College Directory

Faculty & Staff


NameDepartmentPhone #
Waasdorp, Janet M.Dept. of Education & Human Services585-685-6173
Wadach, John B.Engineering Science and Physics585-292-2488
Wade, Andrea C.Academic Services585-292-2170
Waghorn, Kevin L.Psychology
Wagner, Karen L.Mathematics585-292-2935
Wagner, Michael A.Mathematics585-292-2936
Wagoner, William F.Computing & Information Technology Services585-292-2630
Wahba, Atif N.Biology585-292-2732
Waibel, Jacob M.Mail Services585-292-2269
Waleed, CraigESOL/TRS
Walker, Ambika P.Student Services - DC585-685-6302
Walker, MarilynESOL/TRS
Walker, Matthew C.Anthrop/History/Poli. Science/Sociology
Waller, Donna M.Registration and Records585-292-2241
Walsh, Peter M.Hospitality
Walton, NicholasHousing and Residence Life585-292-3009
Wanek, Allison C.Research585-292-3035
Ward, Neil E.Anthrop/History/Poli. Science/Sociology
Warren, Sandy A.Human Resources585-292-2106
Waters, Joanna L.Economic and Workforce Development and Career Technical Education VP Office585-685-6207
Watkins, Craig H.Marketing and Web585-292-3008
Watkins, E. J.Counseling Center & Disability Services585-292-2256
Watson, Rochelle D.ESOL/TRS585-292-3137
Wawrzyniak, Adam T.Mathematics
Weber, Henry L.Business Administration
Weber, KatyESOL/TRS
Weider, Kayce H.Anthrop/History/Poli. Science/Sociology
Weiland, Matthew J.Facilities585-685-6198
Weingart, Michael A.World Languages and Cultures585-286-3574
Weisenreder, Michael R.Hospitality
Weldgen, Franz R.Visual and Performing Arts585-292-3107
Wells, Domenica M.Controller's Office - Payroll585-292-2152
Wells, Karen L.Mathematics585-292-2939
Wells, Sueann M.ESOL/TRS
Wendtland, Christopher D.Biology585-292-2739
Werner, Christopher K.Law/Criminal Justice585-685-6009
Wheat, LyndaWorkforce Development585-685-6116
Wheeler, EricVisual and Performing Arts585-292-2296
Wheeler, Eric P.Veteran Services585-292-2296
Wheeler, Holly A.English/Philosophy585-292-3277
White, KendaleFacilities585-685-6180
Whitt, SharifaCollegiate Sci. and Tech. Entry Program
Wichtowski, Michael S.Facilities585-292-2812
Wiederhold, RobertEngineering Technologies
Wiener, Kathryn V.Student Accounts585-292-2232
Wilcox, Briana L.Upward Bound585-685-6345
Wilke, BurkhardtChemistry and Geosciences
Wilkie, Jessica L.English/Philosophy585-685-6342
Wilkinson, CarolLibrary585-292-2330
Willard, Wanda A.Psychology585-292-3311
Williamson, HarryHealth and Physical Education
Williams, Amy L.Health Services585-292-2508
Williams, David J.Law/Criminal Justice585-685-6009
Williams, Heather L.English/Philosophy585-292-3271
Williams, Mark D.Engineering Technologies
Williams, Matthew R.Mathematics585-292-2974
Williams, Patricia R.Information and Computer Technologies
Williams, Rickia A.Facilities585-292-2594
Williams, Sandra MBusiness Administration
Wilson-Snider, Jamesha T.Dept. of Education & Human Services585-685-6008
Wilson, Alice E.Library585-292-2304
Wilson, Diane R.Mathematics585-292-2930
Wilson, Judith L.Nursing585-292-2456
Wilson, Marie L.ESOL/TRS
Wilson, Mary E.Psychology585-292-3273
Wilson, Tricia L.Health Professions585-292-2045
Winkie, Janet L.Visual and Performing Arts
Winslow, Jr., TomCampus Events585-292-2177
Winters, Karen R.Health and Physical Education
Wirley, Eileen M.Technology Services - AVP Office585-292-3041
Wischmann, ChristianMathematics
Witt, Amy L.Mathematics
Wockasen, Nicholas R.Applied Technologies585-292-3729
Wolff, Andrea M.Hospitality585-292-2542
Wolff, Edward C.Facilities585-292-2806
Wolf, Sandra A.Facilities585-292-2817
Wolskij, Christine B.Health and Physical Education585-292-2840
Woodruff, Barbara L.ESOL/TRS
Woodruff, Tina J.English/Philosophy585-292-3382
Woodyard, Dennis J.Library585-685-6138
Wood, Gretchen D.MCC Foundation585-292-3685
Wood, Phil A.Psychology
Worek, Terri S.World Languages and Cultures
Wray, Brian S.Health and Physical Education585-292-5357
Wright, Bobby W.Mathematics585-685-6201
Wuertzer, Charles A.Biology585-292-2428
Wyant, TracyDept. of Education & Human Services585-685-6008