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06/23/2022Passing of Eladio Ortiz, husband of Margarita OrtizMcKinsey-Mabry, Kimberly
06/15/2022Passing of Jim Schwender, Professor Emeritus with Distinguished Service in Registration and RecordsBurt-Nanna, DeAnna
06/13/2022Professor Emeritus of Geosciences Thomas X. GrassoBurt-Nanna, DeAnna
06/09/2022John Lovenheim, Husband of Honorary Trustee and Professor Emerita Dr. Barbara LovenheimBurt-Nanna, DeAnna
05/31/2022Passing of Luis Emilio Santos, father of Mary Ann (Annie) VershayMcKinsey-Mabry, Kimberly
05/13/2022Passing of Elizabeth Parker, mother of Michelle ParkerMcKinsey-Mabry, Kimberly
05/11/2022Professor William G. Yanklowski, Engineering TechnologiesBurt-Nanna, DeAnna
05/04/2022Elree Ryles, Building Services RetireeBurt-Nanna, DeAnna
04/27/2022Passing of Thomas Lynn Stoughtenger, Father of Rebecca GriffinSine-Kinz, Kristin
04/26/2022Professor Emerita Eileen T. Morton-Cubitt, Office TechnologyBurt-Nanna, DeAnna
04/25/2022Associate Professor Emeritus Douglas W. Brooks, English/PhilosophyBurt-Nanna, DeAnna
04/21/2022Passing of Amy Houseknecht Ramadan, Sister of Katie FergusonJachim-Moore, Darrell
04/20/2022Donna Price, Nursing Department RetireeBurt-Nanna, DeAnna
04/19/2022Barbara Reak, Dental Hygiene RetireeBurt-Nanna, DeAnna
03/23/2022Passing of Dr. Dale J. Lonis, Husband of Kelly Brown LonisSine-Kinz, Kristin
03/22/2022Passing of Anthony Revello, husband of Sara RevelloMcKinsey-Mabry, Kimberly
03/21/2022Emily M. Youngblood, Building Services (retiree)Burt-Nanna, DeAnna
03/18/2022Passing of Eleanor Mary Willard, mother of Wanda WillardMcKinsey-Mabry, Kimberly
03/10/2022Professor and Director Emeritus Douglas J. Brown, Health and Physical Education and Campus CenterBurt-Nanna, DeAnna
02/21/2022Passing of Tinsley D. Major, Brother of Sauntevia MajorSine-Kinz, Kristin
02/11/2022Passing of Charlotte Hillsberg, Grandmother of Rebecca HorwitzMcKinsey-Mabry, Kimberly
02/09/2022Margaret E. Gardner, Music/Performing Arts (Retiree)Burt-Nanna, DeAnna
01/27/2022Edward R. Vesneske, Business Administration (Retiree)Burt-Nanna, DeAnna
01/03/2022Passing of John RooneyJachim-Moore, Darrell
01/03/2022Passing of Royal Chamberlain, husband of Sandy ChamberlainMcKinsey-Mabry, Kimberly
12/22/2021Lillie Thomas, Building ServicesBurt-Nanna, DeAnna
12/15/2021Barbara A. Degen, Office of the President (Retiree)Burt-Nanna, DeAnna
12/15/2021Professor Robert B. Nenno, Mathematics (Retiree)Burt-Nanna, DeAnna
12/10/2021Passing of Mary Jean Muhlnickel, Mother of Robert L. MuhlnickelWade, Andrea
11/19/2021Passing of Barbara Mullen, mother of Pam RendeMcKinsey-Mabry, Kimberly
11/17/2021Professor Emeritus Robert A. Gullo, MathematicsBurt-Nanna, DeAnna
11/05/2021Anthony Leslie, Facilities (Retiree)Burt-Nanna, DeAnna
11/04/2021Passing of Earl Tieppo, Biology (Retired)Burt-Nanna, DeAnna
11/03/2021Professor Emeritus John W. Brown, Jr. (Business Administration)Burt-Nanna, DeAnna
10/15/2021Passing of Mary J. Waasdorp, Mother-in-law of Janet WaasdorpWade, Andrea
10/14/2021Passing of Helen A. Drumright, Mother and Mother-in-law of Bill and Patti DrumrightWade, Andrea
10/04/2021Passing of MCC Student Joshua BuermanMcKinsey-Mabry, Kimberly
09/30/2021Passing of Joanne Sittner - Mother of Tiffany VanAuker, Assistant Director - Guon Child Care CenterLeenhouts, Justin
09/27/2021Professor Dale Abbey, Geosciences (Retired)Burt-Nanna, DeAnna
09/17/2021Passing of MCC Student Trystan SylvesterMcKinsey-Mabry, Kimberly
09/10/2021Passing of Laura Armstrong Kruspe, Sister of Rebecca BabcockWade, Andrea
08/31/2021Bruce "Murph" Shapiro, AthleticsBurt-Nanna, DeAnna
08/20/2021Passing of Mary E. Flatley, Mother of Anne FlatleyWade, Andrea
08/12/2021Passing of Ann M. Archer, Mother of William ArcherWade, Andrea
07/27/2021Passing of Ljupco Sifkarovski, Husband of Silvana SifkarovskiOldham, Todd
07/16/2021Professor Emerita Patricia Donahue, Information and Computer TechnologiesBurt-Nanna, DeAnna
07/14/2021Passing of Barbara Johnston, Mother of Debbie AkeWade, Andrea
07/09/2021Associate Professor Emeritus John Owen, Visual and Performing ArtsBurt-Nanna, DeAnna
06/28/2021Passing of Dominick J. Leone, Jr., Father-in-law of Juanita LeoneOldham, Todd
06/23/2021Calling Hours, Services for Professor Emeritus of Chemistry Gerard NobilingBurt-Nanna, DeAnna
06/08/2021Passing of Cheryl Condello, Mother of Rosanna YuleWood, Gretchen
06/02/2021Passing of Robert Martini, Father of Laura TepperWade, Andrea
05/20/2021Passing of Magdalen Smith, Grandmother of Jaime SmithGeer-Mentry, Ginny
05/14/2021Passing of Marilynn Dyer, Mother of Virginia (Ginger) RichMcKinsey-Mabry, Kimberly
05/12/2021Passing of Paul Starzynski, Husband of Beth StarzynskiWade, Andrea
04/29/2021Passing of Larry McPhee, Husband of Marcia McPhee and Father-in-law of Jill McPheeWade, Andrea
04/27/2021Passing of Evelyn R. Ofsowitz, Mother of Professor Michael OfsowitzJacobs, Michael
04/19/2021Retiree Eva H. Bishop, Printing ServicesDouglas, Katherine
04/16/2021Suzanne Jacobs McKim, Professor Emerita of NursingDouglas, Katherine
04/15/2021Passing of Sidney Putnam, Father of Emily PutnamWade, Andrea
04/14/2021Passing of James Hart, Professor Emeritus of MathDouglas, Katherine
04/13/2021Passing of Barbara Sue Colombo, Former ClerkDouglas, Katherine
04/02/2021Passing of Alberto Colon, Father of Toni CustodioSimmons, Hezekiah
04/01/2021Passing of Mary Bauer, Mother of Ann BauerWade, Andrea
03/19/2021Passing of RPD Officer Donald Agnello, Father-in-Law of Mike Farrow (Public Safety)Simmons, Hezekiah
03/17/2021Passing of Dolphan B. McFadden Jr., Brother of Dr. Melany SilasWade, Andrea
02/05/2021Barbara A. O'Connell, Human ResourcesDouglas, Katherine
12/09/2020Passing of Willy Straubhaar, Sr., Father of Rita StraubhaarWade, Andrea
12/02/2020Passing of Dorothy Laco, Mother of Lori Laco-SchianoWade, Andrea
11/30/2020Passing of Susan Wehle, mother-in-law of Ryan MessengerMcKinsey-Mabry, Kimberly
11/24/2020Passing of MCC Student Malay'Jah MitchellMcKinsey-Mabry, Kimberly
11/23/2020Professor Emerita of Dental Hygiene Kjellaug "Chell" Gilda, DMDDouglas, Katherine
11/18/2020Retiree Mary "Betty" Deveney, Support StaffDouglas, Katherine
11/16/2020Passing of Angelo M. Maddalena, father of Lori ScipioniSimmons, Hezekiah
11/09/2020Passing of Ray E. Mandeville, Father-in-law of James GertnerOldham, Todd
10/27/2020Passing of Mary Hallett-BrownWade, Andrea
10/26/2020Passing of MCC Student Elizabeth MahanMcKinsey-Mabry, Kimberly
10/13/2020Passing of Alice Bakewicz, Mother-in-law of Christina BakewiczOldham, Todd
10/12/2020Passing of John E. French, Father of Kevin FrenchOldham, Todd
10/06/2020Barry Sanderson, Professor Emeritus of ChemistryDouglas, Katherine
10/02/2020Passing of Joanne Hackett, Mother of Mary GilliganSimmons, Hezekiah
09/21/2020Passing of MCC Student Jaquayla YoungDouglas, Katherine
09/04/2020Passing of Kelvin Young, father of Shawn SwankMcKinsey-Mabry, Kimberly
08/28/2020Passing of Sarah L. Matthews, Sister of Joy BraseltonJacobs, Michael
08/20/2020Passing of Mark M. Gress, Husband of Katherine Bolognese-GressWade, Andrea
08/14/2020Professor Emeritus Ronald Kostecke, Ed.D., Counseling CenterDouglas, Katherine
08/14/2020Professor Emeritus Thomas Wells, GeosciencesDouglas, Katherine
07/24/2020Passing of Janice G. Scanlon, Mother of Sean ScanlonWade, Andrea
07/09/2020Mitchell "Mitch" Redlo, Professor Emeritus of Business Administration/Economics, Father of Jesse RedloDouglas, Katherine
06/12/2020Passing of MCC Student Joshua CurtisHolmes, Lloyd
06/05/2020Passing of Bill Sigismond, Director of Experiential and Adult Learning (retired)Douglas, Katherine
05/26/2020Passing of Donald H. Buckley, Brother of April BuckleySimmons, Hezekiah
02/04/2020Passing of Beverly Ann Powers Navarro, Mother of Diane NavarroWade, Andrea
02/04/2020Passing of Kathryn Sample, Mother of Mark SampleWade, Andrea
