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Programs of Study Summary

All academic programs offered by Monroe Community College have been approved by the State University of New York and registered with:

New York State Board of Regents
New York State Department of Education
Room 110EB
Albany, NY 12234
(518) 474-5889

The State University of New York has authorized the College to award the degrees of Associate in Arts, Associate in Science, Associate in Applied Science, and specified certificates. The College itself is fully accredited by Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

A.A. & A.S. degrees are designed for students who plan to transfer to a baccalaureate degree program.A.A.S. degree prepares the student for immediate entry into a specific technical or paraprofessional career field.

A.A. degree requires completion of 45 credits in Liberal Arts and Sciences. Evidence of transferability into compatible programs at two baccalaureate-granting institutions.

A.S. degree requires completion of 30 credits in Liberal Arts and Sciences. Evidence of transferability into compatible programs at two baccalaureate-granting institutions.

A.A.S. degree requires completion of 20 credits in Liberal Arts and Sciences. Validated by documentation from an Advisory Group review team.

Certificate: a credential issued by an institution in recognition of the completion of a curriculum other than one leading to a degree; offered for a particular purpose to meet a local or immediate need. Every credit bearing course is applicable to a registered degree program at the College.

Transfer Programs
These two year programs of study leading to an A.A. or A.S. Degree provide an opportunity to complete the first two years of study toward a baccalaureate degree. The third and fourth years of study would be completed at the four-year college or university a student transfers to after completion of the MCC program. Because each four-year institution has its own requirements, any student planning to transfer is advised to select courses in consultation with a transfer counselor, department chairperson or faculty member.

These programs are designed for students who plan to transfer to a baccalaureate degree program. If you are interested in pursuing a course of study not listed, contact an admissions counselor to plan a program that meets your educational goals.

Certificate Programs
Certificate programs are offered to students who desire a high degree of specialization in a short program of instruction. Programs vary in length from 20 to 55 college credits. All courses may be applied toward a degree should students with certificates later decide to complete the associate degree requirements within their field of study. Those interested in such programs should contact the Admissions Office, the academic field department chairperson, or a college counselor in the Advisement and Graduation Services.

Career Programs
These two-year programs provide an opportunity for students to earn an Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree. Upon completion of the program, a student is prepared for immediate entry into a specific technical or paraprofessional career field. Emphasis is upon providing particular occupational skills; however, many students do transfer and successfully complete baccalaureate degree programs. Nonetheless, these curriculums are designed primarily for students seeking full-time employment in their chosen field after two years of college study.

