance of the bill must be paid to the Student Accounts Office at least seven (7) business days prior to the event or approval is automatically withdrawn. All reservations are subject to rental fees as listed on the MCC Rental Rates page.
  • Certificate of Insurance (COI) is required naming Monroe Community College, Monroe Community College Association, Inc., Monroe Community College Foundation, and Monroe County as additionally insured in the amounts of $1 million with a $2 million aggregate. Insurance binder is due with the nonrefundable deposit and must be on file before the event can be officially scheduled.
  • Child Protection Policy: If there will be attendees under the age of 17, the event will be subject to the Child Protection and Mandatory Child Abuse Reporting and Prevention Policy. If these minor attendees are not under the protection of their parents or guardians, a Revocable Permit will also be required.
  • Monroe Community College is committed to providing universal access to all events pursuant to ADA guidelines. Additional accommodations are at the responsibility of the event organizer including expenses. MCC recommends the following vendors: Interpreting Services – Sorenson Communications (800-659-4783); Real-Time Captioning Services – Caption Access (847-986-9330). Please contact the vendor directly with any questions.
  • Any personnel charges incurred by the event will be paid by the client which may include any combination of the following: Event Supervisor, Theater Tech., Building Services/Facilities/Grounds, Public Safety, Parking Services, Lifeguard (4 hour minimum ea.). Additional charges may be incurred for personnel or facilities used beyond the contracted locations and times.
  • Alcoholic beverage permission is restricted at all MCC facilities and functions. Refer to the Request to Serve Alcohol On Campus Protocol. Contact a Campus Events representative for further information.
  • Facility Use: Only those facilities specifically approved on the application are to be used. The College reserves the right to deny an application or cancel an event if it is found that the applicant’s intended use or activity is inconsistent with the designated purpose of the specific location requested; or if the location requested is not suitable for the intended use or activity because of its special nature; or the number of persons engaged in the event exceeds the number that can reasonably be accommodated in the particular location; or the use or activity intended by the applicant is prohibited by law or MCC Environmental Health and Safety guidelines.
  • Changes for event setups and/or times must be provided at least 72 business hours prior to the primary event date or if a sequence of dates, before the first event date. If not received within this time, client may be charged for fees. (personnel, facility, etc.)
  • Payment for any additional cleaning and/or damage to the building, facilities or equipment will be assumed by the organization authorized on the applications.
  • No equipment is to be brought into the buildings or on the College grounds and connected with the electric service without permission from the Directors of Facilities and Campus Events.
  • No Scenery, decorations, combustible materials, animals, inflatable games, recreational equipment, or any other material of an unusual nature may be brought into a College building or on the College grounds without approval and, if necessary, the presence of an inspector to ensure their proper use.
  • No eating or drinking in computer labs, Theater, Dance Studio or PAC Field House
  • Tobacco-Free, Smoke-Free & Vape-Free Policy: MCC is a Tobacco-Free campus. No tobacco products are allowed in any building grounds owned or leased by the college. Refer to the Tobacco-Free, Smoke-Free & Vape-Free Policy.
  • All activities in the Theater or Athletics/Physical Education facilities must be approved by the Director of the Theater, or the Director of Athletics/Physical Education, respectively. In both instances, College personnel must be present in the supervisory capacity and the cost of these supervisors must be assumed by the organization requesting use of these facilities.
  • All food service must be coordinated by the College’s contracted food service provider. No food or drinks may be brought on campus by outside organizations, caterers, or individuals for events.
  • Parking is limited to the designated parking areas as assigned by Campus Events; all cars illegally parked will be ticketed or towed at the owner’s expense. MCC parking regulations are enforced at all times.
  • The number of occupants must be limited to the safe capacity of the room or facility used. The sponsor is responsible to limit attendance so as not to tax the safe capacity of any room in the facility as per the Health and Safety Office.
  • Seasonal Costs: If at any time MCC Public Safety and/or facilities personnel determine that campus roads and parking lots are unsafe because of snow and/or ice, the applicant may be billed the costs of snow removal, or given the option to cancel/postpone the event.
  • Unapproved signage, flyers, chalking, etc. throughout the campus and/or on any vehicles are prohibited. (Clean-up costs may be incurred by the organization).
  • If you require the usage of table covers, whiteboards, flip charts, or poster display easels, please sign them out with Campus Events. In the event that the items are not returned, or become broken, you will be responsible for replacement costs.
  • Vendors: Please contact the MCC Association for use of facilities.
  • Monroe Community College prohibits discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, pregnancy, familial status, gender identity or expression, age, genetic information, national or ethnic origin, physical or mental disability, marital status, veteran status, domestic violence victim status, socioeconomic status, criminal conviction, or any other characteristic or status protected by state or federal laws or College policy in admissions, employment, and treatment of students and employees, or in any aspect of the business of the college.