02/04/2020Passing of Marion Wowkowych, Mother of Anne KirkpatrickWade, Andrea
01/31/2020Professor Emerita Lesta C. Wren, English/PhilosophySimmons, Hezekiah
01/21/2020Passing of MCC Student Sarah KangHolmes, Lloyd
01/14/2020Passing of Joe Calhoun Sr., Father of Joe CalhounSimmons, Hezekiah
01/10/2020Passing of Ruth Ann Delate, mother of John DelateHolmes, Lloyd
01/08/2020Rosemary W. Mahoney, RetireeSimmons, Hezekiah
12/23/2019Passing of Carol Ann Belluccio, Mother of Courtney SpragueSimmons, Hezekiah
12/18/2019Passing of Alfred Leopold, Father of Valarie AvaloneSimmons, Hezekiah
11/20/2019Passing of David Noyes, VaPAKress, Anne
11/20/2019Passing of Felicia Kay Smith, MCC Association Richard M. Guon Child Care CenterGeer-Mentry, Ginny
11/20/2019Passing of Joseph "Joe" Baker, Engineering Technologies RetireeKress, Anne
11/19/2019Passing of Henry J. Rudy, Father of Michele SkehanSimmons, Hezekiah
11/05/2019Passing of William Wagoner's motherSimmons, Hezekiah
11/01/2019Professor Emerita Jill Snyder, Office TechnologyKress, Anne
10/31/2019Carolyn Wendell, Professor Emerita of EnglishKress, Anne
10/29/2019Passing of Arnita Louise Nixon, Mother of Kim NixonHolmes, Lloyd
10/29/2019Passing of Robert Hodges, Facilities RetireeKress, Anne
10/15/2019Passing of Kay Spector, Mother of Steven SpectorSimmons, Hezekiah
10/14/2019Passing of Gene Simmons, Father of Kevin SimmonsSimmons, Hezekiah
10/04/2019Passing of Margarita Medina-Perez's FatherFrater, Joel
08/28/2019Retiree Jacque Clements PassesKress, Anne
08/01/2019Passing of Wieslaw Kondratowicz spouse of Krystyna Katta, Building ServicesSimmons, Hezekiah
07/29/2019Passing of Dennis Bouyea, father of Aaron BouyeaHolmes, Lloyd
07/24/2019MCC Retiree Richard Glossner PassesKress, Anne
07/03/2019Passing of Cynthia Clark Inman's MotherKress, Anne
06/28/2019Passing of Ruth Teresa O'Connor, Mother of Matthew O'ConnorOldham, Todd
06/26/2019Passing of Adjunct Lecturer Antoinette ElderkinKress, Anne
06/25/2019Passing of Anne Weir Gunther, Mother of Susan GuntherWade, Andrea
06/11/2019Passing of George Haines, father of John HainesSimmons, Hezekiah
06/10/2019Passing of James D. St. Croix, father of Jerome St. CroixHolmes, Lloyd
05/30/2019Passing of Carmencita SiarraSimmons, Hezekiah
05/20/2019Passing of Marion A. ShiloSimmons, Hezekiah
05/09/2019Passing of Elizabeth Ryan Dunker, Mother of Jeffrey DunkerOldham, Todd
04/18/2019MCC Retiree Pilar Vilar-Glasow PassesKress, Anne
04/16/2019Founding Faculty Member, L. Louise Rozwell, PassesKress, Anne
04/15/2019Passing of Retiree Sharron E. Waide '97, Educational Technology ServicesKress, Anne
04/09/2019Passing of MCC Student Alexander SmallHolmes, Lloyd
03/26/2019Passing of Martin Dvorin, Professor Emeritus in Optical TechnologyKress, Anne
03/14/2019Passing of Valerie Jean Cross, Mother of Patricia KressWade, Andrea
03/08/2019Passing of Retiree John L. BrownKress, Anne
03/07/2019Passing of Retiree Hector CortesKress, Anne
02/28/2019Passing of Ismael Torres, Building Services RetireeKress, Anne
02/12/2019Passing of Adjunct Psychology Professor Robert HunterKress, Anne
02/07/2019Passing of Professor Emeritus Robert Flanigan, ChemistryKress, Anne
02/05/2019Passing of Lawrence Walsh, Father of Sandra ChamberlainWade, Andrea
02/04/2019Passing of MCC Student Emily Maffett-BozzaHolmes, Lloyd
02/01/2019Passing of Marjorie Osterling, Mother of Phil OsterlingMapes, Cynthia
01/10/2019Passing of Paul Finley, RetireeKress, Anne
12/21/2018Passing of George Carter, Father of Delovis OlaodeWade, Andrea
12/20/2018Passing of Donald Smith, father of Yolonda StewardHolmes, Lloyd
12/20/2018Passing of Employee Joseph MasonKress, Anne
12/18/2018Passing of Retiree Nancy MosesKress, Anne
12/13/2018Passing of Newell Wagoner, Father of William WagonerSimmons, Hezekiah
12/13/2018Passing of Warren Singleton, Father of Jasma SingletonSimmons, Hezekiah
12/12/2018Passing of Shirley Sayre, Mother of Jackie DorseyWade, Andrea
12/07/2018Passing of Professor Emeritus James ConnollyKress, Anne
12/06/2018Passing of Michael W. Stratton, Father of David StrattonSimmons, Hezekiah
12/05/2018Passing of Retiree Ina JohnsonKress, Anne
11/29/2018Passing of Gary Reilich, Applied TechnologiesKress, Anne
11/28/2018Passing of Robert Otto, Father of Kathy BuckertWade, Andrea
11/20/2018Passing of Emma Mae Barnes, Grandmother, and Barry Barnes, Uncle, of Charlene LinzyWade, Andrea
11/09/2018Passing of James Wheeler, Brother of Holly WheelerWade, Andrea
11/05/2018Passing of Professor Emerita Ana M. RodriguezKress, Anne
10/29/2018Passing of MCC Student Jacob AeckerleHolmes, Lloyd
10/19/2018Passing of Eugenio Santos, Father of Joann Santos and Grandfather of Loida LagaresWade, Andrea
10/15/2018Passing of Larry Weiss, Father of Ilene BenzWade, Andrea
10/12/2018Passing of Olga Mandeville, Mother-in-law of James GertnerOldham, Todd
10/11/2018Passing of MCC Student Maxwell UnderhillHolmes, Lloyd
09/25/2018Passing of MCC Student Alexander JohnstonHolmes, Lloyd
09/19/2018Passing of Russell Bolognese, Father of Katherine Bolognese-GressWade, Andrea
09/17/2018Passing of MCC Student Bruce KaneHolmes, Lloyd
09/13/2018Passing of Minister Lawrance L. Evans, Sr., Father-In-Law of Shawanda EvansWade, Andrea
09/11/2018Passing of Gerald Fingar, Father of Melissa FingarKress, Anne
08/15/2018Passing of MCC Student James JonesHolmes, Lloyd
08/09/2018Passing of Jeremiah (Bob) Robert Maney, Father-in-law of Kevin FrenchOldham, Todd
08/07/2018Passing of Antonio Galvano, Father of Sal GalvanoHolmes, Lloyd
07/31/2018Passing of Scott Karlnoski, Husband of Maureen KarlnoskiWade, Andrea
07/25/2018Passing of Dawn Ellwanger - Wife, Mother, and Mother-in-lawSimmons, Hezekiah
07/16/2018Passing of Leland DeGraffKress, Anne
07/11/2018Passing of Patricia A. Keiling, Mother of Dawn MurphyWade, Andrea
06/28/2018Passing of MCC Student Lauren VasquezHolmes, Lloyd
06/27/2018Passing of Cletius Whitfield, mother of Sheila StrongKress, Anne
06/21/2018Passing of Professor Emeritus Charles MoreyKress, Anne
06/20/2018Passing of Sara Sturnick, Mother of Joe SturnickWade, Andrea
05/30/2018Passing of James Salvatore - Father of David SalvatoreSimmons, Hezekiah
05/21/2018Passing of Retiree Elaine DerrenbacherKress, Anne
05/17/2018Passing of Retiree Elaine DerrenbacherKress, Anne
05/08/2018Passing of Teri Merliss-Mendelson, Sister of Gena MerlissWade, Andrea
04/26/2018Passing of Mary Clancy, Sister of Betty StewartHolmes, Lloyd
04/02/2018Passing of Patricia Cahill, Mother of Kathrine NicholasHolmes, Lloyd
03/29/2018Passing of Eugene Coon, retired director of campus securityKress, Anne
03/27/2018Passing of Math Adjunct Instructor Michael AtkinsonKress, Anne
03/16/2018Passing of Retiree Dianna DiPrima including Service DetailsKress, Anne
03/15/2018Passing of Retiree Dianna DiPrimaKress, Anne
03/14/2018Passing of Alvin Hargro, Stepfather of Shawnadre CrewsHolmes, Lloyd
03/13/2018Passing of Vanza Rudy, Mother of Michele SkehanSimmons, Hezekiah
03/09/2018Passing of William (Bill) Mitchell, Father of Patricia SarantisWade, Andrea
03/08/2018Passing of Sammie Peterson, Building Services RetireeKress, Anne
03/07/2018Passing of Judge Elma Bellini, MCC Law & Criminal Justice Adjunct and Hall of Fame RecipientKress, Anne
03/06/2018Passing of Owen Schwartz, son of Mark SchwartzHolmes, Lloyd
02/27/2018Passing of Debbi Lynn Stark, Sister of Craig RandWade, Andrea
02/20/2018Passing of Maryann Amos, Mother of David SkehanSimmons, Hezekiah
02/13/2018Passing of Stella Majors, Building Services RetireeKress, Anne
01/31/2018Passing of Professor Emerita Jeanne GhentKress, Anne
01/23/2018Passing of Mary Raimondo, Mother of Dan RaimondoOldham, Todd
01/19/2018Services Set for Honorary Trustee Wayne GilmanKress, Anne
01/17/2018Passing of Honorary Trustee Wayne GilmanKress, Anne
01/04/2018Passing of Retiree Michael J. HarringtonKress, Anne
01/03/2018Passing of Mary Tracy, Mother of Don TracySimmons, Hezekiah
