Ad Astra Webinar Request Information

  • Log into Ad Astra:
    • Use Chrome browser only. Do not use Explorer or Firefox.
    • Enter your MCC email address and password when prompted.

  • Click Request Event and choose Webinar Request on the Event Request Wizard form.
  • Fill in the Contact & Event information.
  • For panelists, include their full name and preferred email address.
    • ex. Jonathan Smith –

  • RSVP is not required.
    • RSVP will offer the ability to check how many attendees have signed up in the days leading up to your event, produce a report after the webinar of all attendees, and can include source tracking.
      • Source Tracking allows you to track what websites attendees register from. Standard referring sites include MCC Website, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

  • Click “Add meeting” button to set the date and time of the Webinar.
    • For Meeting Type, choose Webinar.

  • Click “Assign Rooms” button and select Webinar - room 1 or Webinar - room 2 (depending on expected attendance).
  • Add your Event Description.
  • Click Submit.

Note: If this is your first time signing onto Ad Astra or you encounter issues accessing the webinar form, please contact a Campus Events Representative for assistance.