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College Directory

Faculty & Staff


NameDepartmentPhone #
Laco-Schiano, Lori M.Health Professions585-292-2377
Lagares, LoidaCSTEP/STEP585-292-3187
Lagiewski, Clare A.Hospitality Management
Lalles, Ciarra S.Housing and Residence Life585-292-3006
Lane, David J.Information and Computer Technologies
Lane, MichaelLearning Resources585-292-3422
Langswager, ChristopherApplied Technologies585-292-3734
Lanker, Jason A.ESOL/TRS
Lannak, EvelynHospitality Management585-292-2583
Lanzafame, Eileen M.ESOL/TRS585-685-6140
Lanzafame, JessicaESOL/TRS
Lanzafame, JessicaPsychology
Lanzafame, SalvatoreBusiness Administration
Lanzafame, SalvatoreESOL/TRS
Laplante, Donna J.Printing Services585-292-3225
Larkin, Jason T.Central Receiving585-292-3205
Larson, Brianna C.Human Resources585-292-2115
LaSpina, Marisa A.Academic Services585-292-2221
Lasser, Brett S.Business Administration
Latta, Andrew D.Communications and Network Services585-292-3292
Lautenslager, StaceyInformation and Computer Technologies585-292-3328
LaVigueur, Kimberly A.ESOL/TRS
Lavin, Sylvia B.Strategic Resource Dev. & Grant Management585-685-6235
Lawrence, AndrewHospitality Management
Lawson, Matthew S.Admissions585-292-2433
Lebioda, MargaretFacilities585-292-2594
Lederhouse, David D.Communications and Network Services585-292-3296
Lee, Christina H.Global Education & International Services585-292-3173
Lee, Stephanie L.Counseling Center & Disability Services585-292-2140
Leisner, Richard T.Upward Bound585-685-6226
Leite, Katie M.ESOL/TRS585-292-3132
Lendeck, GregoryVisual and Performing Arts
Lenhard, Sonja L.Faculty Association585-292-2019
Lennox, Shaun M.Building Services
Leone, Juanita M.Applied Technologies585-292-3725
Leopard, Robert L.Biology585-292-2741
Lerman, Nellya Y.Information and Computer Technologies
Leuzzi, Anthony J.English/Philosophy585-292-3392
Levine, AmyEducation and Human Services585-685-6008
Lewis, Brian G.Anthrop/History/Poli. Science/Sociology
Liana, David H.Computing & Information Technology Services585-292-2618
Lieb, Heather J.ESOL/TRS
Lindskoog, Michael E.Visual and Performing Arts
Lingard, Debra L.Health Professions585-292-2038
Link, Bruce A.Information and Computer Technologies585-292-3233
Linton, Robert F.Visual and Performing Arts
Linzy, Charlene M.Educational Opportunity Program585-292-2363
Lipp, JanetInformation and Computer Technologies
Litterio, BarbaraHealth and Physical Education
Little, Jonathon D.Chemistry and Geosciences585-292-2396
Lobene, Samuel M.Public Safety585-292-2912
Logan, JosiahBook Store - DC585-685-6115
Long, Suzanne S.Biology585-292-2725
Loshigian, Dawn M.Psychology
Lowe, Kristin M.Human Resources585-292-2114
Luckenbach, Joseph A.Engineering Science and Physics585-292-2482
Lull, Margaret G.Business Administration
Lynch, MarciaWorkforce Development585-685-6283