12/12/2017Passing of Donald Contrera, Father of Amy AriolaSimmons, Hezekiah
12/11/2017Passing of MCC Student Martin StarkweatherHolmes, Lloyd
11/29/2017Passing of Gordon Kilner, Father of Steven KilnerWade, Andrea
11/28/2017Passing of Velvia Benjamin, Mother of Athesia BenjaminWade, Andrea
11/23/2017Passing of Velvia Benjamin, Mother of Athesia BenjaminWade, Andrea
11/16/2017Passing of Eric Johannisson, Archives & Records Management RetireeKress, Anne
11/16/2017Passing of MCC Student Celine N'DobiHolmes, Lloyd
11/15/2017Passing of Richard Loveland - Father of Rick LovelandSimmons, Hezekiah
10/25/2017Passing of Stuart Porter, Math RetireeKress, Anne
10/05/2017Passing of Cheryl (Brown) Ward, Physical Education and RecreationKress, Anne
10/05/2017Passing of Professor Emeritus of History James SnyderKress, Anne
09/21/2017Passing of James L. Fox, Father of Matthew FoxWade, Andrea
08/18/2017Passing of MCC Student Robert Grasta Jr.Holmes, Lloyd
08/08/2017Passing of Adjunct Assistant Professor Chris BrothersKress, Anne
08/04/2017Passing of MCC Retiree Ethel LewisKress, Anne
07/28/2017Passing of Janice St. Croix, mother of Jerome St. CroixHolmes, Lloyd
07/21/2017Passing of Leslie Moore, Sr. - Father of Darrell Jachim-MooreSimmons, Hezekiah
07/10/2017Passing of Chris Seely, Son of Mary SeelyWade, Andrea
06/30/2017Passing of Christine Matta Bohannon, Sister of Mary Ann DeMarioWade, Andrea
06/23/2017Passing of Associate Professor Emerita Anne M. ScheuermanKress, Anne
06/19/2017Passing of MCC Student Patrick SullivanHolmes, Lloyd
06/16/2017Passing of John Timmons, Father of Mary TimmonsWade, Andrea
06/12/2017Retiree Lyman Alleyne (Facilities)Kress, Anne
06/02/2017Passing of Salvatore Meli, Father of Debra MeliSimmons, Hezekiah
05/25/2017Update: Passing of Retiree Colette FeganKress, Anne
05/23/2017Passing of Retiree Colette FeganKress, Anne
05/17/2017Passing of Nicole Baxtrum, Mail ServicesKress, Anne
05/10/2017Passing of Retiree Chet GrzelakKress, Anne
05/08/2017Passing of Melvina G. Robinson, mother of Brenda SmithHolmes, Lloyd
04/25/2017Passing of Violet Czaja, Mother of Pam CzajaAndrea C. Wade, Provost and Vice President
04/05/2017Passing of Professor Emeritus Lowell McCaw, Electronic Technology/Instrumentation Anne M. Kress
04/04/2017Passing of MCC Student Zachary HarringtonLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President
03/23/2017Passing of Professor Emeritus David J. TemplemanAnne M. Kress
03/22/2017Passing of Joan Fingar, Mother of Melissa FingarAnne M. Kress
03/01/2017Passing of Nellie Taillie, mother of Jean TaillieLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President
02/21/2017Passing of Retired Associate Professor Roger BookoutAnne M. Kress
02/17/2017Passing of Beverly Zoe Stanek, Mother of Annette LeopardDr. Andrea C. Wade, Provost and Vice President
02/17/2017Passing of Judy M. Calarco, Step-Mother of Denise CalarcoHeze Simmons, CFO and Vice President
02/16/2017Passing of MCC Student Savannah DuemmelLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President
02/02/2017Passing of Daryl Ellsworth, Facilities RetireeAnne M. Kress
02/01/2017Professor Emeritus Joseph E. Berger, MCC’s First Associate Vice President for Academic AffairsAnne M. Kress
01/31/2017Passing of Paul Meath, Father of Debra DwyerHeze Simmons, CFO and Vice President
01/27/2017Passing of Transitional Studies Adjunct Judith Oliver Anne M. Kress
01/24/2017Passing of Julianne PalmaAnne M. Kress
01/24/2017Passing of Retiree Lucy MezzopreteAnne M. Kress
01/19/2017Passing of Linda FitzSimons, mother of John FitzSimonsHeze Simmons, CFO and Vice President
01/11/2017Passing of MCC Student Thomas HicksLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President
01/06/2017Passing of Christine SmithGinny Geer-Mentry
01/06/2017Passing of Retired Professor Frank Kinsman, Mechanical TechnologyAnne M. Kress
12/13/2016Passing of MCC Student Ryan LatterellLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President
12/07/2016Passing of Dominic Cook, Grandson of Betty ClapperHezekiah Simmons, CFO and Vice President
12/02/2016Passing of Margaret Cullis, Mother of Sean FleschHeze Simmons, CFO and Vice President
11/30/2016Passing of Professor Emeritus Clement Finch Hapeman Anne M. Kress
11/29/2016Passing of MCC Student Che’ RileyLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President
11/22/2016Passing of MCC Student Adam MarronLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President
11/16/2016Passing of Professor Emeritus George Campbell McDadeAnne M. Kress
11/15/2016Passing of Daisy Matthew, Mother of Ivan MatthewDr. Ann V. Topping
11/10/2016Passing of Catherine Denson, mother of Kendra DensonAndrea C. Wade
10/20/2016Passing of Barbara Grace Merliss, Mother of Eugenia MerlissAndrea C. Wade, Provost and Vice President
10/18/2016Passing of Elouise Gillam Everett, mother of Joan MooreheadLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President
09/08/2016Passing of MCC Student Lynaya GriffinLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President
08/31/2016Passing of MCC Student Jill PikeLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President
08/26/2016Passing of Leah Gale, Mother of Ann GilbertAndrea C. Wade, Provost and VIce President
08/19/2016Memorial Service for Ron DellaPortaAnne M. Kress
08/16/2016Passing of Roberta Thornton, Mother of Debra Alimentato and Grandmother of Andrea GilbertAndrea C. Wade, Provost and Vice President
08/16/2016Passing of Ron DellaPortaAnne M. Kress
08/11/2016Passing of Kevin Krueger, MathematicsAnne M. Kress
08/10/2016Passing of Robert Ionta, father of Donna Baxter and grandfather of Elizabeth BaxterLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President
07/28/2016Passing of Otis Caldwell, Father of Ebony CaldwellAndrea C. Wade, Provost and Vice President
07/20/2016Passing of MCC Student Charles ChelebianLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President
07/20/2016Passing of Retiree Susan K. CableAnne M. Kress
07/19/2016Passing of MCC Student Zachary ScialdoneLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President
07/12/2016Passing of DeForest W. Truman, Father of David TrumanHeze Simmons, CFO and Vice President
07/05/2016Passing of Marion J. Fullerton, mother of Dawn QuatroLloyd A. Holmes
06/29/2016Passing of Floyd Mallory, Father of Peggy StallworthAndrea C. Wade, Provost and Vice President
06/22/2016Passing of Barbara Hammond, Mother of Daren HammondTodd M. Oldham, Vice President
06/22/2016Passing of Margaret Mathias Caldwell, Mother of Ebony CaldwellAndrea C. Wade, Provost and Vice President
06/10/2016Passing of F. Joseph Flatley, M.D., Father of Anne FlatleyAndrea C. Wade, Provost and Vice President
06/09/2016Passing of Lois Scarfia, Mother of Christine CormackAndrea C. Wade, Provost and Vice President
06/03/2016Passing of Eric Hanson, Central Receiving RetireeAnne M. Kress
06/01/2016Passing of Dorris Lawrence, Mother of David Lawrence, Health ProfessionsAndrea C. Wade, Provost and Vice President
05/16/2016Passing of Edward Buekers, Father of Christine FogalAndrea C. Wade, Provost and Vice President
05/12/2016Retiree Edgar J. Whitcomb, Engineering TechnologiesAnne M. Kress
05/11/2016Passing of Professor Emerita Connie MillerAnne M. Kress
05/10/2016Passing of Haydn V. McCombs, Son of Mary RanghelliHeze Simmons
05/06/2016Passing of Michael Tatelbaum, Son of Christine WolskijAndrea C. Wade, Provost and Vice President
05/04/2016Retiree Edward D. Mills, Ed.D.Anne M. Kress
05/02/2016Passing of Donald Idecker, father of Margaret KaminskyAndrea C. Wade
04/19/2016Passing of Gisela HausinAnne M. Kress
04/04/2016Passing of Retiree Barbara HasbrouckAnne M. Kress
03/30/2016Passing of Janis Tremper DowdAnne M. Kress
03/29/2016Passing of Susan Schickler, Sister of Meg LeBeauHeze Simmons
03/17/2016Passing of Nora Sample, Daughter of Mark SampleAndrea C. Wade, Provost and Vice President
