How to Reserve Space at Brighton and ATC for MCC Faculty and Staff

Contact Campus Events to put a space on hold by either phone or email.

Be sure to share your event details for the request:

  1. Who is the event contact
  2. Date required
  3. Times required (including your setup and teardown times)
  4. Number of anticipated attendees
  5. Room type
    • Smart Classroom
    • Classroom
    • Lecture Hall
    • Meeting room
    • Conference Center space (please share preferred set up if in Monroe A, B, Forum so we can ensure time to amend the set up to accommodate your event)
    • Theater
    • Gym
    • Other spaces (i.e. - Dining, north atrium, campus center atrium, etc.)


Once you have a confirmed space on hold please follow up with the Campus Events Application —

An application is always required except when using a classroom, smart classroom, or meeting room and you do not have food, audio visual, set up needs, or parking for external guests.

If you have any amendments to your event please ensure that the event contact follows up with the Campus Events Office and has confirmed their changes.

If your event is in the Conference Center, meeting rooms, or 10-182 please sign out a key prior to your meeting at the Campus Events Office, 3-120.