MCC Emergency Assistance (MCC Assist)

MCC Emergency Assistance (MCC Assist) is replacing Dreamkeepers, a nationally-recognized emergency student aid program.

If you are a student in need of emergency assistance, please visit the MCC Emergency Assistance (MCC Assist) webpage or call (585) 292-2050 for information.

Emergency Student Aid Program

Unexpected financial emergencies is one of the top reasons community college students drop out of school. To address this issue, Monroe Community College, in partnership with the MCC Foundation, developed the MCC Emergency Assistance (MCC Assist) aid program that helps eligible students persist in their studies. Students who apply to MCC Assist can receive mini-grants of up to $500 to assist with expenses related to housing, food, utilities, and child care, ensuring that they can continue with their studies and make progress toward their goals.

Willing to help?

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