03/16/2016Passing of Professor Emerita Nancy Comer Tobin (Nursing)Anne M. Kress
03/10/2016Services Set for Richard SchroedelHency Yuen-Eng
03/09/2016Passing of Richard Schroedel, MCC RetireeAnne M. Kress
03/09/2016Service Set for Trustee GoodeAnne M. Kress
03/07/2016Passing of Trustee Kenneth GoodeAnne M. Kress
02/23/2016Passing of MCC Student Courtney DeWolfLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President
02/18/2016Passing of Dr. Lewis Lansky, Founding MCC Faculty MemberAnne M. Kress
02/17/2016Passing of Dr. Lewis Lansky, Founding MCC Faculty MemberAnne M. Kress
01/27/2016Passing of Frank J. Nelson Jr., Grandfather of Christina StewartHeze Simmons
01/26/2016Passing of MCC Retiree Pamela KeyesAnne M. Kress
01/20/2016Passing of Chief Sal Simonetti's FatherHeze Simmons
01/13/2016Passing of MCC Student Cameron CarusoLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President
01/05/2016Passing of  Professor Emeritus Vincent PrestianniAnne M. Kress
12/15/2015Passing of Professor Emerita Stasia CallanAnne M. Kress
12/15/2015Passing of Retired Administrator Donald Nickason Anne M. Kress
12/10/2015Passing of Kerry Lemcke's MotherHeze Simmons,CFO and Vice President
12/03/2015Passing of MCC Student Angela JazwieckiLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President
12/02/2015Donald E. Day, MCC RetireeAnne M. Kress
10/29/2015Passing of Kevin E. Quatro, husband of Dawn QuatroLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President
10/01/2015Passing of Dorothy Coaxum, Mother of Nicole TatumAndrea C. Wade
09/24/2015Passing of John Trevisan, Founding Director of Student ActivitiesAnne M. Kress
09/16/2015Passing of Linda Ruth Tippett, Mother of Ann Tippett Andrea C. Wade
09/15/2015Passing of Dr. Raymond T. Ruff, Jr., Professor Emeritus of Business Administration/Economics, and Father of Mike Ruff Anne M. Kress
09/10/2015Passing of Marjorie Roblee, Mother of Brenda EmbreyAndrea Wade
09/08/2015Passing of Maria Echaniz, Professor EmeritusAnne M. Kress
09/02/2015Passing of Joan Limpert, retired publications specialistAnne M. Kress
09/02/2015Passing of Polly L. Heel, Mother of Michael A. HeelAndrea C. Wade
08/31/2015Passing of Susan P. Atkinson, sister of Jenny PetersenAndrea C. Wade, Provost and Vice President
08/28/2015Passing of Jocelyn Everett, sister of Joan MooreheadLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President
08/20/2015Arlyn Salamone, MCC RetireeAnne M. Kress
08/14/2015Passing of MCC Student Matthew FarashLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President
08/07/2015Passing of John D. Shaw, Brother of Maryjane StarrLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President
07/29/2015Passing of Stanley Pogroszewski, father of Donna PogroszwskiHeze Simmons
07/28/2015Passing of MCC Student John KirkendallLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President
07/23/2015Passing of Charles Schwartz, father of Mark SchwartzLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President
07/21/2015Passing of Jerome Vollmer, Father of Judie LopezAndrea C. Wade, Provost and Vice President
07/17/2015Passing of Marion Strand (Scipioni), Mother-In-Law of Lori ScipioniSheila M. Strong
06/24/2015Passing of Patricia Wilson, mother of Pamela CaulkinsHeze Simmons, CFO/Vice President
06/23/2015Passing of Patricia Salsburg, Mother of Judi Salsburg TaylorJeffrey P. Bartkovich, Interim Provost and Vice President
06/18/2015Passing of Fredrick LippTodd M. Oldham
06/17/2015Passing of MCC Student Domatis FranklinLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President
06/05/2015Passing of MCC Student Anthony WindLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President
05/20/2015Passing of MCC Student Jodie PrinceLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President
05/13/2015Judith VanBrunt Ryan, MCC RetireeAnne M. Kress
05/13/2015Passing of Raffaele DeMichele, Father of Dominick DeMicheleJeffrey P. Bartkovich, Interim Provost and Vice President
05/13/2015Passing of Virginia G. Armstrong, mother of Becky BabcockLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President
05/08/2015Passing of Desmond McNamara, Father of Susan NoonanJeffrey P. Bartkovich, Interim Provost and Vice President
05/08/2015Passing of Glee Treichler, Mother of Gail TerhaarDiane L. Shoger
04/17/2015Passing of John McCarthy, Honorary TrusteeAnne M. Kress
03/25/2015Passing of Retiree Kathleen SiekierskiAnne M. Kress
03/20/2015Passing of Jonna Williams (Everett), sister of Joan MooreheadLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President
03/19/2015Passing of Charles Smith, Husband of Betty SmithLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President
03/17/2015Passing of Patricia FalangaAnne M. Kress
03/16/2015Joseph Benfante, Father of Mary-jo PopoviciJeffrey P. Bartkovich, Interim Provost and Vice President
03/16/2015Michael R. Burley, Father of Melissa Burley Jeffrey P. Bartkovich
03/10/2015Passing of Barbara J. Bottoni (Fern), grandmother of Sarah Hagreen Lloyd A. Holmes, Vice President
02/20/2015Passing of Barbara EtzelJeffrey P. Bartkovich, Interim Provost and Vice President
02/17/2015Passing of Marjorie RoweChristine Casalinuovo-Adams
01/13/2015Passing of Ted Weber, retired assistant director, FacilitiesAnne M. Kress
01/08/2015Passing of Donna Parent, Mother of Laurie PalmerJeffrey P. Bartkovich
01/08/2015Passing of Retiree Catherine Jurs, Computing ServicesAnne M. Kress
12/18/2014Passing of K.C. Dennis' FatherHeze Simmons, Vice President
12/10/2014Passing of MCC Student Mark AshfordLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President
12/10/2014Passing of Robert Novak, Associate Professor Emeritus in Engineering TechnologiesAnne M. Kress
12/09/2014Passing of F. Lance Bennett, Father of Kelley BennettLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President
12/09/2014Passing of Professor Emerita Marilyn (Froehler) SemrauAnne M. Kress
12/03/2014Passing of Glenn W. Weeks Jr. Todd M. Oldham, Vice President
12/02/2014Passing of Cynthia Mandelker, Wife of Larry MandelkerJeffrey P. Bartkovich, Interim Provost and Vice President
11/20/2014Passing of Ernest P. Shilo Heze Simmons, CFO/Vice President
10/21/2014Professor Emeritus Donald J. Bell, Physical Education Anne M. Kress
10/15/2014Passing of Catherine D'Ortona, Mother of Lorraine D'OrtonaTodd Oldham
09/30/2014Passing of Charles Dean, Father of Judy DeanJeffrey P. Bartkovich
09/12/2014Passing of Denise Anne DellaPortaHeze Simmons
09/08/2014Passing of MCC Student Madeline GeeLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President
07/30/2014Passing of Francis Pollizi, Father of Tom PolliziHeze Simmons
07/29/2014Passing of Joyce MarcheseJeffrey Bartkovich
07/24/2014Passing of MCC Student Laticia FortuneLloyd A. Holmes
07/23/2014Mary Nolan Funeral ServicesDr. Lloyd Holmes, vice president
07/21/2014Passing of Employee Mary NolanAnne Kress and Lloyd Holmes
07/08/2014Passing of Alfred Topping, Father of Sharon InseroJeffrey P. Bartkovich
07/07/2014Passing of Sallie Carter, Mother of Delovis OlaodeJeffrey P. Bartkovich
06/26/2014Passing of MCC Student David FountainLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President
06/24/2014Passing of Retiree Bruce Brown, Visual and Performing Arts DepartmentAnne M. Kress
06/23/2014Passing of Daniel O'Brien, Brother of Peggy VanKirkJeffrey P. Bartkovich, Interim Provost
06/16/2014Passing of Mary DeLaney Hale Anne M. Kress
06/10/2014Passing of Robert S. Long, Father-In-Law of Suzanne LongJeffrey P. Bartkovich, Interim Provost
06/06/2014Passing of Albert W. Wagner, Father of Michael WagnerJeffrey P. Bartkovich
06/04/2014Passing of Janis Caswell, Mother of Chris CaswellHeze Simmons, CFO/Vice President
05/16/2014Passing of Christian (Monacelli) Snell, Daughter of Peter MonacelliMichael J. McDonough
05/16/2014Passing of MCC Student Rodney CooperLloyd A. Holmes
