Commuter Parking Registration

A commuter student is a student who does not reside on campus but parks a vehicle on campus.

Summer Commuter students who park a vehicle on any of the MCC Campuses are required to request their commuter parking fee.

Parking Enforcement

Parking enforcement begins approximately 2 weeks following the start of each semester to ensure students have time to register for parking. 

Fall and Spring semesters:  A transportation fee is placed on the student's tuition bill at the time the student registers for classes if they are taking at least one on-campus class. 

Summer and Intersession semesters:  Students are not charged a parking registration fee until after they have registered their vehicle(s) online.  The payments for the transportation fee or parking registration are taken by the Student Accounts Office.  The payments for parking violations are taken by the Parking Services Office.

How To Register

There is no additional charge for registering multiple vehicles on your parking account. However only one vehicle that you have registered is allowed on campus at a time. Any students who have parents that are employees, must still register their vehicle(s) even if it is being shared. Instructions for registering your vehicle(s) are as followed:

  • Log into your  MCC account with your MCC network account and password
  • Select the "Student Home" box
  • Select the "Parking" box
  • Select the "MCC Login" and log into the MCC Parking Portal using the same MCC email and password as above
  • Click on "Register Vehicle"
  • Read the Terms of Service.  You must click "yes" to continue.  *Agreeing to the terms will allow financial aid to cover your parking permit fee, only if you are awarded enough to cover the balance.*
  • Select the Semester Permit you are requesting.
  • Select either a "Vehicle Listed" (a previously registered vehicle) or select "Add a Vehicle" to enter a new vehicle.
  • Select "Confirm" in the bottom right corner
  • Select "Add permit to Cart"
  • Select "Checkout".  This will generate a Confirmation Number and complete the registration process.  *If you do not receive a confirmation number, you did not fully complete the registration process.*

All license plate numbers registered must be accurate in order for your parking registration to be valid.

To register additional vehicles at any time during the semester:

  • Log into your parking account and click on "Add or Change Vehicles" 
  • Click on "Add a New Vehicle" in the upper right corner
  • Click on your current permit under "Permit to Modify" and enter the new vehicle information 
  • Select "Confirm"

To add a rental/loaner vehicle to your account:

  • Log into your parking account and click on "Add or Change Vehicles"
  • Find your current vehicle and click on "Temporary Replacement" under the license plate
  • Enter the vehicle information of the rental/loaner vehicle
  • Select "Confirm"
  • Select the dates you need the temporary vehicle, and click "Confirm"

The vehicle information will switch back to your permanent vehicle automatically once the time frame you entered has expired.

If you have any difficulties or require more assistance, please email or call the Parking Services Office.  You can also visit the office in person during normal business hours.

Commuter Lots

Parking lot AA  and CC are designated for commuter students on the Downtown Campus.