Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Monroe Community College has installed four electric vehicle (EV) charging stations—three on the Brighton Campus and one at the Applied Technologies Center (ATC)—for MCC students and employees to use when the College is open.

The EV charging stations on campus are located in lots M and P; at ATC, it is in the main parking area. Each of the Level 2 stations provides charging through a 220V, AC plug and is capable of charging up to two vehicles at a time. Signs are posted to indicate the parking spaces designated for plug-in electric/hybrid vehicles only.

Chargers are open for use during college hours (6 a.m.-midnight daily) by students and employees whose vehicles are registered with Parking Services. Individuals using the chargers are encouraged to respect other drivers who are interested in using the stations and are expected to follow MCC parking regulations, including:

  • Note the charging station space is reserved for the purpose of charging at all times. Parking while not actively charging your vehicle or parking a vehicle that does not require charging will result in a citation.
  • Avoid using the charger for more than four hours [half of a day] unless in an emergency situation.
  • Coordinate charging whenever possible by leaving notes on/in your car or using smartphone apps and web forums.
  • Practice safe charging, including rewinding the cord neatly on the hanger after charging is completed so people won’t trip or drive over it. 

If you have questions about the charging stations contact the Facilities Department (585) 292-2808.