05/12/2014Passing of Mrs. Charity ButlerTodd M. Oldham, Vice President
05/09/2014Passing of Donna M. Ramer, Mother of Julianna FrischLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President
05/08/2014Passing of Ann L. Pastorella, mother of Mark PastorellaDiane L. Shoger
05/06/2014Passing of James A. "Bud" Welsh, Father of Andrew WelshMichael J. McDonough, Provost and Vice President
04/23/2014Memorial Gathering for Jan Wiranowski on May 3Anne M. Kress
04/16/2014Passing of Retiree Jeanne TomkinsonAnne M. Kress
04/07/2014Passing of Cheryl Gleba, Partner of Philip DoyleHeze Simmons
04/04/2014Passing of Eric Hanson's FatherHeze Simmons, CFO/Vice President
04/04/2014Passing of Ida ArthurtonAnne M. Kress
04/03/2014Passing of Professor Emeritus Marian Stephenson, Anne M. Kress
04/02/2014Jan Z. Wiranowski, MathematicsAnne M. Kress
03/26/2014Passing of Douglas Tyner, Father of Krista TynerMichael McDonough, Provost and Vice President
02/20/2014Passing of Norman S. Titus, father of Teresa SchichlerTodd Oldham
02/10/2014Passing of MCC Student Timothy McCulloughG. Christopher Belle-Isle
02/03/2014Passing of Patrick James Scanlon, Father of Sean ScanlonJeff Bartkovich
12/11/2013Passing of Charles Burr, MCC RetireeAnne M. Kress
10/24/2013Passing of Bernice Karolinski, Mother of Naomi KarolinskiMichael J. McDonough
10/18/2013Passing of Joella Rand, Mother of Craig RandMichael J. McDonough
10/02/2013Richard "Dick" Hogan, Retiree (Facilities)Anne M. Kress
09/27/2013Passing of Betty Weider, Mother of  Steve WeiderJeffrey P. Bartkovich, Vice President
09/27/2013Passing of MCC Student Kevin SappG. Christopher Belle-Isle
09/17/2013Passing of Professor Emerita Anne CooneyAnne M. Kress
09/10/2013Passing of Sue HoyerHeze Simmons
08/30/2013Passing of MCC Student Joel AjavonG. Christopher Belle-Isle
08/22/2013Michelle C. Collins, Daughter of Charles Clarke (Psychology)Michael J. McDonough
07/30/2013Passing of Jonathan (Jon) Toepfer, Husband of Mary Jo Toepfer Michael J. McDonough, Provost and Vice President
07/24/2013Passing of Deborah L. CampbellTodd M. Oldham
07/03/2013Passing of Viola SchweikertAnne M. Kress
06/18/2013Passing of Mel Le Bar, Father of Aimee CalhounMichael J. McDonough
06/12/2013Passing of Nancy Fortunato, sister of Linda Hickey and aunt of Joseph Shevlin Richard H. Ryther
06/10/2013Jean Albright Crane, Retiree (Health and Physical Education)Anne M. Kress
05/21/2013Passing of Retiree Sophie FreedlandAnne M. Kress
05/17/2013Passing of Sandor E. Nyerges, Father of John NyergesMichael J. McDonough
05/16/2013Passing of Barbara Lohr, Mother of Paulette PetersonMichael J. McDonough
05/07/2013Passing of Joan Claire Maher, Mother of Martha Maher-Garcia, Human ResourcesAlberta Lee, Assistant to the President
05/06/2013Passing of Professor Emeritus Paul HarringtonAnne M. Kress
05/06/2013Passing of Travis Regan's Brother - Trevor ReganHeze Simmons, CFO and Vice President
04/24/2013Passing of Associate Professor Emeritus Pete PatallAnne M. Kress
04/11/2013Passing of Kim Laurion’s Father Linda Crowner
04/10/2013Passing of Bailey Burritt's FatherJeff Bartkovich
04/09/2013Passing of Registration and Records Clerk Linda CurranAnne M. Kress
04/05/2013Passing of Christopher Harris' Mother-in-Law - Helen KramacykHeze Simmons, CFO and Vice President
04/03/2013Passing of Krystyna Katta's FatherHeze Simmons, CFO/Vice President
03/19/2013Professor Emeritus Steven J. Lesko, Jr., Civil TechnologyAnne M. Kress
03/12/2013Passing of Marcel E. Blaakman, Father of Etienne (Chen) BlaakmanRichard Ryther
02/20/2013Passing of Lou Edna Buggs, Building Services RetireeAnne M. Kress
02/19/2013Donald B. Borbee, Adjunct Associate Professor & Father of Kathleen Borbee, Business Administration/EconomicsAnne M. Kress
02/08/2013Patricia O'Neill's Memorial Service to be Held this EveningAnne M. Kress
02/07/2013Passing of Robert Watkins, Father of E. Jamall WatkinsSusan M. Salvador
02/05/2013Passing of MCC Student Katherine MagarSusan M. Salvador
02/04/2013Passing of Howard T. Harrington, Father of Alice WilsonJeff Bartkovich
02/01/2013Patricia O’Neill, Associate Professor Emerita, Chemistry (Retired)Anne M. Kress
01/25/2013Passing of Dorothy Whittingham, Mother of Elizabeth WhittinghamMichael J. McDonough
01/25/2013Passing of Robert L. JoseyJeff Bartkovich
01/04/2013Passing of Urano Joseph Salvador, Father of Susan SalvadorAnne M. Kress
12/18/2012Funeral Mass for Carmen Powers to be held Thursday MorningAnne M. Kress and Michael McDonough
12/18/2012The Passing of Tom Gilbert, Chair of Information and Computer TechnologiesAnne M. Kress and Todd Oldham
12/17/2012Passing of C. Thomas Gilbert III, chair, Information and Computer Technologies DepartmentAnne M. Kress and Todd Oldham
12/13/2012Passing of Carmen PowersAnne M. Kress and Michael McDonough
12/04/2012Passing of Evelyn M. Sarley, Mother of Doug FordHeze Simmons
11/26/2012Charles W. Smith, Father of Gerry Smith, ETS: Instructional TechnologiesJeff Bartkovich
11/02/2012Passing of Doug Ford’s StepfatherHeze Simmons, CFO, Vice President
10/26/2012Passing of JoAnn Demler, Sister of Gail Terhaar, MCC FoundationDiane L. Shoger
09/21/2012Passing of MCC Student Brandon DelcorvoSusan M. Salvador
09/21/2012Passing of Sylvalan Frederick Plimpton, Father of Deborah SeelosMichael J. McDonough, Provost and Vice President
09/21/2012Robert A. Sanders, Geology (Retiree)Anne M. Kress
09/18/2012Passing of Elizabeth Lee Wise, Mother of Nancy WilsonMichael J. McDonough
09/17/2012Honoring John TillinghastJanet Ekis
09/14/2012Passing of John Tillinghast, Husband of MCC Trustee Grace TillinghastAnne M. Kress
09/05/2012Passing of Marion M. Freeman, Mother of Charlotte DowningMichael J. McDonough
09/05/2012Passing of MCC Student Montre BradleySusan M. Salvador
08/14/2012Passing of MCC Student Erick BarronSusan M. Salvador
08/14/2012Passing of Patricia Bessey, Mother of Deborah BenjaminMichael J. McDonough
08/10/2012Passing of Linda Williams' FatherHeze Simmons, CFO/Vice President
08/09/2012Passing of Virginia Smith, Mother of Suzanne LongMichael J. McDonough
08/02/2012Passing of Vicky SuttonJeff Bartkovich
08/01/2012Professor Emeritus Gustav J. Garay, Ph.D., BiologyAnne M. Kress
07/31/2012Passing of Anne Cabot Putnam, Mother of Judy DeanMichael J. McDonough
07/25/2012Arno Kress, Father of President Anne M. KressPresident's Staff
07/13/2012Passing of Edward Stanek, Father of Annette Leopard & Father-in-Law of Robert LeopardMichael J. McDonough
06/29/2012Passing of Harvey M. Heel, Father of Michael HeelMichael J. McDonough, Vice President
06/22/2012Passing of Kathleen Borbee, Wife of Donald Borbee & Mother of Kathleen ConklinMichael J. McDonough, Provost and Vice President
05/30/2012Passing of MCC Student Keenen GreenSusan M. Salvador
05/17/2012Passing of MCC Student Paul AwuolSusan M. Salvador
05/10/2012Passing of William (Red) FerronJeffrey P. Bartkovich
05/08/2012Joseph DeLeo, Professor Emeritus, ChemistryAnne M. Kress
05/02/2012Passing of Agnes Burke, mother of Donna Burke Susan M. Salvador
04/26/2012Memorial Service-Celebration Scheduled for Pamela KoneAnne M. Kress
04/25/2012Passing of Former Employee Pamela Kone Anne M. Kress
04/11/2012Passing of Tina Massey’s MotherHeze Simmons, CFO and Vice President
03/30/2012Passing of Professor Emeritus Robert LivermanAnne M. Kress
03/20/2012Passing of Lillian Costello, mother of James Costello, Building ServicesHeze Simmons
03/19/2012Passing of  Professor Emeritus Vincent J. NataleAnne M. Kress
03/02/2012Passing of Shirley Fess, Mother of Shelley FessMichael J. McDonough
03/01/2012Deacon Nathaniel White, father of Rubye RobertsHeze Simmons
02/23/2012Passing of MCC Student David GroffSusan M. Salvador
02/23/2012Passing of MCC Student Kaylee Rizzo-BrienSusan M. Salvador
02/23/2012Passing of Ruth Mathison, Retired ProfessorAnne M. Kress
02/16/2012Passing of Retiree Arlene CopelandAnne M. Kress, Ph.D.