ProgramHegis Code
Accounting Technician (A.A.S. DEGREE)5002.00
Addictions Counseling (A.S. DEGREE)5506.00
Addictions Counseling (CERTIFICATE PROGRAM)5506.00
Advanced Studies (CERTIFICATE PROGRAM)5649.00
African-American Studies (A.S. DEGREE)5622.00
Agriculture And Food Studies (CERTIFICATE PROGRAM)5402
Air Conditioning Technology: Heating And Ventilation (A.A.S. DEGREE)5317.00
Apprentice Training: Automotive - Gm (A.A.S. DEGREE)5306.00
Apprentice Training: Automotive - Toyota T-Ten (A.A.S. DEGREE)5306
Apprentice Training: Automotive - Toyota T-Ten (CERTIFICATE PROGRAM)5306
Apprentice Training: Machine Trades (A.A.S. DEGREE)5312.00
Automotive Technology (CERTIFICATE PROGRAM)5306.00
Biology (A.S. DEGREE)5604
Biotechnology (A.A.S. DEGREE)5205.00
Business Administration (A.S. DEGREE)5004.00
Business Administration: Accounting (A.S. DEGREE)5002.00
Business: International Business (A.S. DEGREE)5099.00
Care Coordination - Community Health Navigation (CERTIFICATE PROGRAM)5201.00
Chemistry (A.S. DEGREE)5619.00
Child Care Practitioner (A.A.S. DEGREE)5503
Cinema And Screen Studies (A.S. DEGREE)5606.00
Clinical Laboratory Technician (A.A.S. DEGREE)5205.00
Commercial Art And Illustration (A.S. DEGREE)5012.00
Communication And Media Studies (A.S. DEGREE)5606.00
Computer Information Systems (A.A.S. DEGREE)5101.00
Computer Information Systems (A.S. DEGREE)5101.00
Computer Science (A.S. DEGREE)5101.00
Computer Systems Technology (A.A.S. DEGREE)5104.00
Construction Technology (A.A.S. DEGREE)5317.00
Creative Writing (A.A. DEGREE)5615
Criminal Justice (A.S. DEGREE)5505.00
Criminal Justice:Institutional Corrections (A.A.S. DEGREE)5505.00
Criminal Justice: Police (A.A.S. DEGREE)5505.00
Culinary Arts (A.A.S. DEGREE)5404.00
Culinary Arts (CERTIFICATE PROGRAM)5404.00
Dental Assisting Rapid Track - D.A.R.T. (CERTIFICATE PROGRAM)5202.00
Dental Assisting (CERTIFICATE PROGRAM)5202.00
Dental Hygiene (A.A.S. DEGREE)5203.00
Direct Disability Support Services (CERTIFICATE PROGRAM)5506.00
Electrical Engineering Technology - Electronics (A.A.S. DEGREE)5310.00
Electronics Technology (CERTIFICATE PROGRAM)5310.00
Emergency Medical Services (CERTIFICATE PROGRAM)5299.00
Engineering Science (A.S. DEGREE)5609.00
English (A.A. DEGREE)5615
Entrepreneurial And Applied Business Studies (A.A.S. DEGREE)5004.00
Esol English Proficiency (CERTIFICATE PROGRAM)5611.00
Fine Arts (A.S. DEGREE)5610.00
Fire Protection Technology (A.A.S. DEGREE)5507.00
Fire Protection Technology (A.S. DEGREE)5507
Food Management (CERTIFICATE PROGRAM)5010.00
Gender & Sexuality Studies (A.S. DEGREE)5622.00
Geography (A.S. DEGREE)5622
Geology (A.S. DEGREE)5619.00
Geospatial Information Science And Technology (Gist) (CERTIFICATE PROGRAM)5622
Geospatial Information Science Technology (A.A.S. DEGREE)5622.00
Global Studies (A.S. DEGREE)5622.00
Graphic Design (A.A.S. DEGREE)5012.00
Health Information Technology/Medical Records (A.A.S. DEGREE)5213.00
Health Studies (A.S. DEGREE)5299.00
Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning (CERTIFICATE PROGRAM)5317.00
Homeland Security (A.S. DEGREE)5505.00
Homeland Security (CERTIFICATE PROGRAM)5508.00
Hospitality Management (A.A.S. DEGREE)5404.00
Hospitality (CERTIFICATE PROGRAM)5010.00
Hospital & Community Mental Health Tech (A.A.S. DEGREE)5216.00
Hotel Management (CERTIFICATE PROGRAM)5010.00
Human Services (A.A.S. DEGREE)5501.00
Human Services (A.S. DEGREE)5506.00
Human Services (CERTIFICATE PROGRAM)5501.00
Industrial Automation - Mechatronics (CERTIFICATE PROGRAM)5301.00
Industrial Automation Technology (A.A.S. DEGREE)5301.00
Information And Network Technology (A.A.S. DEGREE)5104
Information Technology (A.S. DEGREE)5101.00
Interior Design (A.A.S. DEGREE)5012.00
Law Enforcement (CERTIFICATE PROGRAM)5505.00
Liberal Arts And Sciences: Adolescence Education (Teacher Education Transfer) (A.S. DEGREE)5649.00
Liberal Arts And Sciences: Childhood Education (Teacher Education Transfer) (A.S. DEGREE)5649.00
Liberal Arts And Sciences: Early Childhood Education (Teacher Education Transfer) (A.S. DEGREE)5649.00
Liberal Arts And Sciences: General Studies (A.S. DEGREE)5649.00
Liberal Arts And Sciences: Science (A.S. DEGREE)5649.00
Mathematics (A.S. DEGREE)5617.00
Mechanical Cadd (CERTIFICATE PROGRAM)5303.00
Mechanical Technology (A.A.S. DEGREE)5315.00
Medical Office Assistant (CERTIFICATE PROGRAM)5005.00
Multi-Manufacturer Automotive (A.A.S. DEGREE)5306
Music Performance (A.S. DEGREE)5610.00
Nursing (A.A.S. DEGREE)5208.10
Office Technology - Office Administrative Assistant (A.A.S. DEGREE)5005.00
Optical Systems Technology (A.A.S. DEGREE)5212.00
Optical Systems Technology (CERTIFICATE PROGRAM)5212.00
Paralegal Studies (CERTIFICATE PROGRAM)5099.00
Paramedic (A.A.S. DEGREE)5299.00
Paramedic (CERTIFICATE PROGRAM)5299.00
Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor (CERTIFICATE PROGRAM)5299.30
Photography/Television/Video Production (A.A.S. DEGREE)5008.00
Physical Education And Exercise Science (A.S. DEGREE)5299.30
Physics (A.S. DEGREE)5619
Precision Machining - Optical Fabrication (CERTIFICATE PROGRAM)5212.00
Precision Machining (A.A.S. DEGREE)5312.00
Precision Machining (CERTIFICATE PROGRAM)5312.00
Private Security Studies (CERTIFICATE PROGRAM)5505.00
Psychology (A.S. DEGREE)5620.00
Public Safety Communications (A.A.S. DEGREE)5508.00
Radiologic Technology (A.A.S. DEGREE)5207.00
Small Business Management (CERTIFICATE PROGRAM)5004.00
Solar Thermal Technology (CERTIFICATE PROGRAM)5317.00
Sport Management (A.S. DEGREE)5299.30
Surgical Technology (A.A.S. DEGREE)5211
Sustainability Studies (A.S. DEGREE)5649.00
Sustainability (CERTIFICATE PROGRAM)5649.00
Teaching Assistant: Adolescence (CERTIFICATE PROGRAM)5503.00
Teaching Assistant: Early Childhood/Childhood (CERTIFICATE PROGRAM)5503.00
Teaching Assistant: Technology (CERTIFICATE PROGRAM)5503.00
Theatre Arts (A.S. DEGREE)5610.00
Travel And Tourism (CERTIFICATE PROGRAM)5011.00
Urban Studies (A.S. DEGREE)5622.00
Wellness Coaching And Health Management (A.S. DEGREE)5299.30

*Some programs are accredited by specific accreditation agencies.