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Cabin Fever

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Thursday, February 6, 2020, 6:30 P.M.

Good Luck's - Jackrabbit Club - 40 Anderson Ave

Spend an evening supporting MCC students struggling with financial need. Get out of your woolen socks, put on some party duds and mingle with some great friends while learning how you can make a difference in the life of a student at MCC through the Dreamkeepers program.

Reserve your ticket ($100) by emailing, by calling 292.3683 or registering online.


Rachel Adams
Marco Altieri
Marc Cohen
Susan & John DiMarco II
Chelsea & Connor Dixon-Schwabl
Amanda & Brian Donovan
Leah & Colby Feane
Molly & Tom Flaherty
Monica & Asher Flaum
Nicki Hastings & Jay Popli
Nellie & Wade Hedegard
Christina & Christian Krapf
Patricia & Patrick Leva
John Loury '03
Courtney & Scott Marshall
Lisa & Rich Paulis
Kate & Stephen Polozie
Michelle Rauber-Nonkes & Jason Michael Ripple
Jennifer & Kevin Stickles '88
Michael Sutton '03
Jennie Viggiani & Kevin Mcguire
Pamela Viggiani & Bob Cole
Karen '07 & Blake '99 Webber
Alyssa & Michael Whitfield