02/16/2012Services Scheduled for Henry "Pete" FrenchJanet Ekis
02/15/2012Passing of Henry "Pete" French, Jr. Anne M. Kress
02/03/2012Passing of Marion Dorsey (Batz), Mother of Marianne DorseyHeze Simmons
01/23/2012Passing of Former Employee Bradley LangAnne M. Kress
01/23/2012Passing of Gene Marie Braselton, Mother-in-law of Joy Braselton Susan M. Salvador
01/19/2012Passing of Rose CascaranoAnne M. Kress
01/18/2012Passing of Professor Emeritus Thomas FabianoAnne M. Kress
01/12/2012Passing of Norman Williams, Husband of Karen SardiscoMichael J. McDonough
01/12/2012Passing of William V. Wamser, Father of Mary Nolan Susan M. Salvador
12/20/2011Frank Alessandra, Sr.Heze Simmons
12/16/2011Passing of Joan GiblinJeff Bartkovich
12/08/2011Passing of Jean LuddenJeff Bartkovich
10/25/2011Passing of Catherine SpotoHeze Simmons, CFO and Vice President
10/21/2011Passing of Ann Napier, Mother of Suzanne AdrionMichael J. McDonough, Provost and Vice President
10/04/2011Passing of Kazimiera ChrzanHeze Simmons, CFO & Vice President
09/27/2011Passing of William H. "Bill" HamiltonMichael J. McDonough
09/12/2011Passing of MCC Student Jessica CastroSusan M. Salvador
09/09/2011Gail C. Zink, MCC Retiree, Transfer and Placement OfficeAnne M. Kress
08/23/2011Passing of Laura Richardson HarveySusan M. Salvador
08/19/2011Passing of MCC Student Matthew LoomisSusan M. Salvador
08/11/2011Passing of Associate Professor Emerita Elaine NaviasAnne M. Kress
08/11/2011Passing of Professor Emerita Julianna Furlong WilliamsAnne M. Kress
08/08/2011Mary Petrosino, Mother of James PetrosinoTodd Oldham
08/05/2011Passing of L.D. IronsHeze Simmons, CFO and VP
08/04/2011A Celebration of Mark Preston's LifeJanet Ekis
08/01/2011Death of Mark PrestonAnne M. Kress
08/01/2011Passing of Otto MyersHeze Simmons, CFO/Vice President
07/28/2011Passing of MCC Student Matthew MayleSusan M. Salvador
07/27/2011Passing of Robert Allen Susan M. Salvador
06/30/2011Passing of William D. FellowsHezekiah Simmons, CFO & Vice President
06/22/2011Passing of Professor Emeritus John ParisAnne M. Kress
06/08/2011Passing of MCC Student Nathan CooperSusan M. Salvador
05/31/2011Memorial Mass Scheduled for Eddy Callens Hency Yuen-Eng
05/19/2011Passing of Teresa SchottlerHeze Simmons
05/19/2011Professor Emeritus Eddy Callens, CEC, CCE Anne M. Kress
05/18/2011Passing of Marilyn KunzerTodd M. Oldham
05/12/2011Passing of Leona M. StewartMichael J. McDonough
05/12/2011Passing of Margaret PetersMichael J. McDonough
05/10/2011Passing of James E. BartellTodd M. Oldham, Vice President
05/09/2011Passing of MCC Student Jeffrey PoehlmanSusan M. Salvador
05/06/2011Passing of Wayne H. Van ThofHeze Simmons, CFO and Vice President
04/28/2011Passing of MCC Student James McDonaldSusan M. Salvador
04/25/2011Passing of Marion SardoneMichael J. McDonough
04/21/2011Passing of Pat ChapmanSusan M. Salvador
04/19/2011Passing of Elaine WempleTodd M. Oldham
04/19/2011Passing of MCC Student Kade O’BrienSusan M. Salvador
04/15/2011Passing of Willie B. MasseyHezekiah Simmons
04/11/2011Passing of MCC Student Franklin HoffmanSusan M. Salvador
04/07/2011Passing of Ann SheaHeze Simmons, Vice President
04/04/2011Passing of MCC Student Christine DefisherSusan M. Salvador
03/30/2011Passing of Domenic SantiroccoHeze Simmons, Vice President
03/29/2011Passing of Emilia RicottaKimberley Collins, Interim Vice President
03/21/2011Passing of MCC Student Matthew GruenewaldSusan M. Salvador
03/18/2011Passing of Celeste F. Brinkman Kimberley Collins, interim vice president
03/18/2011Passing of Phyllis A. JohnstonKimberley Collins, interim vice president
03/16/2011Passing of MCC Student Eric WilsonSusan M. Salvador
03/16/2011Passing of MCC Student Russell HogueSusan M. Salvador
03/15/2011Passing of MCC Student Darci DegnanSusan M. Salvador
03/07/2011Passing of Danielle RobinsonSusan M. Salvador
02/25/2011Passing of Retiree Judith Ogden KinneyAnne M. Kress
02/24/2011Passing of Laura Coriddi's SisterJeff Bartkovich
02/21/2011Passing of Anita Manuele's MotherEmeterio M Otero
02/01/2011Passing of Leonard Scardino, father of Marlene GohoKimberley P. Collins
01/04/2011Passing of Jack LeopardKimberley Collins, interim vice president
01/04/2011Passing of Wilford HulbertKimberley Collins, interim vice president
12/16/2010Passing of Retiree George BahrenburgAnne M. Kress
12/10/2010Passing of Agnes CoffeyKimberley Collins, Interim Vice President
11/30/2010Passing of Karen GillbertKimberley Collins, Interim Vice President
11/23/2010Passing of Gilbert BlewKimberley P. Collins, Interim Vice President
11/03/2010Jenny Petersen's Mother, FrancesKaren Frantz
10/18/2010Passing of Mary Beth GohoKimberley P. Collins
09/30/2010Come Celebrate the Life of WIlliam Claxton NashCynthia Cooper
09/13/2010Founding Faculty Member, Professor Emeritus William Claxton Nash Anne M. Kress
08/09/2010Professor Emerita Helene S. “Kay” Charron, RN, NursingAnne M. Kress
08/05/2010Passing of Charles Fowlks, Sr.Heze Simmons, Vice President
07/28/2010Passing of Nancy Soregi’s FatherDr. Susan M. Salvador
07/27/2010Passing of Samuel RedloDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President
06/25/2010Passing of Harriet RytherSusan M. Salvador
06/03/2010Passing of Dr. Sydney Roy CableDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President
06/01/2010Passing of Chris Abbott's MotherJanet J. Glocker
05/26/2010Passing of Carl W. Treat, Retired Grounds SupervisorAnne M. Kress
05/26/2010Passing of the Honorable Edward B. Davis, father-in-law of Anne M. KressPresident's Staff
05/25/2010Passing of Gladys RodriguezSusan M. Salvador
05/19/2010Passing of Retiree Hugh Shields, AuditorAnne M. Kress
05/17/2010Passing of Micheline MichaudDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President
05/05/2010Passing of Professor Emeritus Thomas Mendenhall, Law and Criminal JusticeAnne M. Kress
04/06/2010Passing of Donna Gifaldi, Sister of Karen RheinheimerHuman Resources Team
02/24/2010Passing of Beverly HiginsonDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President
02/17/2010William A. Morganti, Father of Kathleen Davies (MCC Foundation)Diane L. Shoger
02/11/2010Assistant Professor Emerita Pierna C. Basile, Business Administration/EconomicsAnne M. Kress
02/05/2010Professor Emeritus John W. Lloyd, Business Administration/EconomicsAnne M. Kress
01/20/2010Passing of Albert RegisterHeze Simmons, Vice President
01/11/2010Passing of Lawrence SmithDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President
12/08/2009Passing of R. Gordon EddyAnne M. Kress
11/24/2009Passing of Lawrence WalkowiakDr. Susan M. Salvador
11/24/2009Passing of Mary Ann SweetserDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President
11/20/2009Passing of Dawn Douglas's FatherDr. Susan M. Salvador
11/20/2009Passing of Mark Schwartz's MotherDr. Susan M. Salvador
11/18/2009Passing of Marise McCauleyDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President
11/16/2009Passing of Dale FonesAnne M. Kress
11/12/2009Passing of Alex KurmanHeze Simmons, Vice President
11/10/2009Passing of Lawrence LaschDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President
10/28/2009Passing of Former Instructor Mary Pat Dennis-AndreAnne M. Kress
10/07/2009Passing of Mary Chukwu ChiDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President
10/01/2009Passing of Susan HorwitzDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President
09/30/2009Passing of Leroy BoesterDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President
09/03/2009Passing of George SturnickDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President
09/01/2009Passing of Lucille TatakisDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President
08/28/2009Passing of Retiree Kevin P. O'BrienAnne M. Kress
08/26/2009Passing of Dawn Douglas's MotherDr. Susan M. Salvador
08/25/2009Passing of Helen Kennedy, Mother of Robert KennedyDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President
08/25/2009Passing of Retired Math Professor Hubert D. HaefnerAnne M. Kress
08/05/2009Passing of Janet Glocker’s MotherAnne M. Kress
07/30/2009Passing of Sally Ann BorateAnne M. Kress
06/23/2009Passing of Angelo D'OrtonaDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President
05/20/2009Passing of Former Adjunct Associate Professor John LevesqueLarry Tyree
05/19/2009Father of Eric Holm Passes AwayHeze Simmons
05/19/2009Joe Mason's Sister Passed AwayHeze Simmons
05/08/2009Services for Brenda MullerLarry W. Tyree
05/06/2009Passing of Brenda Muller, Bursar's OfficeLarry W. Tyree
05/05/2009Doris M. Connelly, Associate Professor Emerita, BiologyLarry W. Tyree
04/28/2009Passing of Gerald CoxfordDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President
04/24/2009Passing of Diane SpallinaDr. Larry W. Tyree
04/07/2009Services for Board Chair Richard M. GuonLarry W. Tyree
04/03/2009Passing of Annie Tate, Sam Tate, Jr's MotherHeze Simmons
02/19/2009Passing of Professor Emeritus Eldon F. BockLarry W. Tyree
02/05/2009Passing of Retiree Jerry WidzinskiLarry W. Tyree
01/27/2009Passing of Angelo D'OrtonaDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President
01/13/2009Charles V. Clarke, Father of Charlie R. ClarkeJanet J. Glocker, Ph.D., Vice President
12/02/2008Passing of Helen LomickaLarry W. Tyree
11/24/2008Passing of Durward LewinDr. Susan M. Salvador
11/18/2008Robert E. “Bob” Bierre, Administrative Affairs-Computer ServicesLarry W. Tyree
11/12/2008Josephine G. "Jo" Schwartz, NursingLarry W. Tyree
10/30/2008Passing of Edith BorkDr. Susan M. Salvador
10/23/2008Professor Emerita Mary Lou Miller, NursingLarry Tyree, Ed.D.
