Screen Magnifiers

Freedom Scientific: ZOOMTEXT, JAWS, OR FUSION 

Current students can download Fusion, ZoomText, or JAWS for free on their personal computer. Users can only download one of the following programs on their computer: 

  • ZoomText: An integrated reading and magnification program. Users will be able to enlarge and enhance everything on their screen. 
  • JAWS: A screen reader that allows the users to navigate their computer screen. 
  • Fusion: Users have the ability to access the screen magnifier, ZoomText, and the screen reader, JAWS, all in one software program.
  1. For further information, visit the Freedom Scientific website.
    Enter your MCC student email account to download the program on your personal computer.
  2. Users will be required to identify if they want to download ZoomText, JAWS, or Fusion. 

Windows Magnifier

  1. Type in "magnifier" in the search toolbar by the start menu.
  2. The program will automatically open a toolbar for immediate use.

Mac Magnifier

  1. Select the "Apple menu".
  2. Select the "System Preferences".
  3. Open the "Accessibility Panel".
  4. Click on the "Zoom" tab on the left hand side of the page.

How to Access Screen Magnifiers on Campus Computers:

Current student can access ZoomText and the built-in Windows magnifier on campus computers:


1. On the Desktop, click the "Accessible Resources" folder.
2. Double click on the ZoomText program.

Windows Magnifier: 

1. Type in "magnifier" in the search toolbar by the start menu.
2. The program will automatically open a toolbar for immediate use.

Portable Magnifiers

Students who are inquiring about portable magnifiers can contact our office for additional information. 

Recommended Apps:

  • Seeking Assistant Magnifier
  • VocalEyes AI
  • Talking Calculator
  • Talking Scientific Calculator