Employee Parking FAQs

How much does a parking permit cost?

There is no charge for a parking permit, but please note:

  • Full-time employees need to go online and register your vehicle(s) on your account. Your permit will not expire until you retire or are no longer employee by the college.
  • Part-time employees also need to go online and register your vehicle(s) on your account. However, part-time employees can only register their vehicle(s) for up to 6 months (180 days) at a time. You are responsible for making sure you renew your parking permit before it expires if you are still employed with the college.

How do I access the MCC parking portal?

  • Login to your myMCC account using your MCC email address and password
  • Select the “Employee Tools” box
  • Scroll down and select “Parking Account.” This will bring you to the MCC parking portal
  • Sign in using your MCC credentials.

How do I register my vehicle?

  • Start by logging into the MCC parking portal
  • Click on “Register Vehicle” and read the Terms of Service
  • In order to continue, you must click "yes"
  • Select the type of permit (Full-Time or Part-Time) you are requesting
  • Then either select a “Vehicle Listed” (a previously registered vehicle) or select “Add a New Vehicle” to enter new vehicle information
  • Select “Confirm” in the bottom right corner
  • Select “Add Permit to Cart”
  • Finally, select “Checkout.” This will generate a Confirmation Number and complete the registration process. (If you do not receive a confirmation number, then you did not fully complete the registration process.)

What do I do if I have a rental or loaner vehicle?

All rental/loaner vehicles must be registered with Parking Services. You are prohibited from parking in the visitor’s lot (Lot V) with your rental/loaner vehicle.

To register a rental/loaner vehicle:

  • Login to the MCC parking portal using your MCC credentials.
  • Click on “Add or Change Vehicles.”
  • Find your normal vehicle and click on “Temporary Replacement” under the license plate.
  • Enter the vehicle information of the rental/loaner vehicle.
  • Select “Confirm.”
  • Enter the dates that you will be driving the rental/loaner vehicle and click “Confirm.” This will register the rental/loaner vehicle temporarily. Once the time frame you have entered expires, the vehicle information will switch back to your normal vehicle.

Where am I valid to park?

Parking lots A, K and P (labeled with green squares on the webpage map) are designated for employees on the Brighton Campus. See the Brighton Campus Map. The gates on these lots are motion censored and will raise when you approach them. Additional reserved parking spaces for employees are located in the first rows of lots F, M, Q and the first 2 rows in lot G. Employees are prohibited from parking in the visitor’s lot (lot V) for any reason.