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Course Descriptions

The following is a complete listing of courses offered at MCC. You can also visit our Programs of Study page for a list of course requirements necessary to complete your degree.

Please note: Special Studies is a general heading for experimental courses or those for which the demand is untested, unknown, immediate, or temporary. You can visit our Special Studies page for a list of Special Studies courses.

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AAD - Applied Art and Design
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ACC - Accounting
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ACD - Alcohol/Chemical Dependency
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AGS - Agricultural Studies
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ANT - Anthropology
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ARA - Arabic/Foreign Language
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ART - Art
ART 101 - Art Essentials
This course is designed to improve visual perception and expand critical awareness through a variety of hands-on studio projects. The student will be introduced to the methods, materials, media, vocabulary, and techniques of making art. This course is suggested for students who are interested in developing their creative skills but are not art majors. Students are responsible for purchasing their own materials for this course. 3 Credits.
ART 102 - Fine Arts: Theory and Practice
This course is required for those enrolling in the Fine Arts degree program, planning to graduate and transfer, and is designed to be taken in the first semester. It is a springboard for a multitude of interests for a future in the arts. The student is introduced through lecture, reading, writing, and discussion, to topics addressing our expectations and the student's preparation to succeed in the program. Additionally, an overview of the offerings in the discipline, and the expectations and interactions of the Fine Arts courses are provided. The general knowledge areas include: fine arts theory and practice; a personal development plan; the creative process and ideation; exposure to contemporary art practices; and theoretical readings. 3 Credits.
ART 104 - Drawing I: Foundation
An introductory course that provides the student with experiences in working with a variety of subject matter and media. Various methods and materials (such as graphite, charcoal, conte crayon, and ink) will be explored, and a variety of mixed media techniques will be introduced. A range of drawing concepts will be covered including line, mass, texture, value, color, composition, and space. Emphasis is placed on the development of observational and technical skills needed for image making. Students are responsible for purchasing their own materials for this course. 3 Credits.
ART 108 - Sketchbook: Processes and Materials
This course is focused on using creative skills in the production of a sketchbook. Students will explore traditional and contemporary uses of the sketchbook as an essential tool in creative practice. Emphasis will be placed on ideation, exploration of materials and techniques, and the development of each student’s creative process and areas of interest. The sketchbook will be presented both as a work in its own right and as a preparatory tool for future creative activity. Students are responsible for purchasing their own materials for this course. 3 Credits.
ART 109 - Two-Dimensional Design: Foundation
This course provides students with an introduction to the fundamentals of two-dimensional design. Emphasis will be placed on the elements and principles of two-dimensional design and their use as the building blocks of visual literacy. Through lectures and hands-on assignments, students will gain an understanding of the concepts, vocabulary and skills needed to facilitate their understanding of visual organization. Through the critique process, students will analyze their work and the work of others. Students are responsible for purchasing their own materials for this course. 3 Credits.
ART 110 - Comics and Sequential Art
This class is designed to take students through the process of creating their own comic book or sequential narrative. We will also examine the evolution of the comic, how the comic book is referenced in contemporary society, and appropriate grant writing and portfolio procedures for the comic industry. The course will be divided into three areas: materials, drawing techniques, and themes. While exploring these areas of emphasis, students will begin to develop their own style and voice which will be examined through a series of critiques throughout the semester. 3 Credits.
ART 115 - Introduction to Illustration
This course explores a full range of current commercial illustration methods and techniques utilizing the following media: pen and ink, colored pencils, water based media, and marker rendering. This course is also designed to give the student hands on introductory experience in the electronic design studio environment. The student will become acquainted with the computer as another art tool. Students will be using software on the Macintosh computers as well as peripherals such as color scanner, and digital cameras. 3 Credits.
ART 118 - Perspectives of Art History I: Ancient
This course surveys the history of art from the Prehistoric era to the early Renaissance in Western history. The roots of European artistic developments will be examined with consideration given to the social, religious, and political contexts shaping art production during this time. Cross-cultural trends in non-European art will also be explored for influence and relevant global impact. 3 Credits.
ART 119 - Perspectives of Art History II: Modern
This course surveys the history of art from the Renaissance to modern art in Western history. The roots of European artistic developments will be examined with consideration given to the social, religious, and political contexts shaping art production during this time. Cross-cultural trends in non-European art will also be explored for influence and relevant global impact. 3 Credits.
ART 120 - Painting I
This course provides a foundational experience with painting. Exploration of the methods, materials, and concepts of acrylic painting will be carried out in a studio setting. Through specifically assigned problems, the beginning painting student will develop a visual painting vocabulary. Color theory, pictorial composition, figure/ground relationships, visual perception, spatial concepts, and critical thinking skills will all be emphasized. Participation in individual and group critiques of work produced during the course is required. Students are responsible for purchasing their own materials for this course. 3 Credits.

