Community Reservations and Rentals

Thank you for interest in reserving space at an MCC campus for an event. You are required to contact the Campus Events Office to put space on hold before submitting an application. Please note that submitting the application does not guarantee the space is available.

Reservations made by the community (e.g. external/non-MCC companies, organizations, or individuals), may complete the Community Members Campus Events Application once putting space on hold with the Campus Events Office. Please know that you will be prompted to create an account with a username and password your first time using the application. If you encounter any issues accessing the form, please contact a Campus Events Representative at (585) 292-2010.

Venues Rental Rates Services Usage Guidelines

Certificate of Insurance

Certificate of Insurance (COI) is required naming Monroe Community College, Monroe Community College Association, Inc., Monroe Community College Foundation, and Monroe County as additionally insured in the amounts of $1 million with a $2 million aggregate. Insurance binder is due with the nonrefundable deposit and must be on file before the event can be officially scheduled.

Child Protection Policy

If there will be attendees under the age of 17, the event will be subject to the Child Protection and Mandatory Child Abuse Reporting and Prevention Policy. If these minor attendees are not under the protection of their parents or guardians, a Revocable Permit will also be required