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College Directory

Faculty & Staff


NameDepartmentPhone #
Taddonio, RichardVisual and Performing Arts
Tang, Jasmine K.World Languages and Cultures
Tatakis, TimothyBiology585-292-2332
Tate, Sammie L.Campus Events585-292-2175
Tatta, JamesPublic Safety585-292-2912
Tennant, Jason E.Visual and Performing Arts
Tepper, LauraESOL/TRS
Testman, Ebony N.MCC Association585-292-2493
Tette, Therese M.Visual and Performing Arts
Textbook Service, DeskBook Store585-292-2503
Thomas, Denise V.Academic Services585-292-2213
Thomas, Rhonda D.Facilities585-292-2594
Thompson, GaryLaw/Criminal Justice585-685-6196
Thompson, Jennifer M.Health and Physical Education
Tickyj, ChristineCounseling Center & Disability Services585-292-2141
Tien, Lydia T.Chemistry and Geosciences585-292-2397
Tierney, Kara J.Chemistry and Geosciences585-292-2416
Timmons, Mary E.Library585-685-6164
Toepfer, MaryjoStrategic Resource Dev. & Grant Management585-685-6234
Tomb, Cory D.Facilities585-685-6335
Tomkinson, Judith H.ESOL/TRS
Tompkins, MaureenHealth Professions585-292-2769
Toothe, Hilary A.Visual and Performing Arts
Toscano, Ralph M.Business Administration
Toyer, Donald J.ESOL/TRS
Tracey, Edward A.Public Safety Training Center
Tracy, SeanelleDept. of Education & Human Services585-685-6008
Treahy, John P.Human Services585-685-6008
Trinchera, Anthony G.Visual and Performing Arts
Troy, John M.Workforce Development585-685-6172
Trudeau, Shelby S.Student Rights and Responsibilities585-292-2126
Truman, David W.Communications and Network Services585-292-3208
Tsai, Joanna H.Biology585-292-2742
Tshibangu, Sherry P.Business Administration585-292-3265
Tsukernik, Olga A.Mathematics
Tumminelli, John M.Mathematics585-292-2036
Turner, Charles S.Business Administration
Tyree, Daniel J.Anthrop/History/Poli. Science/Sociology585-292-3327