Prerequisite: ART 104 or permission of instructor.
ART 125 - Three Dimensional Design: Foundation
This course introduces the student to how the elements of line, plane, shape, volume and mass are manipulated in the design of 3D forms. Texture, transparency, unification, modification, color, and other effects on these elements are also incorporated. The elements are defined, experimented with individually, in combination, and cumulatively. Individuality is encouraged within the structured framework of each project. Students experience a wide range of materials and processes to develop a broad three-dimensional experience. Students are responsible for purchasing their own materials for this course. 3 Credits.
ART 130 - Sculpture I
This course offers a foundation in sculpture as necessary for continued sculptural exploration, including basic knowledge of additive, subtractive, and casting processes. Historical context, the creative process, conceptual development, evaluation, and criticism are emphasized. Students explore these issues through individual projects within a structured framework. Students are responsible for purchasing their own materials for this course. 3 Credits.

Prerequisite: ART 125
ART 154 - Drawing the Human Figure
This is an intensive studio-based course that deals primarily with the human form via the nude model and additional supporting means for that study. Assignments are designed to give the students the visual tools needed to accomplish accurate rendering of the figure, with emphasis on anatomy, proportion and the creative interpretation of the human form. A variety of media will be explored such as graphite, conte crayon, charcoal and ink wash. Guided strategies such as contour, gesture, and tonal studies will be utilized while drawing poses that vary in duration. Students are responsible for purchasing their own materials for this course. 3 Credits.

Prerequisite: ART 104 or permission of instructor
ART 175 - Art Travel
A course that combines classroom instruction at the MCC campus with travel to and instruction at various off-campus locations including art museums, historical and landmark houses, art galleries, architecturally noteworthy urban sites or town developments. Variable Credit.
ART 200 - Arts Management
This course offers an opportunity to experience the day to day challenges of administrating a museum, gallery, box office, performing groups, music recording studio and theater. The student will examine the many aspects of organizing, planning, preparation, promotion and presentation of arts events and productions. The student will learn the methods of working with artists, budgeting, contracts and grant writing. Utilizing Monroe Community College's Visual and Performing Arts department facilities and other experimental spaces around the campus and Greater Rochester, students will have an opportunity to get hands-on experiences working in the field. The course will have invited guest speakers, art critics, arts managers, and other arts professionals. Field trips to the areas cultural resources will familiarize the student with the rewarding career possibilities in these professions. 3 Credits.

Prerequisite: Minimum of 24 credits of college course study.
ART 204 - Drawing II
This course expands upon the basic skills developed in ART 104. The student will be provided with advanced drawing problems related to creative and expressive image making. Various approaches to methods, materials, subject and content will be explored as a way to continue to develop the student’s conceptual and perceptual abilities. Students are responsible for purchasing their own materials for this course. 3 Credits.

Prerequisite: ART 104
ART 205 - Commercial Illustration I
This course positions the art of illustration as a research-oriented, cross-disciplinary approach to storytelling with conceptual images, emphasizing inquiry, authorship, and critical engagement. Students will explore a full range of current commercial illustration methods and techniques. Students will practice, study and experiment, while expanding boundaries and modes of their own expression. Students are encouraged to create with global awareness, exploring intellectual and creative pursuits to better culture and society. To assist in creative experimentation, there are extensive facilities available to work in a multitude of media: from the analog to the digital, traditional to cutting-edge. 3 Credits.

Prerequisite(s): ART 104 or permission of instructor.
ART 206 - Commercial Illustration II
A continuation of Commercial Illustration I, this course focuses on assignments as they are commissioned by art directors, ad agencies, and publishers. Students will practice, study, and experiment while expanding boundaries and modes of expression. Students are encouraged to create with global awareness, exploring intellectual and creative pursuits to better culture and society. To assist in creative experimentation, there are extensive facilities available to work in a multitude of media: from the analog to the digital, traditional to cutting-edge. 3 Credits.

