Robin and Timothy Wentworth Arts Building

MCC Theater

The theater is an updated facility that underwent renovations and re-opened in 2017 incurring architectural changes to the acoustical characteristics of the space, new eating, improved video projections, a new sound systems, FM hearing assist system, lighting, improved ventilation, improved fire protection system and resurfaced stage floor creating for the perfect setting to your play, concert or dance performance.


  • 539 audience seats
  • A 37’ wide x 30’ deep stage with a 37’ proscenium thrust
  • A retractable projector and screen to accommodate large format imaging
  • Stage front pit
  • Marley Floor
  • Dressing rooms (2)
  • Full scene shop
  • LED Lighting
  • Technology Control Room
  • Adjoining Lobby

Black Box Theater

The Black Box Theater is a 1,000 sq. ft. space providing for the perfect complement as it is located adjacent to and connects directly to the MCC theater. This space makes for the perfect rehearsal area, warm up/green room or small production.


  • 30 raised audience seats
  • Separate control room
  • Open floor plan for multipurpose use
  • Directly connected to the theaters back of the house

North Atrium

The North Atrium acts as a gateway just between Theater Lobby, the Mercer Gallery, and Building 12 and provides a unique space with two story high ceilings and glass wall to exterior campus green space perfect for a small reception or complement to a larger event in the Theater.


  • 1,200 sq. ft. open room layout
  • Banquet Style seating for up to 48