10/15/2008Passing of Kathleen Richardson, Nate Richardson's MotherHeze Simmons, Vice President
10/07/2008Passing of Wilbert RoscheDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President
09/16/2008James T. Young, husband of Alice Holloway Young, Ed.D.Larry Tyree
09/16/2008Jean Lahti Nagle, MCC Foundation Board of DirectorsDiane L. Shoger
09/08/2008Passing of Kenneth FoleyDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President
09/04/2008Jane M. Duffy, Business Administration and EconomicsLarry W. Tyree
09/02/2008Passing of Richard (Dick) Maher, father of Martha Maher PalermoThe Human Resources Staff
08/12/2008Passing of Heze Simmons' MotherSherry Parks, Administrative Services
07/30/2008Ronald J. DellaPorta Sr., father of Ron DellaPortaJeffrey Bartkovich
07/22/2008Rev. Dr. Frederick D. Jefferson, Jr. PassesR. Thomas Flynn
07/17/2008Passing of Les WetherbeeR. Thomas Flynn
07/09/2008Passing of Margaret RoscheDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President
06/25/2008Passing of Lucille WilliamsR. Thomas Flynn
06/13/2008James T. Lee, brother of Henry SuttonJeffrey Bartkovich
06/10/2008Passing of Zdzislawa (Jessie) DztabkowskiR. Thomas Flynn
05/23/2008Passing of Debra Dudley, Purchasing DepartmentR. Thomas Flynn
05/09/2008Passing of Gordon Stewart, husband of Betty Stewart, Director of the Campus CenterDr. Susan M. Salvador
04/24/2008Passing of Elma Davis, Mother of Susan DavisRichard Degus
04/23/2008Passing of Bennie Lou HaygoodDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President
04/17/2008Passing of Cynthia Clark Inman's fatherAlberta G. Lee
04/16/2008Passing of John AdamsDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President
04/11/2008Passing of Sandra SchmidtR. Thomas Flynn
04/09/2008Passing of Retiree Ruth B. Kane; Services TodayR. Thomas Flynn
04/01/2008Passing of Juliane MarinoDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President
03/03/2008Passing of Marcia McDowellR. Thomas Flynn
02/07/2008Virginia M. Dunn, Associate Professor EmeritaR. Thomas Flynn
02/05/2008Passing of Louis SurgentR. Thomas Flynn
02/01/2008Joseph J. Gerardi Jr., Father of Joseph R. GerardiJeffrey Bartkovich
01/23/2008Passing of Richard PetersenDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President
01/18/2008Passing of William Knittel, Father of Mary O'ReillyR. Thomas Flynn
01/10/2008Szczepanowski, Donald, father of Marie GibsonJeffrey Bartkovich
01/03/2008Passing of Joe Angora's FatherHeze Simmons
12/18/2007Passing of Sherry Parks' FatherHeze Simmons
12/10/2007John H. Koch, men’s locker room attendant (retired)R. Thomas Flynn
12/03/2007L. Jack Haynes, Father of Steve HaynesHeze Simmons
12/03/2007Passing of Dr. Gennarino, Professor EmeritaR. Thomas Flynn
11/26/2007Passing of Robert E. HershR. Thomas Flynn
11/15/2007David McCandlish, father of Karen McCandlishJeffrey Bartkovich
11/13/2007Passing of Daniel A. BarrowsR. Thomas Flynn
11/09/2007Passing of Hilton Morgan Sr.Dr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President
10/30/2007Services Today for Charles Levine, Stepfather of Brenda BabitzR. Thomas Flynn
10/02/2007Passing of James TerrellR. Thomas Flynn
08/09/2007Passing of Estelle Touati, Professor EmeritusR. Thomas Flynn
07/27/2007Passing of Anna Perham, Mother of Carol BarcombRichard Degus
07/19/2007Retiree Camille B. Sproule, Funeral to be Held TodayR. Thomas Flynn
07/13/2007Passing of Retiree Jean C. FreeceR. Thomas Flynn
07/12/2007Passing of Donna Utter's FatherHeze Simmons
07/10/2007Don Zimmer PassesR. Thomas Flynn
06/26/2007Passing of Professor Emeritus Richard O'KeefeR. Thomas Flynn
06/05/2007Passing of Eduardo Crespo, Calling Hours TodayDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President
06/05/2007Passing of Sarah Oyeladun OlaodeDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President
05/16/2007Passing of Joseph A. FelicettiDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President
05/02/2007Passing of Beverly Widman's MotherChester Grzelak
04/23/2007Passing of Barbara L. ShogerBrenda Babitz
04/20/2007Passing of Margaret Joan ClarkeDr. Janet J. Glocker
03/30/2007Passing of Dorothy Baxter, Mother of Nancy SoregiDr. Susan Salvador
03/13/2007Passing of Darvin F. PegelowR. Thomas Flynn
03/12/2007Funeral Service for Joseph CarrR. Thomas Flynn
03/09/2007Passing of Joe Carr, FacilitiesR. Thomas Flynn
02/27/2007Passing of Bob GrantR. Thomas Flynn
02/27/2007Passing of W. David BordenR. Thomas Flynn
02/22/2007Richard C. Squires, Father of Rick SquiresJeffrey Bartkovich
01/24/2007Passing of Pia FreundDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President
01/12/2007Passing of Charles Lewis' FatherChester Grzelak
01/05/2007Passing of Karen Cooper, Mother of Cynthia CooperRichard Degus
01/04/2007Passing of Joseph Goodrell, Sr., Father of Geoffrey GoodrellChester Grzelak
01/04/2007Passing of Lena Nyerges, Mother of John NyergesDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President
01/03/2007Stella V. BertramJeffrey Bartkovich
12/21/2006Passing of Michael W. CorriganR. Thomas Flynn
12/20/2006Passing of Don O'Brien's BrotherChet Grzelak
12/19/2006Passing of Maryjane Starr's BrotherAndrew W. Freeman
12/15/2006Passing of Barbara ZinckDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President
12/07/2006Passing of Fritzie Levine, Mother of Brenda BabitzR. Thomas Flynn
10/02/2006Passing of Arthur G. HiginsonDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President
10/02/2006Thank youTom Fittipaldi
09/25/2006Passing of Mary Veronica FittipaldiDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President
09/18/2006Passing of Izetter LouderChester Grzelak
09/18/2006Passing of Willie RavenellR. Thomas Flynn
09/12/2006Passing of Bob ZajkowskiR. Thomas Flynn
09/07/2006Passing of Anne Samson, mother of Nancy PriceR. Thomas Flynn
09/05/2006Passing of Cortney BrownDr. Susan Salvador
08/31/2006Passing of Myron MandiakR. Thomas Flynn
08/16/2006Passing of Renato AgneseR. Thomas Flynn
08/09/2006Passing of Mary ParisiDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President
08/02/2006Passing of Bernice HarrisonDr. Janet J. Glocker
07/06/2006Death of John KaysonJanet Glocker
07/05/2006Passing of Ryan McPheeJanet Glocker
06/09/2006Passing of Eufemia EscaleraDr. Janet J. Glocker,Vice President
06/07/2006Passing of Clarence BurkeDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President
05/23/2006Passing of Patricia Trill, Sister of Donald O'BrienChester Grzelak, Vice President
05/04/2006Passing of Jennie MontagilanoDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President
05/02/2006Passing of Kathy Rock - Sister of Susan RockDr. Susan Salvador
04/24/2006Passing of Rosalind Watson - Sister of Alberta LeeRichard Degus
03/31/2006John Flesch, father of Sean FleschJeffrey Bartkovich
03/28/2006Passing of Henry OfsowitzDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President
03/22/2006Passing of Violet NegrilleChester Grzelak, Vice President
03/13/2006Passing of Eufemia SerranoDr. Janet J. Glocker
02/21/2006Passing of Mrs. Daina JarkowskiDr. Susan Salvador
02/07/2006Passing of Ida SilasDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President
01/20/2006Passing of Blanche EricksonDr. Janet J. Glocker
01/20/2006Passing of John Fess, father of Shelley FessLaurel Sanger