Prerequisite(s): ART 205 or permission of instructor.
ART 220 - Painting II
This course expands upon the foundation established in Painting I. Increased emphasis will be placed on experimentation, the expressive potentials of the medium, and on developing a perspective on the relationship between the formal techniques and the conceptual aspects of painting. Participation in individual and group critiques of work produced during the course is expected. Students are responsible for purchasing their own materials. 3 Credits.

Prerequisite: ART 120 or permission of instructor.
ART 230 - Sculpture II
This course is a continuation of sculpture including figure study of the torso, and personal exploration in any of the three areas studied in ART 130. The student will concentrate on the development of a concept, experimentation, technical drawings and maquettes, leading to the creation of the final sculptural project. 3 Credits.

Prerequisite: ART 130
ART 231 - Art Seminar/Portfolio Development
A course for the student who has completed 20 credits in the visual arts, interior design, or graphic arts courses. The seminar will critically summarize the students' art experiences and provide techniques and methods to sustain, maintain and foster personal and professional growth in their fields. Topics to be covered are: self-evaluation techniques, preparing, presenting and maintaining a professional portfolio, transfer advisement and career advisement. Guest lectures, visits to arts organizations, art galleries, area colleges, private and commercial studios, will expose the student to a variety of arts organizations and career possibilities. 3 Credits.
ART 290 - Independent Study
This course is not regularly scheduled, but is arranged and conducted by a supervising professor based on goals and topics related to studio art practice that are proposed by the student and approved by the supervising professor. Please see the Department Chairperson for more information about this course. This course is not repeatable and may only be taken once. Variable Credit.
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ASL - American Sign Language/Foreign Language
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ATP - Automotive Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">BIO - Biology</div>]
BIO - Biology
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BUS - Business
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CDL - Interdisciplinary
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CE  - Disney College Program Internship</div>]
CE - Disney College Program Internship
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CEL - Leadership
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CHE - Chemistry</div>]
CHE - Chemistry
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CHI - Chinese/Foreign Language</div>]
CHI - Chinese/Foreign Language
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CIN - Cinema Studies</div>]
CIN - Cinema Studies
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">Cinema Studies</div>]
Cinema Studies
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CIS - Computer Information Systems</div>]
CIS - Computer Information Systems
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CIT - Civil and Construction Technology</div>]
CIT - Civil and Construction Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CLT - Clinical Laboratory Technician</div>]
CLT - Clinical Laboratory Technician
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">COM - Communication</div>]
COM - Communication
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">COS - College Success</div>]
COS - College Success
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CPT - Computer Technology</div>]
CPT - Computer Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CRC - Computer Related Curricula</div>]
CRC - Computer Related Curricula
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CRJ - Criminal Justice</div>]
CRJ - Criminal Justice
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CSC - Computer Science</div>]
CSC - Computer Science
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">DAS - Dental Assisting</div>]
DAS - Dental Assisting
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">DEN - Dental Hygiene</div>]
DEN - Dental Hygiene
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">EBL - Experience Based Learning</div>]
EBL - Experience Based Learning
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ECE - Education and Early Care</div>]
ECE - Education and Early Care
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ECO - Economics</div>]
ECO - Economics
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">EDU - Education</div>]
EDU - Education
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ELT - Electrical Engineering Technology/Electronics</div>]
ELT - Electrical Engineering Technology/Electronics
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">EMS - Emergency Medical Services</div>]
EMS - Emergency Medical Services
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ENG - English Literature</div>]
ENG - English Literature
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ENG - English Writing</div>]
ENG - English Writing
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ENR - Engineering Science</div>]
ENR - Engineering Science
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ESL - English For Speakers Of Other Languages (ESOL)</div>]
ESL - English For Speakers Of Other Languages (ESOL)
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">FPT - Fire Protection Technology</div>]
FPT - Fire Protection Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">FRE - French/Foreign Language</div>]
FRE - French/Foreign Language
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">FSA - Food Service Administration</div>]
FSA - Food Service Administration
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">GEG - Geography</div>]
GEG - Geography
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">GEO - Geology</div>]
GEO - Geology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">GER - German/Foreign Language</div>]
GER - German/Foreign Language
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">GLF - Golf Management</div>]
GLF - Golf Management
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">HBR - Hebrew/Foreign Language</div>]
HBR - Hebrew/Foreign Language
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">HED - Health Education</div>]
HED - Health Education
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">HEG - Health Education Global</div>]
HEG - Health Education Global
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">HIM - Health Information Technology</div>]
HIM - Health Information Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">HIS - History</div>]
HIS - History
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">HMN - Humanities</div>]
HMN - Humanities
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">HON - Honors Studies</div>]
HON - Honors Studies
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">Honors Studies</div>]
Honors Studies
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">HSM - Homeland Security Administration</div>]
HSM - Homeland Security Administration
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">HSP - Hospitality</div>]
HSP - Hospitality
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">HUM - Human Services</div>]
HUM - Human Services
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">HVA - Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning</div>]
HVA - Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">IDE - Interior Design</div>]
IDE - Interior Design
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ITA - Italian/Foreign Language</div>]
ITA - Italian/Foreign Language
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">JPN - Japanese/Foreign Language</div>]
JPN - Japanese/Foreign Language
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">LAS - Liberal Arts</div>]
LAS - Liberal Arts
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">LAW - Law</div>]
LAW - Law
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">LDS - Leadership</div>]
LDS - Leadership
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">MAR - Marketing</div>]
MAR - Marketing
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">MET - Mechanical Technology</div>]
MET - Mechanical Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">MIS - Management Information Systems</div>]
MIS - Management Information Systems
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">MMP - Automotive Technology</div>]
MMP - Automotive Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">MTH - Mathematics</div>]
MTH - Mathematics
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">MUS - Music</div>]
MUS - Music
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">NUR - Nursing</div>]
NUR - Nursing
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">OFT - Office Technology</div>]
OFT - Office Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">OPT - Optical Systems Technology</div>]
OPT - Optical Systems Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PE  - Physical Education--Coed</div>]
PE - Physical Education--Coed
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PEC - Physical Education--Coed</div>]
PEC - Physical Education--Coed
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PEJ - Physical Education-Criminal Justice</div>]
PEJ - Physical Education-Criminal Justice
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PEM - Physical Education--Men</div>]
PEM - Physical Education--Men
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PEW - Physical Education-Women</div>]
PEW - Physical Education-Women
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PHL - Philosophy</div>]
PHL - Philosophy
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PHO - Photography</div>]
PHO - Photography
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PHY - Physics</div>]
PHY - Physics
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PLE - Police: Law Enforcement</div>]
PLE - Police: Law Enforcement
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PLS - Paralegal Studies</div>]
PLS - Paralegal Studies
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">POS - Political Science</div>]
POS - Political Science
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PPE - Physical Studies/Physical Education</div>]
PPE - Physical Studies/Physical Education
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PSC - Public Safety Communications</div>]
PSC - Public Safety Communications
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PST - Public Safety Training</div>]
PST - Public Safety Training
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PSY - Psychology</div>]
PSY - Psychology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">Public Speaking</div>]
Public Speaking
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">REA - Reading</div>]
REA - Reading
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">SCI - Science</div>]
SCI - Science
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">SCR - Computer Security</div>]
SCR - Computer Security
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">SGT - Surgical Technology</div>]
SGT - Surgical Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">SKT - Tooling and Machining</div>]
SKT - Tooling and Machining
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">SMT - Sports Management</div>]
SMT - Sports Management
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">SOC - Sociology</div>]
SOC - Sociology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">SPA - Spanish/Foreign Language</div>]
SPA - Spanish/Foreign Language
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">SPC - Speech Communication</div>]
SPC - Speech Communication
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">STT - Solar Thermal Technology</div>]
STT - Solar Thermal Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">SUS - Sustainability Studies</div>]
SUS - Sustainability Studies
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">SVL - Service Learning</div>]
SVL - Service Learning
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">TAM - Tooling and Machining</div>]
TAM - Tooling and Machining
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">TEK - Technology</div>]
TEK - Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">THE - Theatre</div>]
THE - Theatre
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">TOY - Toyota</div>]
TOY - Toyota
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">TRS - Transitional Studies</div>]
TRS - Transitional Studies
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">TVL - Travel And Tourism</div>]
TVL - Travel And Tourism
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">XRT - Radiologic Technology</div>]
XRT - Radiologic Technology