01/13/2006Passing of Donna LynessDr. Susan Salvador
01/06/2006Passing of Nathanial JacksonChester Grzelak
12/15/2005Passing of Glen WitteFred McCullough, Director
12/13/2005Passing of Roger PlosslDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President
12/02/2005Passing of Ruth ZlatnerDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President
11/30/2005Passing of Freda ByerDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President
09/23/2005Passing of Barbara VitranoJanet J. Glocker
09/16/2005Calling Hours for Roger Deveney Held TodayR. Thomas Flynn
09/13/2005Passing of Anne Arcarese, Mother of Rosalie MorabitoDr. Susan Salvador
09/08/2005Passing of Deborah MillerJanet J. Glocker
09/08/2005Passing of Harold Miller, Father of Sandy WarrenRichard Degus
08/16/2005Passing of Dr. M.K. NagarajanJanet J. Glocker
08/08/2005Passing of Betty June Tabbert Estel, Mother of Sharron WaideJeffrey Bartkovich
08/05/2005Passing of Georgine Parks, Mother of Sherry ParksChet Grzelak, Vice President
08/02/2005Passing of Juanita Coley, mother of Rochelle McKnightDr. Janet Glocker
07/26/2005Passing of Jim SwanR. Thomas Flynn
07/08/2005Robert Stilz, father of Carol BurrittJeffrey Bartkovich
06/09/2005Don McGaffin, father of Bill WagonerJeffrey Bartkovich
06/03/2005Passing of Carol Barcomb's FatherR. Thomas Flynn
06/03/2005Passing of Lynn Briggs Todd, Father of Allyson Todd-HoweDr. Susan Salvador
06/01/2005Passing Of Barry Walker's FatherPhyllis Clair
05/24/2005Remembering George C. Monagan, Jr.R. Thomas Flynn
05/20/2005CORRECTION: Passing of Fred BlomgrenJanet Ekis
05/19/2005Passing of Fred BlomgrenR. Thomas Flynn
05/06/2005Passing of Francesca VanDermeer, mother of Paula BurnsideDick Degus
04/27/2005Passing of Joseph Vitrano, Funeral Planned for TodayJanet J. Glocker, Vice President
04/26/2005Passing of Ruth ParmenterJanet J. Glocker, Vice President
04/01/2005Passing of Ellen HoseDr. Susan Salvador
03/23/2005Remembering Student Chad FarrellPeer Assistance Resource Center
03/22/2005Passing of Charles Lewis' MotherChet Grzelak
03/10/2005Passing of Herman HaygoodJanet J. Glocker, Vice President
02/16/2005Dominic Cecero PassesR. Thomas Flynn
02/16/2005Passing of Joseph BrennanJanet J. Glocker, Vice President
02/09/2005Passing of Leon EdwardsJanet J. Glocker, Vice President
02/07/2005Stefan P. Karmedar, Father of Chris MontaglianoJeffrey Bartkovich
01/31/2005Elizabeth Chernowski, Mother of Ellen MancusoJeffrey Bartkovich
12/22/2004Passing of Robert McCauleyJanet J. Glocker, Vice President
12/21/2004Passing of Irma M. SleepDr. Susan Salvador
12/20/2004Passing of Calvin DeBoseEmeterio (Pete) Otero
12/17/2004Passing of Salvador AnchondoR. Thomas Flynn
11/24/2004Passing of Anthony TorcelloDr. Susan Salvador
11/19/2004Passing of Diane Richardson, mother of Robin LemckeDr. Susan Salvador
10/20/2004Passing of Virginia A. DienstJanet J. Glocker, Vice President
10/15/2004Passing of Jeff Bartkovich's motherR. Thomas Flynn
10/07/2004James W. Feeley, Father of Roberta McKechneyJeffrey Bartkovich
08/30/2004Gil Hatch Calling Hours and Funeral UpdateRosanna Condello
08/30/2004William Edward Farley, Father of Debra WatsonJeffrey Bartkovich, Ph.D.
08/25/2004George "Earl" Williams, Brother of Carol BattlesJeffrey Bartkovich
08/06/2004Passing of Velma LucasR. Thomas Flynn
07/20/2004Dorothy Lang, Mother of James JessenChuck White
07/15/2004Kelly M. Zaborowski, daughter of Brenda HerrmannBrenda Babitz
07/14/2004Margaret Masi, sister of Bette BovenziDr. Susan Salvador
07/02/2004Passing of Chris Doles FatherChet Grzelak, Vice President
06/29/2004Agnes Burger, mother of Sue RockDr. Susan Salvador
06/29/2004Passing of Ruth ForsythR. Thomas Flynn
06/18/2004Passing of Robert Caswell, father of Chris CaswellDr. Susan Salvador
06/08/2004Passing of William CampbellR. Thomas Flynn
06/02/2004Passing of Gilbert KunzerJanet J. Glocker, Vice President
06/02/2004Passing of Jean Hernon McDadeJanet J. Glocker, Vice President
05/18/2004CondolencesJanet J. Glocker, Vice President
04/19/2004Passing of John Baxter Sr.Michele Deagman Reed
04/13/2004Passing of Gwen LitterioJanet J. Glocker
04/12/2004Funeral Service and Donations for Brittany RayBette Bovenzi
04/08/2004MCC Student Brittany Ray Slain; WMCC Raising Funds for Funeral ExpensesCynthia Cooper
04/02/2004Passing of Muriel HoppoughJanet J. Glocker
03/30/2004Anna Hume, mother of Karen ShawBrenda Babitz
03/17/2004Passing of Laura Tarricone, RetireeR. Thomas Flynn
03/08/2004Passing of Estella PollockJanet J. Glocker
03/04/2004Passing of Clare Ruff - Messages of Sympathy to the Ruff FamilyJanet J. Glocker
03/03/2004Passing of Claire RuffJanet J. Glocker
02/26/2004Passing of Rubye Roberts' FatherChet Grzelak, Vice President
02/20/2004Passing of Mike Khemmow's MotherChet Grzelak
02/18/2004Passing of Jeanne CaplanR. Thomas Flynn
02/03/2004MCC Trustee Dennis Pelletier PassesR. Thomas Flynn
01/30/2004Passing of Joseph Richardson, AdmissionsR. Thomas Flynn
01/26/2004Lyman M. Burt, father of Lauren JohnsonJeffrey Bartkovich
01/20/2004Cynthia Evans, mother of Dorothy EvansEmeterio M. Otero
01/14/2004Passing of Warren Ryther, father of Richard RytherDr. Susan Salvador
01/13/2004Passing of Paul Pierce, Professor EmeritusR. Thomas Flynn
01/12/2004Edith Bender, Mother of SusanJanet J. Glocker
01/02/2004Passing of Lorraine E. Fess, Mother of Ron FessChester Grzelak
12/18/2003Passing of Pam PerlsteinR. Thomas Flynn
12/17/2003Passing of Ruth (Rita) Perrin, MCC RetireeR. Thomas Flynn
12/16/2003Katherine DeMyda, Mother of Al DeMydaDr. Susan Salvador
12/10/2003Passing of Dominic P. Montulli, Alumnus and VolunteerMark Pastorella
11/19/2003Death of Nelson RichR. Thomas Flynn
10/21/2003Passing of Caryl AmbroDr. Susan Salvador
10/14/2003Thomas Waller, Brother of Delovis OlaodeJeffrey Bartkovich
10/10/2003Death of Mary Pruonto, Mother of Angie ZuryJanet J. Glocker
10/03/2003Passing of Sharon Insero's motherJanet Glocker
08/04/2003Ben Singer, father of Barbara ColomboJeff Bartkovich
07/31/2003Memorial Service for Samson UsheR. Thomas Flynn
07/22/2003Samson Ushe PassesR. Thomas Flynn
06/13/2003Passing of Gina CuccaroR. Thomas Flynn
06/03/2003Cards for DeGregorio FamilyRosanna Condello
06/03/2003Passing of Grover Johnson, Step-Father of Vickie AlessandraChester M. Grzelak, Vice President
05/29/2003Passing of Goldie Mae Felton, mother-in-law of Richard RytherDr. Susan Salvador
05/21/2003Passing of Wanda Malin, mother of Bruce MalinChester Grzelak
05/14/2003Passing of Faye Bello, wife of Robert BelloChester M. Grzelak
04/28/2003Death of Robert TeagueR. Thomas Flynn
03/28/2003Death of James GarnierR. Thomas Flynn
03/12/2003Mary Ruth Moorman, Mother of Linda WilliamsDr. Susan Salvador
02/24/2003Thank youPhilip Sinopoli
02/12/2003Death of Ozellma WalkerJanet J. Glocker
01/03/2003Passing of John Tiberio, Business Administration/EconomicsR. Thomas Flynn
12/20/2002Passing of George Glasser--Further DetailsCynthia Cooper
12/18/2002Passing of George GlasserR. Thomas Flynn
11/20/2002Death of Rebecca L. ThornhillR. Thomas Flynn
11/07/2002Death NoticeVice President Janet J. Glocker
10/29/2002Mary J. Morin, mother of Marie J. FetznerCarol Wilkinson
10/23/2002Death of Edward StandhartR. Thomas Flynn
09/26/2002Gerald MullenDr. Susan Salvador
09/20/2002Passing of Evelyn DamonR. Thomas Flynn
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